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By the time they finally get out of bed, it's nearly midday and their stomachs are grumbling. Obi-Wan uses the 'fresher first while Anakin goes to check on and discard the leftover stew. The thought of throwing out food still makes him want to cry but Obi-Wan had used minkweed root as usual (great for adding flavor but leave it in too long and it becomes so bitter that it makes the whole meal inedible). He checks their mostly empty cabinets and makes the executive decision that they'll eat in the commissary just this once.

His comlink beeps while he's contemplating joining Obi-Wan in the shower (on the one hand: Obi-Wan; but on the other: the Jedi didn't design their showers for two people to share at the same time and Anakin had spent enough time trying to work out the possible logistics during his Padawan days to accept that they wouldn't both fit comfortably). Maybe the one in Padmé's apartments , he muses. He tracks his communicator to where it's buried under a black synthleather tunic and grins brightly when he sees who's calling.

"Padmé!" he greets as soon as the call connects and Padmé's image appears. The Senate must be taking their midday recess. She looks a little frazzled but happy and relieved to see him. "I'm sorry I left without a goodbye last night!" he hurries to explain. "You'll never believe what happened. Somehow I got the idea that Obi-Wan was sleeping with Bail—" There's a sudden choking sound through the communicator and then the image shakes as someone presumably snatches it from Padmé. He can hear her chuckling in the background.

Bail Organa's form appears, looking a little wild-eyed. "Knight—I mean General—Skywalker, I can assure you that there is nothing untoward going on between General Kenobi and I. We simply respect each other as colleagues and servants of the Republic. I'm a happily married man, you know, and I would never do anything with the General."

Anakin's happy that Bail seems to be aware of where the boundaries are with respect to Obi-Wan but is that a slight against his former master? He narrows his eyes and frowns. "Why not? Are you saying he wouldn't be a good partner?"

"No!" Bail hastens to respond. He looks to the side like he's hoping Padmé will step in. "It's not that. I'm sure he's a great partner. Just know, for me."

"Well, I'm glad to hear that, Senator," Anakin says, appeased. "And no worries, Obi-Wan reassured me that it was just a misunderstanding."

Bail nods a little and hands the communicator back to Padmé who says to him, "Why don't you go on ahead, Bail? I'll join you and the others when I've finished speaking with General Skywalker." Anakin hears the Alderaan senator murmur a farewell and then Padmé turns back to him. "I'm sorry, Ani. I didn't think you would be free to pick up the call so I was just planning to leave a message or else I would have called in private."

"It's okay," Anakin says, waving a hand. He'd meant what he told her earlier, that he didn't care anymore if people found out about them. Speaking of, though: "I want to tell Obi-Wan about us."

"Oh?" Padmé quirks an eyebrow in surprise. "What changed your mind?"

"We got to talking yesterday—really talking. And I just, I don't know, I don't want to keep hiding this from him."

"Well, I'm glad," Padmé says with a smile. Then she tilts her head in thought. "You seem different. Did the talking lead to....?"

"Oh, yeah," Anakin admits sheepishly. "You were right. He does care about me. Enough to break the Code, even! We made love last night. He said he loves me!"

Padmé's eyes soften. "Of course he does. How could he not?"

Anakin shrugs, not knowing how to respond to that.

"He'd have to be a blind fool not to care for you, Ani, and Obi-Wan is no fool," Padmé says.

"No, he definitely isn't," Anakin says, feeling a fond grin tugging at his lips.

"Listen," Padmé says briskly. "I have to go. The Senate's going to reconvene soon. I just wanted to let you know that today's session looks like it's going to be quite long and then this evening I'm hosting a Committee meeting which will likely go pretty late."

"So stay at the Temple tonight, got it," Anakin nods. He never likes having to do this, but Padmé's involved in several Committees and it isn't uncommon for them to schedule meetings at night in an effort to get everything done in the couple of months that the Senate is gathered on Coruscant.

"Can you come over for breakfast tomorrow? Maybe bring Obi-Wan?"

Anakin thinks. If he tells Obi-Wan tonight, he'll probably want to do morning meditations...or convene an emergency Council session to kick Anakin out of the Order....Anakin winces. "Better make that a midday meal. Just to be safe."

"Safe for what?" Obi-Wan's cultured tones speak up suddenly.

Anakin snaps his head up and sees Obi-Wan standing at the door of the 'fresher in a beige undershirt and trousers, steam wafting out. Kriffin' hell, how long had he been standing there?! "I, um, well," Anakin splutters.

"I'll let you go, Anakin. Have a good day, Master Kenobi," Padmé calls out and she doesn't even try to hide the amusement in her voice. Her visage blinks out but Anakin continues to clutch his comlink like a lifeline.

