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Take Me Back To The Start

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Derek had never intended to be name People’s Sexiest Man Alive. It just sort of happens.

Much like everything else in his life these days.

“Oh, this is amazing,” Erica says happily, chomping down on her apple. Boyd stands beside her, leaning against the marble top island in the middle of the kitchen. His expression is neutral for the most part, but Derek can see the slight upward curl of his lip.

Their amusement is giving him a headache. He turns his attention to his uncle Peter instead, who sits at the table with his laptop open in front of him. Unlike Boyd, Peter isn’t even putting in the effort to hide his glee.

“Are you sure you read the e-mail correctly?” Derek bemoans.

“Oh, absolutely,” Peter replies with a smirk, “I’ve read this e-mail several times, and the words have yet to change. You, my dear nephew, are this year’s Sexiest Man Alive, according to People magazine.”

Derek groans, burying his head in his hands. He can’t understand why this is happening to him. The stupid vampire and werewolf movie he signed on for was supposed to kill his career, not add to his ever growing fame.

“I told you not to do that movie, man,” Boyd points out unhelpfully as if he knows exactly what Derek is thinking. Derek glares at him, but it doesn’t have the desired effect. He feels like this whole thing has made him go soft. He makes a mental note to squeeze in a pack training session between all his other obligations. That might help wipe the smiles of their faces he thinks bitterly.

“How was I supposed to know that it would become such a hit?” Derek grumbles, “The writing was horrible, the plot was horrible, and the main actress has the personality of a cardboard box.”

If Derek had known that Vampire Rising would turn out to be the biggest movie of the year, he would never have signed on for it.

In theory, it had been an excellent idea, as most things usually are. As soon as Peter had passed him the script and told him the premise, Derek knew he couldn’t go wrong with it. The whole idea had already been done to death as it was. The script was dreadful, and there was absolutely zero original content. It was basically every other vampire vs. werewolf movie that ever been made rolled up into one. The movie was doomed to fail from the start.

Except, it hadn’t.

Instead, it had exploded on a global scale, and Derek found himself being thrust further into the spotlight as opposed to away from it like he had originally planned.

To make matters even worse, when Derek had signed the contract, he was so sure the movie would fail, that he didn’t give too much thought to section that stated that he would also be signing on for two more movies in the series if the studio chose to produce them.

“Well, at least you’re done finally filming the second part,” Erica says consolingly, even though there is a devious smile plastered on her face. It’s no secret that she enjoys his pain.

“I’m going upstairs,” Derek says with a frown. He pushes his chair back from the table and heads towards the staircase.

“Pack meeting in two hours,” Peter reminds him cheekily as he’s half way up the stairs.

* * * * *

Derek flops down on his bed ungracefully, looking out the wall of windows that show him the forest beyond them. He appreciates the view, and he’s glad he found a house so close to the forest for the sake of his pack, but Beverly Hills is nothing compared to Beacon Hills.

He never did intend on becoming an actor. It’s not like it’s something he enjoys immensely, but it keeps him busy, and the pack seems to love all the perks it involves.

Grudgingly, Derek admits that he doesn’t exactly hate the Lamborghini Reventón parked in the garage next to his Camaro. And it is nice to be able to provide his betas with anything they ask for, not to mention keeping them fed, which can be quite costly.

Still, the lack of privacy grates on his every nerve. He hates not being able to go out in public without a hoard of cameras being shoved in his face. He’s not a fan of their invasive questions either. It’s a hassle to make sure his eyes don’t flare up during the pictures. The last thing he needs is the attention of another group of Hunters. Not when he finally managed to get the Argents off his back.

He curses himself for letting the packs goading get to him all those years ago. To think all this started because a stranger had walked up to him and had given him his card, telling him he had a certain look.

Derek would never have called the guy if it hadn’t been for the pack’s nonstop teasing. No one really thought the guy was for real, so it was surprise to everyone when Derek had gotten contracted to do an underwear ad for Calvin Klein. Derek had only done it to be contrary, and it paid pretty well. He hadn’t seen much of a downside at the time. He could brood in front of a camera in his underwear and get paid for it, no problem.

It kind of snowballed from there. The underwear ad led to a small walk on role for a fairly popular show, which led to some commercials, which led to co-starring in an Indy movie, each project being bigger than the last. It got to the point where Derek had enlisted Peter to be his manager, mostly because the rest of his pack were still in their senior year of high school at the time. Derek hadn’t expected Peter to take it and just run with it the way he had.

In the six years since, Derek has pretty much gone from being a nobody to becoming a household name. People even go as far as to use his tragic past to explain away his brooding and lack of enthusiasm in the handful of interviews he is forced to do. If anything, it has made him even more appealing to women and men, all who see him as the bad boy, who is really just broken on the inside and in need of some love. His eyes will probably roll right out of his head if he has to read that particular line ever again. It is amazing the shit the media can come up with at a second’s notice Derek thinks.

Even in the six thousand square foot house, Derek can make out the conversations of the rest of his pack. Peter seems to have moved from the kitchen to his office, where he’s most likely on the phone with Derek’s agent.

Sometime in the past little while, Allison, Scott and Isaac must have come in, because he can hear Allison in the kitchen with Erica discussing some new PR strategy. Derek rolls his eyes and tunes them out. Ever since Erica graduated high school, she declared herself his personal assistant/stylist/PR rep, because “Everyone who is anyone in this industry has one.”

Derek would complain, but even he can admit she does hell of a job. Erica and Allison put together can practically smooth over any situation and given his stiff personality, he’s managed to offend his fair share of people in this business. It doesn’t help that he barely recognizes half of them, even now.

The worst though, may have been his acceptance speech for when he won a Critics Choice Award for his first big role, which consisted of him getting up and saying, “Uh...thanks, I guess,” before walking off the stage. That one had kept the girls busy for days, but it made him a YouTube sensation as Stiles would gleefully point out later.

Derek groans into his pillow. He’s probably the only person in the world who can fail their way into success.