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Stiles needs a new toy. He knows his semi-vast collection of sex toys would make anyone who likes taking things up the ass jealous, but he needs something new. Everything he has is so….. fake. And yeah, he gets the irony of thinking that shoving a silicon penis up his ass feels fake.

He just hasn’t had any real action in a while, and now that Brad (his oldest and favorite dildo) seems to be the only thing giving him orgasams in the foreseeable future, he at least wants the fake penis being shoved up his ass to feel real.

That’s how he finds himself scrolling the internet on a Saturday night with google searches like ‘realistic dildo’, ‘dildos that feel like the real thing’, and ‘real dildos’. He’s been searching for nearly an hour when he’s about to give up because he’s on the fifteenth page of the google search, and everyone knows nothing good comes after the first.

All hope is already lost, when suddenly a popup add flashes on his screen.

There is no way that this ad should be able to make it through the popup blocker he has installed on his browser.

It’s for a website called

The site is decorated with flashing text that says :

“Stiles! Are you looking for something that feels and looks like the real thing? We have what you want here at!! Click here now!!”

The picture is kind of cheesy, it looks just like a normal dildo with a little more realistic coloring that is likely photoshopped. Stiles laughs at the horribly named site, but with nothing to lose, and let’s face it, he is a little desperate, he clicks the displayed dildo.

The quirky animation demonstrates the dildo growing, before a new tab opens in his browser and takes him to another site that is plastered with dildos of every size, color, and shape.

Stiles decides to explore the site for a bit. His uninterested eyes fall on a section of the site called ‘The Real Deal”. There aren’t that many dildos displayed, but they aren’t like anything that he’s seen on any other site in his hours of searching.

He clicks on the biggest, blackest dick that he can find. It’s called Boyd and it terrifies him. It is too big, and the description says that it's almost 10 inches long and an inch and a half thick. Stiles flinches just looking at the thing.

He backs up to the page with the assortment. The banner on the top changes pictures and now asks if he wants to learn more about ‘The Real Deal’. He clicks it for the same reason he clicked the popup add.

It takes him to a new page that only displays a short text.


The Real Deal is the latest in self pleasure style!

Each self pleasure tool is custom made and one of a kind to feel like the real thing! Other dildos feel fake and after a while don't give you the pleasure you're searching for . With The Real Deal, that feeling will never come. Each time you use it, it gets better, no experience is the same!

The Real Deal may even help you find that special someone you have been looking for!

The Real Deal is truly magical, purchase yours before it goes away forever!”

Stiles laughs at the description and clicks on the button, that will take him back to the page with all of the dildos.

There are different ones than when he was on there before. He notices the Boyd is gone and in it’s place is Whittemore. He clicks on it to be taken to a page similar to the one Boyd was on.

Whittemore seems to be thinner and substantially shorter, it kind of reminds Stiles of his own. Stiles looks at the discription, but doesn’t really like it. He goes back to the page before and looks down the few that are there. None of them seem like anything he would like.

He refreshes the page a few more times, clicking on some other dildos but none of them catch his eye. Hopelessness seeps into his chest. Stiles goes to close the window when the page automatically refreshes.

A little annoyed at the site’s seemingly persistent nature, he glances down at the page before hovering his mouse over the ‘x’ in the corner. He has the mouse clicked halfway when he notices the most beautiful dildo he has ever seen. Stiles drags his mouse off of the ‘x’ and prays to whoever will listen, that the page doesn’t close.

It doesn’t, and he moves his mouse on Hale.

Hale is a beautiful dildo. Stiles couldn’t believe the beauty of it. It’s long, but not obscenely so like Boyd, maybe about 8 inches. It is uncut and Stiles is the biggest sucker for uncut dicks. It has the best looking balls, well for a dildo, but they still look soft and like they are edible. Stiles clicks the button that takes him to the purchase screen.

The specifications of it are just as he thought. Hale is 7 ¾ inches, uncut, and it also says that it has black hair and that it is 26 years old. Stiles thinks that that’sweird but doesn’t think too much before he clicks the ‘Add to Cart’ button.

A quick input of his credit card information and a rush shipment order later, Stiles is sitting at his desk bored again. Now he just has to wait for his new toy to get here. In the meantime though, seeing Hale made him so horny that Brad comes out of the storage container under the bed, and Stiles lubes himself up for Brad’s last ride.


The box shows up on his doorstep the next day after classes.

Stiles wants nothing more than to pull that sucker out and go to town on himself right this second, but Scott is taking a break from his eratic sex life with his husband and wife for their bi-weekly video game binge, and Stiles wasn’t going to be a flake.

But that isn’t going to stop him from looking at his new toy, it isn’t going to stop him from holding it.

The grand unboxing isn’t at all what Stiles had expected.

He opens the box to find a sheet of paper and a velvet pouch, which he assumes contains the dildo. The paper he quickly tosses to the side, brashly to see Hale in person. Stiles had dreamt about it last night, and his mind drifted while he was sitting in his astronomy lecture. Stiles even started drawing him from memory, wearing a cape.

What Stiles is not expecting though, is to pull out a flaccid dildo from the pouch.

Stiles puts Hale down and picks up the paper he just dismissed.

“Congratulations on your purchase of The Real Deal! Here is a quick guide to the care, use, and after care of this product. This item is made with only the best materials found in the realm, and it is very important that it is cared for as you would care for yourself.

Place the item in the provided velvet pouch when the item is not in use. This will ensure that the item isn’t exposed to anything it shouldn’t be. Direct sunlight for long periods of time will cause burning.

When item is in use, remember to treat it as you would treat yourself. It will only feel real if you make it feel real. Always place an appropriately sized condom on the item before use.

