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Umm...It's Not Flannel

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                                Monroe runs his hands over his chest, smoothing the wrinkles in his new shirt. He looks in the mirror and smiles at himself. He was at The Gap buying new socks for himself and Nick when a baby blue polo caught his eye. Being on clearance sealed the deal; Monroe didn’t mind handing over the five dollars. His ears perk up when the front door opens. He’s got some pep in his step as he makes his way downstairs to greet his boyfriend. With a smile on his face, he steps up behind Nick, and wraps his arms around the shorter man’s waist.

                “Mmm…hey.” Nick leans back against Monroe’s chest.

                “Hey,” Monroe whispers, but it comes out as more of a growl. He nips at Nick’s neck.

                “What’s gotten into you today? Can’t even get my boots off.”

                “Missed you today.”

                Nick’s lips curl into a smile as a blush decorates his cheeks. He turns to face Monroe. His smile fades as he eyes the shirt Monroe’s wearing; he scrunches up his face.


                “Your shirt?”

                “I like it! What’s wrong with it?”

                “Umm…it’s not flannel.”

                “But I look snazzy!”

                Nick’s face turns to a pout. “You look…different.”

                “And what’s wrong with that?”

                “Nothing. I mean…you look handsome…”


                “It’s not you. I like your plaid and flannel and sweaters.” He runs his hands over Monroe’s chest.

                “I thought you might like if I dressed a little nicer.”

                “I like you just the way you are. I fell in love with flannel, not polo shirts.” He looks up at Monroe and smiles. “The only good thing about this shirt will be when I get to take it off you.”

                Monroe can’t help but smile as Nick’s hands tug at the shirt. “Yeah, I think you’re right. It’d probably look better on the floor.”