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A Comfortable Life

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If anyone were to ask Derek when this whole thing had started, he wouldn’t say this, but it was when a coven of witches had come to town. They had come to use the nemeton as a source of power for a ritual, and they had told the pack that it was a fertility ritual. Not wanting to deny the women the right to have children, they had left it alone – until Stiles had heard over the police scanner that three children had gone missing.


They had almost been too late to save the kids (apparently fertility rituals sometimes demanded the blood of actual children). The coven had sensed their approach and were ready to attack when the pack showed up, and the fighting began instantly. Derek had just taken down who he assumed was the ringleader when he sensed another presence coming into the clearing.


He really shouldn’t have been surprised that it was Stiles. Of course the kid had shown up, despite the fact that Derek had told him to stay out of it. This wasn’t the place for a human to be. And the alpha wasn’t the only one who had noticed his arrival – one of the witches was already heading towards him. Snarling in anger, he runs forward and throws the witch across the clearing towards Isaac, before grabbing Stiles and dragging him from the clearing, and throwing him on the ground. Barely a second goes by before Derek was on top of him.


He wrestled around a bit, making sure the kid’s limbs were pinned under him as well, not that he really needed it. He easily had an extra 70 pounds on the kid, and the extra strength being a born-wolf gave him made it more like holding down a child than a growing seventeen year old. He leans down, pressing his chest against the back of Stiles’ head, forcing it into the ground so he can’t speak, and listens. He can hear that the pack is winning, and so he stays where he is.


Stiles is fighting a bit, trying to buck him off, but he doesn’t budge, and eventually he stops. Derek can feel the anger burning off of him, but he figures it’s better to have an angry Stiles than a dead or severely injured Stiles. The kid can deal.


The fight is over quickly, the last witch being taken down by Erica and Boyd. The alpha listens closely, making sure that none of them ran off, but the only heartbeats he can sense besides the packs’ are the kids. Scott is already with them, talking in a calming voice as he unties them.


Derek gets up, and before Stiles can start on what will no doubt be a long and pointless rant, he returns to the clearing to help dispose of the bodies. He feels Stiles glare focused on him as they clean up, and the one time he looks up to meet his gaze, eyes flaring alpha red, he notices the dirt still clinging to the boy’s face. He smirks slightly before turning back to the body he was burying.


It’s not until hours later, when he’s walking the edge between awake and dreaming, that he really thinks about it again. It had been awfully satisfying, being on top of Stiles – the kid so rarely stops talking or moving, but shoving his face into the dirt had certainly gotten him to shut up.


He falls asleep thinking that it might be worth it to do it again, if it grants him some peace and quiet.




The real first time it happened, they’re at the loft. Stiles had shown up at the door a few hours before, arms loaded up with piles of old books, and demanded that he let him in. Apparently Scott had smelled something oddly fishy – literally – around one of their classmates, and suspected that they weren’t human anymore, and thus had asked Stiles to help figure out what they could be. Derek had rolled his eyes and allowed the kid in, not even bothering to ask why he couldn’t just do this at his own house. Knowing Stiles, he wouldn’t get a clear answer, anyway.


About an hour into his research, he had started talking. And he hadn’t shut up. Nearly 3 hours had gone by, and he moved between reading the books out loud, mumbling nonsensical things under his breath, and just talking at Derek. Considering he didn’t even wait for him to respond, he figured the kid was talking just to talk. He was also, apparently, immune to the death glares he had been sending him the whole time.


When Stiles flopped down onto his back on the couch, still talking, Derek felt something in him snap. Before he knew it, he was across the room, grabbing the book from him and flipping Stiles around onto his stomach.


“Dude, what the fuck?!” Stiles voice came, muffled from the couch cushions his face was smashed in. Derek shoved him in slightly farther, muffling any of his attempts to speak more, before he plopped down on his back. It was mildly amusing, seeing and feeling the kid trying to get his arms underneath him, trying to find leverage to get him off of him. Mostly, though, he was just glad that he had finally shut up.


He ignored his struggles and the quiet noises he was making, instead opening the book up to where Stiles had left off and beginning to read. He figures if he’s going to be doing this, he might as well help the kid with research. It takes him nearly two hours to get through the rest of the book, and when he’s done, he checks the time. It’s barely dinner time, and Stiles has long since gone still, only his heartbeat and breathing rate letting Derek know that he’s not asleep. His breaths are shallower than normal, but he doesn’t appear to be in pain. Just in case, Derek brushes his fingers lightly over his arm as he leans forward to drop the book on the ground, and finds no pain to take. The kid’s fine, then, and instead of getting up to cook, he merely grabs his phone out of his pocket and orders some Chinese. It usually takes an hour to get there, and starting up the TV, Derek settles in to wait.


When the food shows up, Stiles escapes past the delivery boy as soon as he gets up to get it. The guy looks a bit confused as he stumbles past him, but the tip Derek gives him is enough to make him forget about it.