When you are finished using the item, clean it with a warm towel or run it under some warm, NOT HOT, water.

Any concerns should be sent to our website, Have a pleasurable time!”

The instructions seem vague and frankly, unhelpful as to how this limp piece of silicon was going to be the best thing Stiles had ever bought.

Regardless, he holds Hale in his hands, and admittedly, the dildo is great to hold. It must be made out of some new silicon, because holy crap, Stiles can’t believe how real it feels. The foreskin even separates from the tip. Stiles is impressed.

He looks at the clock, and sees that Scott will be here any minute with the pizza and beer.

He’ll have to explore Hale later. Right now, his best bud is bringing booze and is going to get his ass kicked.

Stiles slips Hale back into the velvet sack he came in and puts him in the box under the bed with all the others. He slips the paper under his laptop on the desk, and drops the cardboard box down the trash chute.


It wasn’t until the next evening that Stiles actually got to play with Hale.

An almost-forgotten essay has been written and turned in before he is finally sprawled out on his bed. His eyes and brain are exhausted from staring at his computer screen, doing a semester's worth of research in 12 hours.

He almost drifts to sleep, his eyes growing heavy as the bed gets softer.

Sleep is just about to get the better of him when the memory of Hale sitting, waiting, under his bed comes to the front of his mind. He jerks up and flips over onto his stomach, nearly throwing himself off the bed while trying to grab at the box under it.

Stiles shimmies himself out of his boxers and reaches over to his nightstand to get the lube and a condom. He reads over the instructions again and thinks how weird it was going to be to do foreplay with a dildo.

Having this realistic dildo in his hand still trips Stiles out, it seems now that Hale looks even more realistic. The idea of holding someone else’s dick and balls in his hands makes Stiles uneasy. He just reminds himself that it is a toy and the thought soon flies from his mind as he begins to stroke himself and the toy.

At first, it’s as though Hale seems to he having trouble.

Stiles feels kind of stupid but hey, he is in his room, in his apartment, he can do whatever he wants. Plus, Scott, Allison, and Isaac have crazy sex every night, they wouldn't mind Stiles doing something adventurous.

So he takes the half hard dick into his mouth and begins sucking it.

He swirls his tongue around the foreskin and licks to the tip. Finally, Hale starts to perk up. Stiles smirks at himself for satisfying a piece of whatever-this-is, at least he’s learning how to do oral from Hale.

At this development, Stiles lubes up his fingers and starts messing around with his hole.

A finger slips in and Stiles deepthroats Hale. The dildo twitches in his mouth, but Stiles doesn’t think too much of it. He works himself to three fingers, his own dick straining on his stomach as his mouth continues to work over Hale.

When he feels that he is ready, he pops off the dildo like he would a lolipop and removes his fingers.

He doesn’t want Hale to go limp, so he works his lubed hand up and down the shaft while he rips open the condom with his teeth. He preps the condom and rolls it down the shaft in between pumps.

A couple more pumps and Stiles brings himself to his knees with one arm on the bed and the other carrying Hale to his ass. He rubs the tip around his lubed up hole and catches himself breathing really heavy considering he’s just masturbating. With a deep breath, he pushes Hale into himself.

A little gasp escapes him, because even though he worked himself opened thoroughly, it is still a surprise to feel Hale enter him. Stiles can feel himself drooling down on the sheets under him, but he can’t get himself to care because holy crap, this is the best investment he has ever made in his self love routine.

Hale is perfect, and it had been a long time since Stiles’ last good dicking, but fuck. This is so good. Stiles lets Hale sit there for a little, lets his body adjust to the girth, then slowly he starts fucking himself. He rocks into it, making each thrust into himself a little faster than the previous one. The pace picks up naturally, and it almost feels like Hale is trying to speed up too. The dildo moves faster and faster until the pace would have been frantic if a person was attached to the dick.

The feeling of the dildo, heavy in his ass is so much, that he doesn’t even notice the sensation of Hale’s balls hitting his ass and thighs.

Stiles adjusts Hale to hit his prostate and almost as if Hale had a mind of it’s own, it keeps hitting the hypersensitive area, even though he moves the base in his hand. Stiles’ other hand grabs the sheets and he can feel his orgasm building.

He needs friction on his dick so he flips himself over onto his back and put his legs on the headboard to keep his hips up. With his free hand, he reaches down to his neglected cock and starts pumping furiously. The pace quickens again and begins pistoning both, his hands and his hips.

When he comes it’s like nothing Brad could ever make him feel. Stiles feels Hale twitch and the dildo’s balls clench up, Stiles wonders if his dildo just had an orgasm too. But then he remembers it is just that, a dildo.

Stiles lays there for a few minutes, letting himself catch his breath, Hale still nuzzled in his ass. When he pulls it out and sees that it is flaccid again. In that moment he almost wishes there was a person on the other end of it, because he could really go for some good cuddles right now.

While he thinks about strong arms holding him tight, he’s almost drifting off. He startles awake, breaking the fantasy of post sex cuddles when he’s reminded of his early class in the morning, and waking up covered in his own spunk would not be good for his morning routine. So he pulls himself off the bed and stumbles to the bathroom.

Stiles remembers the care instructions for Hale and runs back to get it. When he takes the condom off, he could swear he sees some white residue at the bottom of it. He chucks it up to his imagination or the reflection from the bright florescent lights, and throws the condom away.

As he rubs Hale down with a washcloth, he notices Hale is ready for round two. Stiles smiles and dries the silicon off with the fluffiest towel he has and puts it back in the velvet pouch that came with it.

Stiles notes that he is probably going to have to change his bi-weekly video game sessions with Scott to monthly. Scott wouldn’t mind though, he has Isaac and Allison.