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A Fine Frenzy

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In future years, Sam would be able to tell his kids romantic tales of the way he'd met his mate by pulling him out of the way of a speeding car, like the story their dad used to tell them about how he'd rescued their mom from a house fire, or how their grandma had caught the briefest scent of their nana and had proceeded to wait for five years for her to come back into her life properly.

Dean? Yeah, he wouldn't be telling any of those. Meeting your mate in the frozen food aisle wasn't really the stuff of fairy tales, after all, even if it was exactly the sort of thing that became a family legend (fuck you very much, Sam).

He'd only wanted some pie, dammit. And maybe a beer or several. Sam had been out studying, and Dean was feeling poor enough that the prices on the takeout menu collection they'd built up looked kinda steep. So off to Wal-Mart it was, and Dean was just in the middle of loading a microwaveable pizza into his trolley when he first caught it- a heady, rich scent, making his head simultaneously cloud and spin. Alpha. Not just an alpha, a compatible one.

For all the songs that had been written about the moment of scenting one's true mate for the first time, all the poetry and literature and art, Dean's initial thought was 'fuck, not now'. Heat leave was a bitch to arrange, from what he'd heard, and while he thought Bobby would probably be sympathetic, he really wasn't thrilled by the idea of calling up his employer and honorary uncle to inform him, in effect, that he would be spending the next few days being rigorously fucked.

Then the source of the smell walked round the corner at the end of the aisle, and suddenly nothing else mattered. Fuck, the guy was gorgeous. Not as tall as some alphas, granted, and nowhere near as ripped as some, but those knotheads had nothing on the vibrant blue eyes, chapter lips and bed hair that was Dean's alpha (and he was surprised at how supremely unbothered he was by the idea of belonging to someone whose name he didn't know).

Apparently the sentiment went both ways, since the alpha's head snapped up from his cart to fix his gaze on Dean and the next thing he knew he was up against one of the freezer cabinet things, being kissed to within an inch of his life.

That mouth? Was even better when it was sliding against his. Dean moaned, spreading his legs wantonly either side of the alpha's thigh, for which he was rewarded with a growl and a hand fisted in his hair

Then they were breaking apart, strong arms forcing Dean's alpha back, away from him, and he almost cried out before he registered the presence of the store manager. "-know this is a big moment for you guys, but could you please not do it all here? It's unsanitary. Besides, there are kids in this store."

Kids. Right. Must think of them, not how hot the idea of making some of his own with a tall dark stranger sounded. Dean almost giggled- fuck, he sounded like the most stereotypical teenage omega ever- and his amusement seemed to calm his mate, who had previously been struggling in the security guards' grip, but now looked at him curiously, as though Dean was a mystery he wanted to solve.

Well. So long as they resumed their earlier activities quickly, Dean figured he was allowed to look at him however he wanted. "My car's right outside. I could drive us home."

The manager gave him a long, hard look like he didn't believe him, but eventually he nodded. "Make sure you do. Rob, Ben, you know what to do."

The security guards followed Dean to the door, each holding one of the alpha's arms like they were expecting him to pounce on Dean at any moment. Which he didn't (though really, Dean was amazed he himself had managed to refrain from doing any pouncing), even going so far as to wish them a good night when they let go and sent the two of them on their way. The store manager's suspicions, however, were quickly proven correct; no sooner had Dean unlocked the car before the alpha was on him, pushing him up against the side of the Impala and getting straight back to the business of kissing him as hard as, if not harder than before. Dean whimpered, abandoning his plans of driving straight back to his place in favour of groping for the door to the back seat.

Reaching over enough to get to the handle without breaking the kiss was a challenge, but he was soon rewarded with it opening and the resultant ability to get inside and get horizontal. The alpha all but shoved him through the door and Dean ended up awkwardly sprawled on his front, with one foot on the seat and the other in the footwell, but his alpha was soon clambering in behind him, pulling him up onto the seat and alternately kissing and biting at his neck as he reached down between them. He was going for his belt buckle, if the clinking noise was any indication, and so Dean did the same, pushing his jeans down as far as he could manage in the cramped space. His alpha growled in approval, pressing himself against Dean's back and rutting against his ass, which was already slick and open for him.

Dean moaned, and the sound was met with another growl- lower this time- and his alpha forcing his head down against the seat. Dean would have bared his throat if he'd had room; as it was, he contented himself with looking over his shoulder, raising a questioning eyebrow in the hopes that the alpha would take things beyond just mounting him already, would get on and knot him like he wanted, fill him up with come and mark him as his own. The alpha have his neck a sharp bite for that, right above the collar of his shirt, but a moment later his cock was nudging at Dean's hole, and then-

"Oh fuck yes." Dean's voice was one long, drawn-out groan as the alpha fucked into him with sharp movements of his hips, holding Dean still until he was in, then pulling out and thrusting back in hard enough that Dean yelled, his hand slipping off the seat and into the footwell again. Not that the alpha seemed to mind, or even care- just carried right on fucking Dean until it was a struggle to breathe (and hello, new kink). Dean just held on for the ride, gasping and whimpering and panting until the alpha reached into the space between Dean's body and the seat and grasped at his cock.

There was no finesse to it, just stroking with a bit of a twist whenever there was a slight shift in their positions, but it was enough, it was more than enough, and when Dean came it was with a cracked, airy cry, clenching tight around his new mate's cock even as he felt it beginning to swell within him. To his disappointment- or at least his body's- the alpha pulled out before it could form properly, leaving just the unswelled part inside him as he came, groaning and sinking his teeth into Dean's neck. Dean shuddered at the feel of it but otherwise lay still, for all that his body was starting to cramp up in various interesting ways. It was worth it, or so he figured.

It was several minutes before the alpha moved again, this time to sit up slightly. Dean looked round. "Why'd you stop?" he asked, a little petulantly; his body had been temporarily satisfied by the sex, but it wanted to be knotted properly, to be tied with a mate for hours, not just a few minutes. The alpha didn't seem too bothered by the tone though.

"Because I was assuming that when I do knot you for the first time- and make no mistake, I will be knotting you tonight- you'd want it to happen somewhere a little more comfortable, and where we're a little less likely to be arrested for public indecency."

"...good point." Dean worked himself into a sitting position, gingerly prodding at the bites on his neck. "So, my place or yours?"

The alpha shrugged. "Whichever you prefer."

"Yours, then." He wasn't the most considerate older brother ever, granted, but subjecting Sam to the audio from the sex marathon he was hoping to have? That would just be cruel. He was in the middle of pulling up his pants so he didn't trip over himself on the way to the driver's seat when he remembered something. "I'm Dean, by the way."

"Pleased to meet you, Dean. My name is Castiel," the alpha told him, smiling. "And I suggest you drive quickly, else I may be tempted to renege on the idea of comfort and freedom from fear of arrest in favour of knotting you right here and now."

"Gotcha," said Dean, though the idea didn't sound that bad, not really. And it probably meant shelving his plans for a quick makeout session before they left, didn't it? Oh well. There'd be time for that later. Lots of it, too.

Dean couldn’t wait.