When Stiles shows up the next day to collect the books that he’d forgotten in his rush, Derek is in the shower. Having heard him come in, he steps out quickly and wraps a towel around his waist, heading into the living room.


Stiles nearly drops the books he’s holding when he enters, and the words come almost instantly. “I was just, uh, coming to grab the books! That I left here. Yesterday, I mean. I guess I was just, uh, in such a rush that I forgot! Silly me, I’m pretty forgetful sometimes. I used to forget my house keys all the time and my dad would always have to come home to let me in which was kind of embarrassing-“


“Shut up,” Derek interjects, and mercifully he listens. He searches for something else to say, looking at the TV briefly before he gets it. “I was just about to watch a movie, if you want to join me.”


He wasn’t really going to watch a movie. In fact, he was planning on taking a nap after his shower, but suddenly this was all he wanted to do. Stiles relaxes, his shoulders slumping a bit, before he nods quickly. “Um, sure. A movie. That sounds great. I love movies.”


He slumps into the corner of the couch, still babbling a bit, sitting up, and Derek nearly laughs out loud. He must still make a slight sound, because Stiles is freezing and meeting his eyes almost instantly. With a pointed look, Derek glances at the other side of the couch, where he usually sits. They’re both still for a moment before Stiles huffs. Slow as a glacier, he lays down along the cushions, facing up this time, and Derek smirks. He’s still in a towel, and still slightly wet, but it’s not like it’s the first time he’d lounged around fresh from the shower. When you live alone, you get used to doing things like that. So he easily plants himself down on top of Stiles, stretching his legs out in front of him onto the coffee table. More of his weight is settled down on the boy’s chest, and Derek spreads his legs slightly to distribute it more. He uses the remote to turn the TV on.


“Can you see alright?” He asks nonchalantly, selecting a movie off his list at random. Glancing at the time stamp, he sees that he’s going to be here for at least 2 and a half hours and spreads his legs more.


“Sure,” comes the quiet reply from the boy under him. He doesn’t say another word the entire length of the movie, and when he leaves, he does it slow enough to take the books with him.




It’s solidly Derek’s fault the next time it happens – although, he doesn’t really feel that he’s ‘at fault’, and he’s certainly feeling no guilt over it. It’s a simple text.


I’m watching a movie. Come over.


There’s no reply to it, but he hears the jeep outside within 20 minutes. He’s in the kitchen making popcorn when Stiles comes in, and he calls out to him. “Lay down, I’ll be there in a minute.”


It makes him smile to see that the kid has listened to him when he enters the room.


From then on, all it takes is a text to get what he wants.




The first time he sits on Stiles’ face instead of his chest or back is purely the kid’s fault. He’d decided to watch Star Wars – he’d never seen them – but he should have taken into account that he’d heard Stiles talking about them a lot. Whilst the boy is usually quiet as a mouse, just how Derek wants him, it seems he just can’t help himself with these movies. Half an hour in to Episode 1, having heard enough about how Episode 4 should be watched first, Derek grabs his head and tilts it so it’s face up, and shifts upwards on his body. The boy’s mouth is still open in surprise when he shoves his ass down on it.


“Couches don’t talk,” Derek says simply, grinding down on the boys face slightly so that he gets the point. Hands come up to push him off, but as always, they’re no match for his weight and strength. Leaning back again, and making sure the boy can breathe, he settles down for the rest of the movie.


He can’t quite tell what emotion Stiles is feeling when he gets up as the credits roll, but he likes that the kid doesn’t leave the couch, just tries to catch his breath as he stares at him. It might be disbelief. Unimpressed, Derek raises his eyebrows slightly. “I’m going to go to the washroom before I watch the next one. If you’re going to leave, you should do it now.”


When he comes back, Stiles is still there. He pushes the kid back into position, sits down, and starts the next movie. When that ends, he starts Episode 3 without moving. Stiles’ face is red, blotchy, and sweaty when he leaves, and he won’t meet Derek’s eyes.


The next day, he shows up within 10 minutes of Derek’s texts, and he watches Episodes 4-6 the same way.




He gets rid of the couch in the loft. He figures if he’s going to be sitting on Stiles’ face, the poor kid is going to need something better to lay on, and it’ll be more comfortable for him not to be lying sideways in reference to Derek. Instead, he fills a significant part of the loft floor with thick cushions, leaving some loose was pillows. Now, he can plant a few on the kid’s chest as a backrest, making him bend his legs to keep them in place. He doesn’t like facing towards the kid when he does this – it both gives him nowhere to stretch his feet out in front of him, and also gives him a visual he doesn’t want. This isn’t about sitting on Stiles, it’s about sitting.


When the pack asks about it at the next Thursday meeting, he says he figured it’d be easier for them to watch movies together like this. He doesn’t look away from Stiles as he says it, and once again, the boy can’t meet his eyes, but thankfully, no one else seems to notice.


