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Petya Vorkosigan: Odds & Ends

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As threatened/promised to various people over the years, here is a dumping ground of unfinished/abandoned Petya fics. Once I finished Hold On, I felt like the series was completed, the main arc was done. (I will insist, kicking and screaming, that there are only about five fics in this series that are the point of it, the rest were just digressions that went with my rule of if a flashback went on too long, it had to have its own fic.) they only count if they have Petya and Guy being repressed at each other

This is not all of the fics (some were not worthy/too short/whatever) and I've tried to leave notes for what I remember was going to happen next.

Pay no attention to the dates on the chapters, which are mostly just for backdating purposes. Dates are frequently file create date, or last edit date, except when they're not. So, uh, tl; dr: *waves hand in front of your face* this is not the archival data integrity you are looking for. (considering how specific I am about dates on fics, let's be honest, it's not the quality I'm looking for)

General warning as to writing quality: these are, for the most part, unfinished rough first drafts. Some of these are so cringeworthy that I didn't read them over more than a brief skim. Caveat lector. ;)