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Secret Admirer

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Stiles POV

I started running, running as fast as I could

Red roses or Blue carnations, red roses was Derek's favorite flowers, but now they just remind him of his crazy uncle Peter. Blue carnations were his second favorite flower, but now they remind him of the eyes he had before he was an alpha. I'm buying him flowers because it's our 1 year anniversary, I cooked us some lobster and I snagged some champagne from the alcohol cabinet in the kitchen at the house. I was planning on losing my virginity to him tonight. I grab the roses because I thought it went best with the food I put in the picnic basket, I texted Derek to meet me in our spot in the woods.

I got some solar powered string lights that I put outside the whole day, I turned them on and made a canopy above the picnic blanket from tying the string lights from tree to tree. I put the roses in a vase filled with water on top of the picnic blanket and lit some candles beside the vase. I pulled out the plain white plates and put the lobster on it, along with the salad I made. Right after I fixed my plate I heard some leaves crunch behind me, I look behind me but no one was there. After that, I got a text from Derek.

Babe: You look beautiful tonight babe
Me: I can't wait to see you!

I go back to fixing my plate and I see Derek walk up. I run up to him and hug him, "don't scare me like that again!" I jump on top of him and he laughs. "Ok..." He pats my back and I get off of him, I lean in to kiss him but he turns away. "What's wrong?" I ask and he soaks in his surroundings, "what's this?" He looks around. "It's our one year anniversary... Remember" I say and I watch him hide his face in his hands and groan, "You're breaking up with me aren't you?" I said and he looks down at me "I'm sorry Stiles... It's just that I don't think it's working out..." He places a hand on my shoulder and I take it off. "It's fine... I think you should leave" I state and he mouths a sorry and leaves.

I throw away everything that I bought and fixed for Derek out into the woods. I fold up the blanket and shove it into the picnic box and it wasn't going in, I give up and wipe the tears from my face. I take a deep breath and exhale, I'm not going to let a stupid man breaking up with me make me cry. I fold up the blanket better and go to place it in the box, but I hear a thump behind me and some leaves fly onto me. I look down to see it was Derek's phone, "Ugh!" now I'm going to have to face him.

Now standing in front of the loft door I take a deep breath and knocked, a couple seconds later Derek opened the door just enough for me to see his face. "Uh... Hey Stiles'" he gulped "you left your phone in the woods" I gave him his phone. I heard a giggle and Derek shift a little with a little smile. I took the door and slide it open to reveal that Derek is having a threesome with some sluts. "Nice" I rolled my eyes and left, "Stiles wait!" I heard from behind me but I ignored it. I make it outside and I run to my jeep, "Stiles!" Derek yelled and grabbed my shoulder and turned me around. "Why!" I scream and I punch him, I knew it hurt me more than it hurt him... but hopefully, I got my point across. "I'm sorry Stiles! It's just that, that you're only a kid." He said, "that's not what you said when I was sucking your dick the other day..." I state and he turns away walking back to my jeep.

"Wait! Please, Stiles... No hard feelin-" he pulled me back, I grabbed the wolfsbane laced pocket knife from my back pocket and open it. I placed it to his throat "If you stop me from leaving one more time I will chop your dick off and then I will feed it to those tramps in there..." I say with a calm voice. He shuts his mouth and I get in my jeep and drive away

I get half way to my house and hear my phone ring, it's an unknown caller. Me: Hello?
UC (Unknown Caller): Hey beautiful
I hang up and the phone and he calls back
Me: Listen I'm not in the mood for this, who is it!
UC: baby why are you being so rude, I didn't do anythin-
I hung up again, he called back.
Me: listen douchebag! I just found out my boyfriend has been cheating on me, know would you kindly stop calling me
UC: and your welcome for that
Me: what are you talking about!
UC: Who do you think threw his phone to you
Me: This isn't funny
UC: and neither is running out of gas
Me: what are you-
My jeep slowed down and came to a stop, I looked down to see that I've ran out of gas.
UC: I'll see you soon baby...

He hung up, I go to my contacts a call the person I knew that will pick up... Isaac Lahey. He picks up in three rings, I frantically open the glove box and get the gun out of it.

Isaac: Hello Stil-
Stiles: Isaac listen! I need you to find me now
Isaac: Where are you? What's wrong?
I look around and see that I'm near the park, right then I see a tall dark figure running towards me with a shotgun
Isaac: Stiles!?
Stiles: I! I'm by Beacon Park! This guy has a gun

Right after I said Beacon Park I heard the wind from Isaac running to get me. I get out of the car and I shoot at the hand of the guy, I missed but I knock the gun out of his hand. I started running, running as fast as I could.

I look back to see that the guy was running and pointing his gun at me, I look in front of me and pick up my speed. Isaac came out of the bushes, he spotted me and begins running to me. I feel a sharp pain in the back of my thigh and I tumble down. "Stiles!" I hear Isaac yell before he was shot too, I scream and look down to see that it was a tranquilizer. I take it out and start back running, stumbling every step, and every step my eyesight got blurrier. I lay down and shut my eyes, I'm tired, I'm so tired. I feel the man lift me up and then I fell asleep.