When the pack leaves, Derek asks him to stay, says he wants to research some things before he goes home. It’s mostly the truth – he’d found a book in the Hale vault that he wants to read, but he doesn’t really need Stiles’ help with it. He just needs a good place to sit. He uses it as an excuse to show the kid how the new “couch” set up will work, and soon he’s got the kid right where he wants him.




When the lines begin blurring a bit, when it becomes something a bit more than just a way to shut the moron up, it’s because of porn.


Derek hasn’t had sex since Jennifer, and since that turned out to be such a disaster, he hasn’t really wanted to. And unless he wants to go out to a bar and be surrounded by drunk morons, he doesn’t see himself picking up anybody anyways. So, he’s been watching a lot of porn.


It’s as he’s watching a guy get rimmed on screen, and remembering how much he’d liked that the few times he’d allowed someone to do it to him in New York, that he gets the idea. It had been nice and warm, having someone lick his ass, and had always left him feeling content whether he ended up cumming from it or not. So it occurs to him that if he’s going to be sitting on someone’s face, why not add a little more?


So he heads to Stiles’ house. They’ve only ever done this… thing that they’re doing in the loft (unless you really want to count that time with the witches), but Derek wants to get this over with as soon as possible. He climbs through the window, and Stiles turns around to look at him from his desk chair. Looking briefly at the monitor, he can see a Wikipedia page for male circumcision open. This kid, Derek thinks, rolling his eyes.


He’s already opening his mouth to speak – because of course he needs to say something – when Derek begins removing his belt. He kind of freezes, mouth hanging open, eyes focused on Derek’s hands. He doesn’t bother putting on any kind of show, just pulling his pants and briefs down, stepping out of them at the same time as he toes off his shoes. He keeps his socks on – he’s always liked sleeping that way – and moves onto the bed, leaning back lightly on Stiles pillows. He spreads his legs, displaying his groin for the teenager to look at.


He’s soft, of course he is. Even if he hadn’t just jacked off at home, he’s not here to cum, he’s here to teach Stiles something. He hopes the kid really is as fast a learner as he always claims to be.


“Come here,” he says gruffly, snapping once between his legs to make sure the kid gets where he means. It’s almost amusing the way the kid fumbles his way across the room, eyes glued to his crotch, but he frowns instead. He can smell the arousal coming from the boy. It’s clear he’s never seen anybody naked before, and his hands almost instantly reach out to touch Derek, but the alpha stops him.


Wide, brown eyes look up at him in confusion, and Derek grabs onto his hair. He’s suddenly really glad the kid decided to grow it out. Using one hand to move his cock and balls out of the way, he tugs on the boy’s hair, manhandling him right where he wants him. In a matter of seconds, Stiles face is practically crushed against his ass, and Derek is quick to squeeze his thighs around his head, locking him in place. Shifting his position slightly until he feels his mouth where he wants it, Derek meets Stiles’ eyes for the last time that night.


“Lick,” he commands, shoving the boy a little farther in, blocking off his air. The moment he feels the tongue, he pulls back a bit, and from the way the kid’s breath starts, he knows he got the message – as long as his tongue is out, he’ll be able to breathe.


He’s hesitant, as hesitant as any virgin would be, and Derek hadn’t bothered cleaning down there before he’d come over. He’s sure the boy is tasting his sweat from the day, and maybe even a little cum from his porn session before coming here. For a moment, he wonders if he wiped thoroughly enough after going to the washroom earlier, before deciding it doesn’t matter. He won’t be catering to the boy during this, he’ll have to get used to it not being clean.


Derek allows a bit of the red of his eyes to show through as he gives his next order, still looking straight into the boy’s eyes. “Inside, and keep it there.”


He’s got to give it to the kid. Despite his hesitance, his tongue makes his way up Derek’s ass within the next few seconds. Once it’s there, the werewolf clamps down on it, making sure he understood that he didn’t want it moving. Thankfully, the kid is a fast learner. With that in place, Derek looks away from his eyes, reaching over him to grab the blanket, and spreading it over him, blocking the kid from view. It’ll probably get pretty warm under there for the human, and Derek almost feels a bit of regret for not telling him to change into his pajamas. He considers letting him up to do so, but instead clamps down on that tongue again. It’s so warm, and he’s really missed this – Stiles will be alright for a few hours, he can deal. Tightening his thighs around his head again, he leans back on the pillows, and begins to fall asleep.


Right before he drifts off, he notices two things – he’s still soft, and Stiles is no longer aroused.


When he wakes up in the morning, his thighs have relaxed during the night, but Stiles is still nestled between his legs. The kid is covered in sweat from being down there all night, and his face is rubbed red. Derek thinks he might have accidently been bucking into it at night, but finds that he’s not too sorry about that. The skin around his mouth is covered in dried drool, and there’s a patch of it underneath where his chin must have been. He thinks about waking the kid up and having him start licking again, but hears the Sheriff in the next room moving around. He’s dressed and out the window just in time for the bedroom door to open as he checks on his son.


