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I am Everywhere and Nowhere

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Part I


The pack had split for college; Lydia and Danny at CalTech, Erica, Boyd and Isaac at UCI, Jackson was back in London studying at UEL and Scott with Alison at UC Davis. I had gone to Berkeley and Derek had followed.

Life was good, not great but good. The shit storm that was junior through senior year had finally come to an end. Word had gotten around [according to Deaton anyway] that Beacon Hills was occupied, fighting back and taking no shit; we were finally safe and it showed.

Dad kept me updated to the comings and goings, surprisingly the town was attracting new families almost in the droves. We even had a whole new set of Werecreatures; the Foxes had moved into the old Tate house on the other side of the preserve, the Cats at the Whittemore mansion and the Bears? Well I'm unsure exactly where they are staying but Derek appeared to be amused by them.

Which is why it was so unexpected. The Zombie Apocalypse. The big fuck you to the world. After everything i had been through? I was really NOT expecting the dead to start an uprising.

Strangely I had missed all the signs. Looking back I can’t believe that ‘I’ Stiles Stilinski had missed an opportunity to research the bejeezus out of this. I mean come on! After all that supernatural shit, what’s a few sniffles gonna be?! Though Derek had been frowning a lot more lately….

What I can tell you though, is that George A.Romero totally knew this was gonna happen.

At first it was just a cold, then they said it was some sort of bird/swine flu, next they had quarantined certain parts of the city. I finally lifted my head out of mid-term fugue when Dad called to tell me that Martial Law had been enacted in Georgia.


Queue inevitable montage of the world going to shit and you know 'the unwashed masses' looting, killing and then a nice idyllic farm house in the middle of corn bread nowhere country.

This is where the real 'STORY' starts. 


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