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The travel

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"What are you doing Stiles?" Scott asked me with a confused puppy look.

"Are you really asking that?" I scoffed with a dry chuckle. One so dark that even made a few werewolves tremble from it, the others were staring at me shock clear in their faces "I am getting the hell out of here! That is what I am doing" I answered him, continuing my way towards the door of Derek's loft.

"Wait! Why?!" Scott exclaimed, the hurt could be easily heard on his voice and when I turned around I find myself staring at his kicked puppy expression.

What a big surprise, I scoffed sarcastically in my head.

"Because I got fed up of this ungrateful pack!" I shouted at him angrily, ignoring the way he flinched at my tone "I can't stand anymore having you disappointing me anymore. I was very happy when you found true love in Allison, I really was. But who do you think that always end up paying for your Romeo and Juliet story?" I questioned him "I do! You almost killed me twice when you just got turned, and I still stayed with you. Tried to help you, I was patient with you and tried to get through that hard skull that being a lone wolf won't help anyone" I chuckled humorless, almost watery "But I've had enough of feeling guilty for what happened to you. Scotty..." he winced when I said the special nickname that I had for him with so much sadness "When was the last time that we spent together? When was the last time that in our conversation there wasn't a single mention of Allison or how Derek ruined your life? Fir which, flash news, isn't true. If you want to blame someone for how unlucky you are, blame me for dragging you that night to the forest and Kate for driving Peter so mad that he ended up biting you!".

"You aren..." I cut Scott off immediately, I didn't end up speaking yet.

"Also, is being a werewolf such a bad thing?" I asked him but didn't expect an answer, so I kept on talking "Your asthma is gone and you are the lacrosse team captain! It is a blessing not a curse, you should learn from Isaac to be grateful for the bite" I sighed tiredly and leaned against the door behind me "Did you even notice that I was kidnapped and beaten up by Gerard? That you sweet little girlfriend knew an didn't do anything to help me?" I spat the world girlfriend and didn't even felt bad when Allison started crying from guilt or when Scott glared at me for making her sad "Go on defend her. Defend the bitch that didn't do anything when Gerard almost raped me" everyone gasped at that. 

I guess it was new news for them, I taunted in my head. Of course, it was. They never cared to know anything from me.

"You know... you were the one that disappointed me the most Scott" I confessed to him "I always knew that I meant nothing to the rest. I wasn't a friend to them or part of the pack, and it was fine to me. After all why would I want be family with teenagers that act all high and mighty cause they entered the VIP circle?" Boyd, Erica and Isaac flinched at that "Kids that I helped so much when they were in their worst and pay me back by hitting me. By betraying their Alpha just after a few electricity shocks, making all the hell I survived in that basement useless" the three puppies looked at the floor in shame.

Good, they deserve feeling that bad. I thought evilly. I found myself so strange weird thought I lost track of my conversation for a few seconds, cause even if I was hurt I never desired them to suffered. But got back into it soon enough.

"Why would I want to be friend with a girl that let her grandfather almost rape me and did nothing to save me?" Allison cried harder at my words "Why would I want to be friend with a girl that only picked on me and humiliated me since we were kids, even after I tried to be friend with her accepting her completely by who she was?" Lydia only glared at me but I could see her own mind scolding her.

Then my eyes landed on Derek Hale, the guy I loved and kept on breaking my heart time after time.

"Why would I want to be part of a pack that it's Alpha prefers to be feared, by using pain, rather than loved, by gaining their loyalty?" Derek kept expressionless but I could see all the emotions running wild in his eyes, guilt and self-loathing the predominated ones. I desired to cradle him in my arms, telling him how much I loved him and that everything was forgiven... but if they really wanted me back, they will have to work harder

"That is why you Scotty were the worst of them all" I broke gazes with Derek and turned to look at my best... ex-best friend "I thought you were my friend... that I could count on my brother. But it seems like I lost you too... no, it seems like you abandoned me".

"No!" Scott shouted/whined and tried to get me, but I used my new discovered magic to keep him at bay.

He sent me a look of shock and betrayal, while the others only looked at me stunned. In the meanwhile, Scott tried to

"My father said that he doesn't recognize me anymore!" I shouted at him angrily. Wind beginning to react at my mood swings "You get your mother to know the truth and accept you, even if you are a werewolf! I, on the other hand, lose mine my dad and I am human" I shook my head, trying to clear my head "Sorry that was unfair, there shouldn't be any difference between human and werewolf".

"Stiles" Scott sighed happily and flashed me a big smile.

"You get to keep your mom even if you had been nothing but a selfish, self-centered and bad friend" his smile crumbled at my words and I felt awful for making him suffer so much, but I had... needed to get this out of my chest "Lose my number Scotty" I ordered him, each time it was harder to ignore his kicked puppy  eyes "Better, all of you lose my number. Except Cora, Peter, Aiden and Ethan".

"What? Why them?! They are evil!" barked Scott angrily and the three werewolves of Derek whined pitifully.

"They were the only ones that took me into consideration!" I snapped back at him "Aiden, Ethan and Cora thanked me when I saved their lives. They thanked me! Three wolves that I didn't get close to and only helped them once. I gave everything for this pack, everything! And you didn't even thank me. You treated me us a pathetic outsider that should be grateful to be in your presence. And always looked out for  a wrong move from me, as if I was ever going to betray you all. When I almost got myself raped to save the stupid life of all of you!" tears were now on my eyes but I didn't let then fall, I will never let them see me weak.

"Peter... he always saw something especial in me. He asked me if I wanted the bite" they all gasped again and a few looks of anger were thrown at Peter. I looked at him apolitically for causing him problems, but his smirk only grew wider. It looked like he was having the time of his life "In a way I regret not accepting it that time" everyone looked at me surprised, even Peter. There was something in his eyes... longing? I just ignored it, thinking that I was wrong "But I am still grateful that I told him no at that time, or I wouldn't have found out about my powers".

"I am so sorry Stiles..." I interrupted Scott again.

"Sorry won't cut it!" I told him shortly with a glare "Scott, even Deucalion recognized me. Did you know that he visited me before leaving town?" the werewolves growled protectively and the humans looked ready to attack on my defense "A bit late, don't you think?" I commented at their behavior, making them wince guiltily "Would you like to know what he told me?" I asked my ex-best friend who nodded slowly after a bit of thinking " I quote: 'Well played, Miss Stilinski. It's a pity that I am no Alpha now, I would have loved to have such  a fierce Little Red in my pack'. Even the enemy saw something on me but you all didn't!" I shouted angrily, the window glasses broke by the force of my magic wind.

I took a deep breath and thought of my mother, to anchor myself.  Normally I would have thought of dad, but now that hurt more than thinking of mom. Admitting it saddened me but worked for controlling my powers. I looked at each one of the companions I met during this adventure, trying not to feel bad for their sad faces, and sighed tiredly.

"Goodbye Hale pack" I parted and turned around. Then when I was on my outside I murmured under my breath, so low that not even werewolves would have heard me "And goodbye Beacon Hills".