Derek texts him a few days later, telling him to get to the loft. Stiles doesn’t try to say anything this time when he sees Derek taking off his pants, just takes his place on the cushions. He finds his tongue feels even better when he doesn’t have to put any effort in holding the kid in place, allowing his body weight to do that for him.




The lines blur even more a few weeks later. He wasn’t expecting Stiles to show up that day – in fact, he hadn’t spoken to the kid in a few days, knowing from Scott that he’d been busy. Derek is jacking off when he hears him outside the door, and after listening to see who it is, he doesn’t bother covering up when he hears the door opening.


He doesn’t look up. He’d been watching some random Netflix show – it wasn’t porn or anything, but he’d found himself in the mood to get his cock out, so he had. He wasn’t particularly trying to cum, it just felt nice. From the way Stiles hesitates as he catches sight of him, he knows it’s an unexpected site. With the sound of books being set down that comes right after that, he knows the kid wasn’t here for anything but research.


It’s admirable, the way he tries to focus on that. “Um,” he begins, voice choking out. Without looking, Derek knows he’s focused on his cock, watching his hands fondle it gently. The boy’s never seen it hard before, and he’s aware that it’s impressive. “Lydia thinks there might be a siren in town somewhere – apparently some of the college students have been going missing, and they’ve been found drowned in the lake? And so, uh, I was wondering if you knew anything about them?”


See? Admirable. Figures Stiles would still find a way to talk after walking in on an alpha werewolf getting himself off. Derek smirks, looking over his shoulder to take in the sight of the boy. He’s brought maybe 10 books over, presumably about sirens, and had barely made it in the door before he set them down.


“I’m watching something,” he says glibly, and Stiles’ open mouth snaps shut. He hears the kid gulp. “I don’t know anything about sirens,” he adds truthfully “I wasn’t aware they were real. Sorry.” He’s not.


“Oh, alright, uh, I guess I should go then – I can easily do the research in my room, I just thought maybe you knew something – but you don’t so, going now, uh, see yo-”


“Stiles,” Derek interrupts – he’s always interrupting this kid talking, Jesus, he seriously never shuts up. “Come watch with me.”


When he sits down again, he meets Stiles gaze for the first time while doing it. He looks down at him for a while as he shifts, getting comfortable. The boy’s eyes are wide, and he smiles as he looks into them. “You don’t have to lick today. Try to get some rest,” he murmurs. “I’m sure you’ll be up all night reading about sirens, so you should catch a nap while you’re here.”


The boy can’t answer him from underneath him, but his eyes narrow slightly, and they don’t close. Figuring it might be too light in the room for him to sleep, Derek grants him some mercy, and adjusts his balls to cover his eyes, enclosing him in the darkness of his groin.


He watches the show for a few minutes more, before his hand makes its way back to his cock. 2 episodes later, he comes, and it’s slow and steady, just dripping out, and he doesn’t do anything to prevent it from getting in Stiles’ hair, actually wiping his cock head through some strands when he’s done, cleaning off the tip. It’s soft, and makes a good cum rag.


He watches 8 more episodes and jacks off one more time before he’s done for the day. Stiles doesn’t sleep at all, which is his problem, really. Derek gave him the chance.


When he goes to the washroom, he hears Stiles make his way out, and he laughs slightly when he realizes the kid hadn’t even bothered to wash his hair in the kitchen. He hopes the Sheriff isn’t home to see his son come in, but he’s sure Stiles will be able to talk himself out of it if he is.


Jacking off becomes a part of it. Derek is at his most comfortable on Stiles, so it only makes sense. It’s not the same as when he gets off to porn – it’s slower, and warmer, and more leisurely. And he doesn’t ever feel aroused, per say. It’s just nice.


Despite what it might seem like, it’s not a sexual thing, even if he gets off during it sometimes. Derek knows objectively that Stiles is attractive – his wide brown eyes, chestnut hair, and long coltish limbs make one hell of a picture – but his looks aren’t why he does it. It’s not really, even, about controlling someone, holding them down and making them do what he wants. He’s never been into that, and when he thinking about it as a kink, he knows that he’s not a dom. And Stiles is underage – Derek might be a lot of things, but a predator isn’t one of them.


It honestly is all about comfort.


When he was a kid, he loved watching old movies with his dad. They would spend a weekend in the living room, slouched so far down into the couch cushions he almost became one with the furniture. Almost more than the movies, he loved that couch. It was perfectly broken in, the smell of home and pack cemented into the fabric so thoroughly that it feels like all of them are with them, even though it was only ever the two of them


Since the fire, Derek feels like he’s been tense, constantly waiting for the rest of the world to go up in flames. If he allowed himself to rest at all, it was still with muscles ready to defend, attack, whatever to survive. It wasn’t quite as bad with Laura around, but without her, he’s like a loaded gun always ready to fire.