He doesn't know what to do, what to say. Should he tell Obi-Wan now? Would he take it well? Or would he take it badly? Anakin's hoping that he'll accept it, given what they had done the night before but what if it's because of the changes in their relationship that Obi-Wan gets mad? Or what if he decides that he can't continue being with Anakin because of Anakin's marriage to Padmé? He doesn't know what he'll do if that happens. He'd spent so long dreaming of this, years of talking about this with Padmé—Padmé, who when they had gotten married admitted that she thought he and Obi-Wan were intimately involved. He'd laughed then (a little bitterly, he can admit now) and told her that as much as he may have wished that were the case, he was pretty sure Obi-Wan just thought of him as an annoyance and even if he didn't, he would never sleep with his own Padawan. Then he'd tried to let go of those fantasies and focus on his relationship with Padmé—something that he could have, even if he couldn't tell anyone.

But then months later, he was Knighted and Obi-Wan had started looking at him differently and treating him like an equal and all the fantasies he thought he had rid himself of came back with a vengeance. Only worse because he knew Obi-Wan now in ways he never had as a Padawan. He was more relaxed around him, joked more freely, no longer lectured him about the Code. And suddenly, his fantasies weren't just of the sexual variety anymore. He wanted Obi-Wan in his life forever the same way he wanted Padmé. And now he's so close to having those fantasies actually become reality. He doesn't want to lose it. He can't. He thinks it'll destroy him if he does.

He focuses back on Obi-Wan, still patiently watching him from the doorway to the fresher. "Can I...tell you later?" he asks, licking his lips nervously and thinking quickly.

Obi-Wan lifts a brow which somehow conveys oh no, Anakin, you're not getting out of this that easily and also I'm pretty sure that whatever you're hiding, I wouldn't approve of it and lastly but do you really think there's anything you could tell me that I wouldn't forgive? (That last one might just be wishful thinking on his part, though.)

"Not 'later' like 'never'. Really, just later. Tonight. I promise. It's just, I had, um, plans for today, and this is the kind of conversation that's gonna take awhile and I really wanted us to be able to spend the day together, just us. Doing...stuff." Anakin's aware that he's rambling but he can't help it. Obi-Wan still looks a little skeptical so he pulls out his best negotiating tactic against the other man: he widens his eyes and pouts . Just a little. "Please, Obi-Wan?"

Obi-Wan maintains eye contact for a few seconds, searching for something in Anakin's own gaze; for his part, he tries to radiate innocence and sincerity like he hasn't since that time he tried to fix a droid and accidentally sent it careening throughout their apartment. It had nearly taken them both out and broke the windows and dented the walls in the process. That had not been fun to explain to the Quartermaster when they went to request a maintenance droid for repairs. Finally, Obi-Wan gives a small sigh and says, "Alright, Anakin. But don't think I'll forget to ask you about this tonight."

"I would never, Master," Anakin says and grins.

Obi-Wan quirks his lips. "Thought you weren't going to call me that anymore."

"I don't know, Master . There is that one fantasy we could act out, of the naughty Jedi Knight being reprimanded by one of the Jedi Masters on the Council...." Anakin teases.

"Force," Obi-Wan groans. "Don't tell me you watch those trashy holovids."

Anakin shrugs. "I think they're kind of funny. But no, I didn't watch this one. I just saw the summary for it."

"They're completely disrespectful is what they are," Obi-Wan fumes. "And no, we will not be role-playing any of that bantha fodder. Ever."

"I know, Obi-Wan," Anakin reassures and starts making his way to the 'fresher. Obi-Wan relaxes at the use of his name and moves out from the doorway into the living area. Anakin pauses next to him, leans down, and brushes his lips softly against his. A thrill of pleasure runs through him. He can't believe he's allowed to do this now. He plans to take advantage of it as much as possible. "You should get dressed. I thought we could go eat in the commissary and then meditate in the Room of a Thousand Fountains. You've been talking about that for ages."

Obi-Wan widens his eyes in mock surprise. "So you do listen when I talk."

"All the time. I just tend to only remember the personally relevant stuff," he says with a wink.

Obi-Wan rolls his eyes. "That I did notice. Well, and then what else do you have planned for this oh so busy day?"

Anakin hurriedly thinks about what else Obi-Wan has mentioned wanting to do and comes up with—"Just a sparring session. General Grievous is still out there and I know you had wanted to practice Jar'Kai."

"Grievous does like to use as many lightsabers as he has hands," Obi-Wan inserts. "It only makes sense for us to be able to do the same or at least defend against it."

Anakin nods. "Right, of course. And then, I thought we could go to Dex's for dinner!" he finishes triumphantly. Obi-Wan would never admit to having an attachment to an establishment but Anakin knows that he craves the home-style cooked meals and fresh brewed ardees that the Besalisk serves.

Obi-Wan's eyes light up a bit at that and Anakin can't help feeling a bit smug. "Well, then, shouldn't you hurry up and shower so we can get going?" Obi-Wan says and Anakin laughs and practically skips into the 'fresher. He dares anyone to even think for a second that they could know Obi-Wan and take care of him as well as he does.