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DCU New 52 Ficlets

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Author's Note: Originally posted to the comicdrabbles community on livejournal on 09/27/12 for the challenge "voyeurism". Based on the #0 issue of Teen Titans, with Tim's new backstory.


Tim hastily switched his browser away from the very interesting financial records he had found as his mother knocked on his door. "Come in," he called, suppressing a sigh and putting on his best dealing-with-parents smile.

"Still working on your homework?" his mother asked, smiling at him warmly. "Your father and I were wondering if you wanted to take a break from all that studying. There's a circus in town this week, and the acrobats are supposed to be very impressive. You could bring your new camera," she said, glancing at where it sat, collecting dust as it had been since he'd received it. He wasn't really sure why they'd given it to him in the first place. He didn't have time for other hobbies with his schedule.

"Thanks, mom, but there's a competition coming up and I'll be busy training." It wasn't untrue, but honestly, the less time spent with his parents the better. They came to watch and cheer him on at every event, and always insisted on being involved in his activities. Couldn't they just leave him alone sometimes? He wasn't some little kid who needed his parents around.

His mother's smile turned sad. "All right, dear. I just thought you might enjoy seeing the acrobats." She brushed a hand over his hair. "You're growing up so fast. I'll make sure the competition is marked on the calendar. We don't want to miss watching you compete."

He fought down a wave of annoyance. "Sure, mom. I've still got some more homework..." He looked pointedly back at his computer screen.

"Oh, of course." She kissed him on the forehead. "Goodnight, Tim."

"'Night, mom." He waited until she left the room to roll his eyes.