But for whatever reason, using Stiles in this way allows him to relax. The kid is technically pack, and spends so much time around Scott that he carries his scent around with him, like it’s just as much a part of him as his own scent. Molded into him from years of association, just like that old couch. And if Derek used to think that he could be “one with the furniture”, then Stiles could certainly do the same, if only a little more literally.


And okay, yea, he likes being rimmed. But that’s not what this is. When he jacks off with Stiles’ tongue in his ass, it’s not because he’s being rimmed. It’s because sometimes he needs to jack off, and why wouldn’t he jack off on his own couch?




Of course the high school kid who smelled vaguely fishy turns out to be the siren. That’s life in Beacon Hills. They catch her pretty quickly, once they start looking for her. Her song only works on people who are attracted to women, and so while the males of the pack are incapacitated and serving as distractions, Erica, Lydia, and Allison show up behind her and take her down.


Even after they dispose of her body, her shrill song rings in Derek’s ears, and it makes him irritated. So irritated, that he doesn’t even really think before he speaks. “I’m riding with you,” he says to Stiles, shoving Scott lightly towards Lydia’s car, and climbing into that awful jeep. “Hurry up.”


Scott just shakes his head and gets in the other car, but Stiles is frozen, staring at him. Derek raises an eyebrow meaningfully, and the kid sighs, climbing in dejectedly. They’re at the loft for only a minute before he’s seated.


It relaxes him instantly, and finally the song is gone. “Lick,” he says lazily, and instead of stretching his legs out in front of him, he kneels over him, rubbing his ass back and forth on the kid’s face, enjoying his tongue. The boy’s face smells like a jock strap when he leaves an hour later, and Derek jacks off twice before he can fall asleep.




A month later, he notices the date. They’ve been doing this thing since mid-October, he knows. Six months. Ironic that their “anniversary” would fall on the boy’s eighteenth birthday. He thinks only a moment before he knows what he’s going to do about it.


I don’t care what you’re doing, cancel your plans and get here.


He knows that Stiles doesn’t get hard during the face-sitting. Derek doesn’t either, so that’s alright. But sometimes he still catches the boy staring at his dick before he sits down, a clear look of hunger in his eyes. His ass usually squashes that, but the sweet smell of teenage arousal sometimes takes a while to disperse.


He’s already naked when the boy shows up, and he’s delighted to see that he’s got him so well trained that even on his birthday, his first action as he comes in is to lay down on the cushions. The alpha stops him before he can begin placing Derek’s back cushions on his chest.


“I figured we could do something a bit different today,” the werewolf says quietly. He still puts a few cushions on the boy, but enough so that he can sit on the boy’s chest instead. He puts another one under Stiles’ head, so that his head is tilted up at a slightly awkward angle. When Derek takes a seat, the kid is left staring straight at his cock and balls. He swallows hard, staring wide-eyed at them.


“We’re not going to do this often,” the alpha continues, reaching down to begin jacking his cock. As it hardens, it brushes against Stiles lips slightly, leaving a drop of precum behind. Almost instantly, a tongue comes out to taste it, and Stiles whimpers slightly. “I still need a good seat, after all. But I figured you’ve been good, and I know you want a taste. We can leave this for special occasions.


“This isn’t a blowjob,” he says sternly, stern enough to make the kid’s eyes flicker up to him. He flares his red eyes to let the warning set it. “I don’t want you to suck, or lick, at all. You’ll taste it well enough without that. I just want you to hold it. Keep it warm while I relax.”


He shifts forward so only the head is in his mouth, nestled firmly on his tongue. Once again, the kid listens well. While there is a slight suckling going on, Derek figures it’s more instinct than anything, and it’s not enough to get him off, so it’s fine. His precum drips steadily into the boys mouth for hours as Derek reads, but he doesn’t so much as let out a whine once. He loves that the kid knows his place.


Finally, Derek glances at the clock, and knows he should think about dinner soon. Smirking slightly, a thought comes to him, and he glances down. “Are you hungry?” he asks, and there’s a slight answering nod.


“Here’s something for you, then.” And he begins jacking off slowly, as leisurely as he always is with Stiles. He avoids the kid’s eyes as he does so, thinking instead of the last porn he watched. Despite it being Stiles, having a mouth on his cockhead certainly helps, and he’s soon unloading into his mouth. To his delight, the kid swallows it all.


“Get going then,” he says a few minutes later when he feels steady enough to stand. “I’m sure your dad wants to have dinner with you.”


Stiles is almost out the door before Derek noticed there’s still some cum on his dick. “Wait.” He walks over to him, and shoves him down to his knees, holding his cock out a bit. “Wouldn’t want this to go to waste.”


He thinks Stiles has never looked better than when he reaches out to lick at the tip slightly, cleaning off the rest of it. He tilts his head, lifting his cock straight up, exposing his low-hanging balls. “Clean them, too; they just gave you a meal after all.”


