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Nothing Stays The Same

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"Hermione, Ron, could I see you in my office." Minerva McGonagall asked.

"Yes, Minerva, five minutes?" Hermione asked.

"I will have tea ready." She told them, leaving them.

"Let's just put this stuff away and head up there." No one noticed the tall dark haired man that was standing in the shadows, outside of the Infirmary.


Snape was waiting for Granger and Weasley under his custom invisibility spell by the gargoyle. He saw them coming and grinned, time to find out the truth. He knew Potter has been keeping secrets from him and he knew Potter was looking for ways to ruin his life, a life he wanted Potter out of. He missed them saying the password but followed them up.

"Ron, Hermione, I believe we need to talk about Harry." Minerva said. Snape tried not to snort, of course, it was always about Potter. That boy was going to get him killed.

"We know what you want to talk about, we wanted to speak to you about it too." Hermione said.

Minerva sighed. "He has lost another stone, the internal damage is going to take some time to repair." Snape wondered what does she mean, sure Potter was skinny but not that skinny.

"It's those relatives of his fault. They starved him so much that now when he is stressed or anxious he doesn't even realize he is hungry. I wonder if he even knows the signs of being hungry. We used to drag him to meals when we were students, but now that he is married to Professor Snape, I don't think he eats at all." Hermione explained to her.

"Snape doesn't notice and doesn't care." Ron said. "I blame Dumbledore. He forced them to bond after he did all that other stuff to Harry. I am surprised he isn't in a closed unit in St. Mungo's." Did he just hear right? They blamed something on Albus and not him? What other stuff?

"Severus doesn't know the complete truth. He still believes Harry was treated like a prince and spoiled by his relatives." Minerva told them. "I know I did until I saw his health report. Poppy wanted to bring the man back and kill him again when she got all those memory charms removed from her." Snape frowned, memory charms on Poppy? Health reports? This was looking very bad.

"He won't listen. Professor Snape doesn't want to listen. I know why he doesn't like Harry's father or Sirius, don't really blame him for that actually. Harry doesn't like them for what they did and how they acted. He hates bullies." Hermione said.

"I know and that is partly my fault, I didn't stand up to Albus and make him punish them. He always had his favorites and didn't care what they did. I know he let Harry get away with a lot in everyone's view, but if they could see those journals they would see it was part of his way to control Harry. When I read those journals and his yearly events he set up for the three of you, I am ashamed to say I supported the man."

"I have been reading them, I checked some facts. I can confirm he was paying the Dursley family, all of them, to abuse Harry. I spoke to his aunt and Mrs. Figg. When I told the aunt I was going to press charges on her, she supplied me with numerous letters from him telling them to "keep him submissive", "make him obey" and "to deny anything about magic". His room was a boot cupboard, they had told him his parents died in a drunken car crash. The wards, he wrote to them about adding wards to keep Harry on the property, one was to keep from seeking help and one was to keep his magic suppressed. He told them he was adding it to make sure they wouldn't get hurt if Harry had any accidental magic outbursts. I had the goblins look at the wards, there was never any blood wards."

Snape was fuming. This couldn't be the truth. Albus wouldn't have lied about everything. He wouldn't have sent him back to be abused. He stopped that train of thought as he remembered sitting in this very office asking not to be sent back home. He remembered bringing other Slytherin students up asking the same thing. He remember the man conning Lucius and Draco into spying for the Order, acting like he was being so caring when the three of them knew that if they died he wouldn't have batted an eyelash.

"What are we going to do to get him to eat? He is slowly working himself to death. He is either working here, the store, or at the Ministry." Ron asked.

"Does he even sleep?" Minerva asked.

"He never has been able to sleep. When he was here he had nightmares every night, 4th and 5th were the roughest. Fifth being the worse, between the blood quill, nightmares, the attacks from Voldemort and Snape, I am not sure he slept, if he did, I know it wasn't much, more times than not his bed was never slept in. He would just go until he passed out."

"I know he can brew Grand Pepper-Up Potions in his sleep, actually he is very good in potions if no one stands over him, I learned also to back off, he can't cut exact because of the damage to his muscles in his arms, so he fixes the potions and I have to say they are strong and work." Hermione told her. "You have any idea on how we can help?"

"I am still trying to figure out why Albus did it all." Minerva said. "If we could understand it, maybe we can help Harry understand it, and move forward."

"It's not understandable. He sent Harry there to be abused, you read his parents' Wills. In both of them, they say Sirius was innocent, they list numerous people to give custody to, including you and Professor Snape." Hermione said. "He wanted him there to train him to walk to his death. You read that in his journal, he didn't think Harry would live. He made the contract because he expected them to die and him to get everything. I don't even think they know he had Wills made up for them with him as the beneficiary in them. I have no idea when he got them to sign Wills."

"Must have shocked him when he woke up in the afterlife, dead from a curse in a ring." Ron snorted. "Hope he is paying for his crimes."

"He won't here, sadly. Those journals are our only proof and we can't use them, we have nothing to back anything up. Memories won't be enough, everything else we have found can be used in many different manners." Hermione stated.

"True, but let's work on one issue at a time. How do we keep Harry from killing himself?" Minerva asked.

"Talk to Snape?" Ron suggested.

"He won't listen. I don't even think he has seen the numerous scars on Harry's body if he has he most likely written them off as being from our yearly test that fool put us on. Sorry Headmistress." Hermione stated.

"No, I agree, fool is a good description, from that Stone to allowing that toad to use a Blood Quill on students. Your assessment of Severus is accurate. He has blinders on when it comes to Harry, he sees James instead. I was hoping when he forced them to bond, that Severus would see the true Harry, instead, I am seeing Harry retreating further and further into himself and Severus getting crueler and crueler towards him."

"I talked to Harry about it, he said that Professor Snape isn't happy. Harry blames himself for making the man unhappy. When I tried to tell him it wasn't his fault, he told me, that if he wasn't around than the fool wouldn't have forced the bonding and Professor Snape wouldn't be miserable. I think that is why he took the other two jobs." Hermione said.

"Doesn't help that if he goes to their quarters Snape either yells at him or ignores him." Ron added.

"We can work on their relationship later, right now we need to get Harry back to being healthy. We also have to tell Severus that Harry is up in the infirmary." Those words got Snape's attention. "How do we tell a man that his husband is in a coma and it's because he wants to die to free him from misery."

Hermione picked up the note and read it again. "The only good thing about all this is that he didn't try to kill himself yet."

"What about those potions Poppy mentioned she needed?" Ron asked.

"She had them, she is going to need more but she wanted me to talk to Severus first. I left a message in his quarters for him to see me."

"I don't envy you telling him." Hermione told her.

"I am going to say this because I need to say it, but Snape might not help, especially if he knows Harry wants to die, it will get them out of this bond of hell that the fool put them in." Ron said.

Minerva sighed. "He will do it, he won't let him die, but they are going to be miserable and it still doesn't solve the problem of helping Harry."

"Unless we get Harry to finally tell Professor Snape he has had a crush on the man since his sixth year." Ron said.

"He won't tell him and that is also why Harry is so miserable. The one person he loves can't stand him." Hermione replied.

Snape doesn't know what to say to that and almost failed to leave when Granger and Weasley were at the door. Granger almost hit him when she turned back around. "Minerva, is there a way the goblins might help us with those journals?"

"I am not sure, we can find out after we get Harry awake." Minerva said. "Head to your quarters, while I try to muster the courage to go and face an angry Severus Snape."