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Stiles Based Oneshots

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Chapter 1 : Stiles/Lydia - (non au) Stiles manages to make a simple spongebath extremely awkward.
Chapter 2 : Stiles/Kira - (non au, kitsune!stiles) Kira and Stiles have more in common than they would have ever thought.
Chapter 3 : Stiles/Derek - (teachers au) Derek discovers his new co-worker is hella hot.
Chapter 4 : Stiles/Lydia - (non au) Stiles and Lydia have a talk about what it means to really be a soulmate.
Chapter 5 : Stiles/Scott - (non au) A night of baddie ass-kicking leaves the boys exhausted. Sleepy cuddles ensue.
Chapter 6 : Stiles/Isaac - (soulmates au) Stiles discovers his soulmate in the middle of an important lacrosse game.
Chapter 7 : Stiles/Allison - (banshee!stiles allison lives au) What if Stiles was the McCall pack Banshee?
Chapter 8 : Stiles/Danny - (non au) A slight miscommunication on the field leads to something beautiful.
Chapter 9 : Stiles/Malia - (no stalia break up, stiles gets bitten au) She won't lose Stiles to something as trivial as a piece of fucking glass.
Chapter 10 : Stiles/Derek - (dystopia au, canon divergence) Stiles is alone, cold and exhausted when he bumps into someone from his past.
()Chapter 11 : Stiles/Scott - (future fic, non au) Stiles leaves Beacon Hills in an attempt at a normal life- as normal as a Marine grade sniper can get. But when he returns for a visit, he discovers that some feelings have changed between himself and his best friend as they kept in touch through letters. (because i fell in love with this au, im going to make it into an official multi-chapter. You can read it Here.
()Chapter 12 : Stiles/Malia - (future fic, non au) Stiles is a good dad, he swears it. Even when their two children tattle on him.
Chapter 13 : Stiles/Peter - (high school au, young!peter) Wherein the lacrosse player and the basketball player have a lil something something goin on behind closed doors.
()Chapter 14 : Stiles/Allison - (non au, dragon!stiles) When the pack underestimate the latest Beacon Hills baddie Stiles opens a can of whoop-ass and is ultimately forced to reveal his true supernatural identity to everyone; including his anchor.
()Chapter 15 : Stiles / Allison - (the fault in our stars au) Stiles and Allison meet in a support group and it's all- okay, from there.
()Chapter 16 : Stiles / Malia - (future fic, canon divergence, fbi agent!stiles) When Stiles gets injured on the job Malia rips into his entire team for being careless little gitts. Added bonus of lil Stalia baby standing with her mom like she's just as pissed off.
()Chapter 17 : Stiles / Kira - (nogitsune alternate ending au) when stiles actually does what the nogitsune wants him to, Kira is desperate to get him back.
()Chapter 18 : Stiles / Malia - (non au) He's about to say the most important three words of his life when everything goes to hell in the blink of an eye.
()Chapter 19 : Stiles / Allison - (dystopia/zombie apocolypse au, the walking dead crossover) When Stiles lands himself in a spectacularly fucked up situation Allison recruits a few people to help get her trouble prone lover out of danger.
()Chapter 20 : Stiles / Isaac - (future fic, au) Stiles is in a car accident on his way to drop of their five year old at school. When Stiles doesn't get a response he immediately starts to think the worst.
()Chapter 21 : Stiles / Scott - (non au) Scott's waiting for his boyfriend at the airport, ready to romance him off his feet- but what is he supposed to do when Stiles doesn't walk through the gate?
Chapter 22 : Stiles/Theo - (au) What if Theo had been sincere about why he came back? What if he came back to join the McCall pack...and came back for Stiles.
()Chapter 23 : Stiles/Malia - (au) Stalia backpacking through Europe on their year long break between High School and college.
Chapter 24 : Stiles/Lydia - (shapeshiter!stiles au, canon divergence) Lydia's little 'ankle biter' dog named Prada isn't all he seems to be.
Chapter 25 : Stiles/Peter - (cop au) Peter's new partner is fresh out of academy and all kinds of annoying but hot damn is he attractive.
Chapter 26 : Stiles/Scott/Allison - (being human au, werewolf!scott ghost!allison vamp!stiles) Honestly it shouldn't be this hard to live together.
Chapter 27 : Stiles/Melissa - (warm bodies au, zombie!stiles) Melissa and Scott have someone to protect them. It just so happens that being around her has started a reaction iof change.