It’s the closest to sex as he’s ever gotten with the little shit, but he thinks he could get used to having the boy’s mouth stuffed with his balls.




“Are we ever going to talk about this?” Stiles asks one day, early in the morning, already stretched out on the not-couch. “Because, I mean, I’ve been exercising my Google skills, and I think maybe we should talk about this? Like there should be safe words and shit and negotiations an-“


Derek sits down, his ass firmly muffling whatever else Stiles was going to say. The kid puts up a token amount of resistance, before he feels him go pliant, his tongue already licking away. When he looks down, he can see that the boy has closed his eyes, but just in case, he maneuvers his balls around so that they cover his eyelids. He takes a moment to feel, then, and carefully catalogues the warm tufts of air against his hole. Content that despite being firmly enclosed underneath him the kid can still breathe, he jacks his cock a few times lazily before reaching for the remote.


Derek had been doing his own Google-ing, and apparently a Lord of the Rings marathon would take over 9 hours. That sounded like a good start to the weekend.




On Stiles’ graduation, he has the kid lay down still in his gown. It’s a special occasion, and he’d told him to tell his dad he was staying at Scott’s. He’s proud of the pack for making it to graduation despite all the holdups, and gives Stiles what he wants because of it. He fucks into the kid’s mouth slowly for nearly an hour before he comes. He’s still hot from it when he gets up to go bathroom, and knows he doesn’t take as much time to wipe as he perhaps should before he comes back, but he doesn’t care. He wants to jerk another one out quickly.


If Stiles’ tongue stills for a few seconds at the taste around his rim, he barely notices – he’s already hard and well on his way to emptying another load. This one goes in the kid’s hair.


Later, he forces the kid down the same way he did when he first taught him to put his tongue in his ass, but instead of rimming, he shoves his cock in. He gags slightly, but soon settles, setting his cheek down on his thigh and nestling down. Derek covers him with the blankets again, his cock warm and muscles relaxed.


When he wakes up to a full bladder and his cock still firmly nestled inside a mouth, he thinks for only a moment about the convenience before he wakes the kid up. “Drink,” he says sleepily, before letting it all out. His chest grows warm when he hears the swallowing, and when he looks down, the kid hasn’t spilled a drop.




“What school are you going to?” he thinks to ask later, lifting himself up from the kid’s face, but not looking down.


He hears him lick his lips before he answers. “Beacon Community.”


Nice and close, Derek thinks, pleased. He doesn’t say anything else as he sits back down.




“Are we in a relationship?” Stiles asks as he comes in while he’s eating breakfast one day. It startles Derek – he hasn’t actually heard the kid speak in weeks, not even at pack meetings. “I mean, like, I know this isn’t… dating or whatever, but like, I spend almost all of my time here, basically having kinky sex with you. Should I… call it that?”


Derek stares at him. “It’s not kinky sex,” he says carefully. “And it’s certainly not dating.”


The kid rolls his eyes, and it’s the most personality he’s seen out of him in months. “I know that, that’s what I just said. I just mean… what if I meet someone? Someone that I want to date? Do I say yes because I can, or do I say no because I’m… already involved?”


For once, the werewolf doesn’t really know what to say. He hadn’t really thought about that, but Stiles is going to be starting college soon. He’s sure to meet a lot of new people, and if he starts dating, he might not be able to do this with him anymore


“You can’t date furniture,” he says finally, and it’s stupid. Stiles’ face falls automatically, and while he doesn’t want to date the kid, he doesn’t want this to stop – needs this thing to keep going. “I mean, yes, we’re involved. It’s not sex, though; it’s just sitting.”


Stiles stares at him, still looking upset. “So, if someone asks me out, I say no?”


“You say no,” he says firmly, before spreading his legs. He’d barely started in on his plate, and he usually likes to finish his coffee while reading the paper at the table. Tilting his hips forward, he exposes his hole, and snaps his fingers in front of it.


Stiles eats him out for 45 minutes in the kitchen before he moves them to the couch. He enjoys it so much, he fantasizes out loud about making it a regular part of his breakfast routine.


The kid shivers at the thought, and Derek has him move in a week later. After all, he’s going to college, and while he’s staying in town, part of the experience is getting to live away from your parents. It's just a bonus that it makes Stiles more available to him.


“What about rent?” the Sheriff asks as he watches his son bring some boxes in. He’s still not Derek’s biggest fan, but since the whole werewolf thing got out, he’s accepted him as part of his and Stiles’ life.


“Don’t worry, Sir,” he says charmingly. “Stiles won’t owe me rent. I have plenty of money, and Stiles does plenty enough for me already.”


The Sheriff nods, agreeable to this, while Stiles reddens behind him. His dad’s car is barely out of the parking lot before Derek is seated.




He’s surprised it takes Stiles moving in for the pack to notice. He’d thought the fact that his scent covers the boy most days would have tipped them off, but apparently his pack is completely oblivious. He disparages for a few minutes about how he should have picked people to turn more carefully, but then brushes it aside.


He gets a lot of winks and backslaps when they finally put it together, and somehow it turns into playful wrestling between everybody on the not-couch. He ends up near Stiles, and while the kid blushes when he pins him down by straddling his chest, the rest of the back just teases them.


They begin watching a movie, and it’s not as satisfying with Stiles sitting besides him instead of under him. They watch another one when it’s just the two of them after the pack leaves.




And now it’s a routine. He wakes up with his dick in Stiles’ mouth, wakes the kid up to take a piss, and sometimes follows that up with a leisurely jerking session on to his tongue. Then he’ll go make breakfast, filling up both their plates as Stiles showers and gets dressed for the day. He has Stiles eat quickly as he takes a dump, not even bothering to wipe before he heads back to eat his own. The kid is always kneeling near his chair when he gets back, and it never fails to make him smirk.


He gets his ass cleaned as he eats, and catches up on all the news. Sometimes if he’s feeling particularly good, he’ll pull out his phone and scroll through international news apps as Stiles slaves away, but that’s only if Stiles has a later start to class. He always gives him another drink before he goes, pushing him out the door with the taste of his alpha’s ass and piss in his mouth. He wonders if anyone the kid talks to during the day can smell it.


When Stiles returns, Derek always has a show lined up to watch. Every once in a while, he goes back to sitting on Stiles’ chest. He has to allow the kid to actually watch something every once in a while. Stiles always pouts a bit after he does that, though, even though he still uses the kid as a toilet throughout the shows, so he usually gives him his ass and balls to look at instead.


Then, they’ll eat dinner, following the same method as breakfast, except Stiles isn’t showering while he makes the food. Instead he’s kneeling patiently in place for Derek, and Derek eats first this time. Stiles always sucks him off while he does it, drinking down his cum silently. If Derek isn’t done eating yet (and sometimes he eats especially slowly so he isn’t) the kid will lap his way down to his hole and just hold his tongue in it, allowing the werewolf to make vague rocking motions as he finishes. Derek then gets up and cleans the dishes as Stiles eats his by-then cold food quickly.


After dinner, Stiles always gets a couple of hours to work on homework if he has some. The only time Derek bothers him then is if Stiles asks him to read over something for him, and he only agrees to do it with a tongue in his ass. Stiles gives it easily.


During everything they do during the day, Stiles never gets aroused. Derek is sure that he’s happier than he’s ever been, perhaps happier than he was even before the fire.




The day they’ve been doing this for a year, Derek has Stiles skip class. He keeps him on his knees for him all day, having found a harness online that will keep him strapped to his crotch his Derek’s dick in his mouth. The kid learns to crawl around backwards pretty quickly, and Derek soon forgets that he’s even really there, just goes through out his day as usual with his cock nice and warm. He pisses whenever he feels like it, and only lets Stiles up at dinnertime, figuring the kid needs at least one meal that isn’t his piss or spunk. For the first time in a long time, he allows the boy to join him at the table, and they eat silently across from one another.


Derek has him follow him to the bathroom when he’s done. He allows Stiles to go first, and then straps him back to his crotch while he’s taking a dump. He stays seated for a while longer, spreading his legs so the kid can smell it. When he sees the kid’s wide eyes as he’s wiping, he knows what he’s getting Stiles for Christmas.




Christmas Eve is spent with the pack, and Christmas day with Stiles’ dad. He plays the good, doting boyfriend, getting him sweaters to keep him warm and books to keep him occupied. The day after, he gives him his real present. It’s a modified version of the harness he got for an anniversary gift – this one will keep the kid strapped to his ass. He had it specially ordered, and also threw in a ring gag, to keep his mouth open. When it’s on, Stiles’ mouth is so firmly pressed open against his hole that it creates a tight seal. Not allowing the kid to see what he’s doing, he quickly takes a large dose of laxative, and settles in to wait.


He’d eaten a lot at dinner the night before, and even if he hadn’t, he’s already working on breakfast. He smirks as he does it, realizing that while the real food is for him, he’s certainly made some breakfast for Stiles, as well.


When the laxative kicks in, Derek hardly even needs to push. It runs out of his ass easily, especially since Stiles had been tonguing him open this whole time, naively thinking that’s what the harness was for. The kid chokes and gags, but the seal is far too tight for it to be able to go anywhere. When he hears the kid swallow for the first time, his cock jumps.


He jacks off more times that day than usual, and when he takes the harness off of Stiles at the end of the day, the kid starts in on him immediately.


“What the fuck was that? You just- just-“


“I used my toilet,” Derek explained. “That’s what I was doing. You’re just furniture Stiles – some days you’re a couch, and some days you’ll be my toilet. It’s up to me what I want you to be. Do you understand that?”


The boy’s eyes grow wet with what might be tears before he looks down and nods. Derek smiles.


“Good,” he murmurs, moving over towards the bed. “It’s good that you know your place.”


The kid is still snuffling as he noses his way between the alpha’s legs. With his cock where it belongs, Derek says one more thing. “We’ll use that harness again, tomorrow, so you can get used to it.”


He falls asleep with Stiles crying around his dick.




When summer comes, Derek doesn’t need the harness anymore. When he takes his morning dump, it’s straight into Stiles’ open mouth at the breakfast table. Stiles’ never eats real breakfast anymore, not at the loft, anyway. Sometimes they’ll go out for brunch with the Sheriff, but even then, Derek is already dropped his waste down the kid’s throat before that. It’s convenient, never having to move when he has to go. He no longer has to get up to go to the washroom while he’s on the couch, either slipping his cock in to piss or letting out a fart in warning that it’s something more.


It’s on their “second anniversary” that Derek proposes. It’s nothing big, of course – he’s not actually dating Stiles, nor is he in love with the kid. He’s simply working to keep his life exactly how it is. He’s merely watching porn on the TV, Stiles tongue in his ass while he’s jacking off over him, when it occurs to him that he can have this forever, if he wanted.


“We should get married,” he says directly, and while he feels the body below him buck in shock, he doesn’t move until he cums. With his cock clean and Stiles’ hair decidedly not clean, he lift up slightly to look down at the kid.


He looks as wrecked as he always does after he’s been sitting for a while. He hasn’t heard Stiles speak more than a couple of words since July, so it doesn’t surprise him when the kid barely gets out a “what?” His voice is hoarse and dry, and Derek realizes he probably needs a drink, so he gives him some piss as he explains.


“Well, everybody thinks we’re in a relationship already. They’ll start wondering why we aren’t engaged soon, and I don’t need that. Might as well just get the whole marriage thing over with.”


“But, I just thought…” the kid begins, before his eyes meet his again. “You’re going to make me do this… forever?”


Derek shrugs. “Sure, why not. I’ve got you trained up all right. I don’t want to have to through all of that with someone else. And besides,” he smirks now. “I’m hardly forcing you, Stiles. You’re free to leave whenever, you just never have. Whether you admit or not, you’re happy, just where you are.”


He doesn’t give him time to say anything else. He’s got to take a dump, and luckily, he’s already hovering over a toilet.




They get married in front of the pack and the Sheriff in a simple ceremony at the courthouse three weeks later. Stiles’ dad wasn’t exactly happy at how fast they were doing it after he got engaged, but he hugs Derek tightly before they head back to the loft.


“Take care of my boy,” he says gruffly, and Derek meets Stiles’s eyes over his father’s shoulder.


“Don’t worry, Sir,” he says, looking into those wide, amber eyes. “I’ll take good care of him, for the rest of my life.” He thinks Stiles might have let out a tear or two, but the kid easily explains it away to the pack as happy tears. He’s never been more glad that his betas are so terrible at scenting emotions.


When they consummate the marriage that night, it’s the only time Derek ever fucks Stiles. He allows the kid to cum twice before he does, before shoving him back between his legs.


“Make sure to clean me up,” he says roughly. He doesn’t want his dick to smell like Stiles’ ass in the morning.




Stiles graduates from Beacon Hills Community College on a warm, May afternoon. Ten minutes after he crosses the stage, Derek has him kneeling in front of him in one of the bathroom stalls, gently sucking on his balls as Derek jacks off. He catches his spunk in a paper cup, and gives it to Stiles as a snack before they head off to find the Sheriff.




Eventually, the nemeton quiets down. Deaton says there’s no need to have constant protection around the town anymore, and so Derek feels okay with leaving Scott in charge. He leaves with Stiles in tow, heading back to New York, back to the apartment he had shared with Laura, all those years ago. He doesn’t use Stiles for the first couple of days, not wanting to taint his memories of her with what he’s been doing, but when the anniversary of the fire comes around in August, he spends the day eating fibre-filled foods laced with laxative, with the boy practically glued to his ass. He flops down face forward on the bed that night, and doesn’t bother unhooking the kid before he falls asleep.


He doesn’t let Stiles get a job. Derek has enough money for it to be unnecessary. “And besides,” he says, rocking onto Stiles tongue as he watches the news. “Why would I send you off to make money, when I can keep you right here?”


But when the pack or the Sheriff calls, Stiles says he’s an intern at some office downtown. They don’t need to know what they’re up to in New York.


While he’d been happy since he first sat on the kid, in New York, he finally feels like he’s settled. With vague touches of Laura’s scent surrounding him, and a good place to rest during the day, he’s as comfortable as can be. Besides weekly phone calls to his dad, Stiles doesn’t talk at all. It’s nice and quiet, but he’s still not alone. He’s got a husband and some great furniture – what more could he need?