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Little Red Stiles Stillinski

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The first time Derek showed his ultimate affection towards Stiles was on his birthday. To say that Derek was prepared was a total lie. It was a very hot day and the teen wolves had school. Derek was at the loft, reading, when Lydia had called. He answered the phone without much enthusiasm. "What?" His voice husky and seemingly a little annoyed. "It's Stiles's birthday today and we are going to have a birthday party at your place."

Derek raised his eyebrows. Even if Lydia couldn't see it, he still does that. Well, they say habits die hard. "And who decided on that?" He asked. "The whole pack." Derek sighed. "No." Lydia groaned. "Oh come on Derek. This is Stiles we're talking about. He's like the glue to the pack. It's not like it's Jackson's birthday or Erica's birthday. It's Stiles. Stiles freaking Stillinski. Your mate."

"Yes I know it's Stiles birthday Lydia, there's really no reason for you to say it so many times." Derek replied, his hands slowly closing his book. "What do you need?" Derek could practically hear Lydia squealing. Rolling his eyes, he got up and strectched, his left hand holding the phone. "Okay. First of all we need a cake. Any cake is fine. Stiles loves eating. Next we need some snacks like pizza or popcorn. Maybe some pasta or something. And most of all, present. You've got to get him a present. We all have."

Derek cringed. "That's too many things to work on." Lydia laughed. "Deal with it alpha. Its Stiles we're talking about here. He deserves the best." As soon as she said that, the call ended. Derek wasn't that mad to be honest. The only reason why Lydia would call him was always seems to benefit her own. He was pretty surprised this time she didn't think of herself but of someone else and it's Stiles at that.

Derek released a heavy breath before taking his key cars and quickly left to get the necesities.

He arrived at the grocery store and immediately went to get the pasta. After choosing a few nice brands, he rushed to the snack section to get some drinks and popcorn. He didn't plan on buying any pizza since he was determined on simply feeding the pack healthy foods. He took the longest on deciding the cake. A few eyes were on him when he walked into the cake shop. It happens a lot.

He started to eye the cakes curiously. It not long when suddenly a nice blueberry cheesecake caught his eyes. The cake had a blueberry layers on top and beautiful pink icings on the sides of the cake. Determined, he told the cashier that he wanted that cake. The cashier nodded and asked whether Derek wanted to put something on top which left Derek hanging again. He didn't ask Lydia for that. He thought for a moment before an idea popped in his head.

Smiling, he said, "Write 'Happy Birthday Little Red Riding Hood'." He remembered the time when Stiles and him was in the forest and the other wolves were running laps and chasing each other. Stiles had said to him that if they were characters in a fairytale book, Derek would be the Big Bad Wolf and he would be Little Red Riding Hood due to the red hoodie he was currently wearing. Derek thought it was very cute. Infact he really liked the nickname Little Red. At times when they were alone together or when Stiles called him sourwolf, he would call him Little Red. Surely, Stiles knew that Derek is head over heels for him and that is probably the reason why the nicknames came up.

5 minutes later, Derek finished paying up and all thats left was Stiles's present. He looked at the time and realised that he had about 20 minutes left. If he was buying someone that he love a present, he ought to buy a good one that would make Stiles always remember him. But he was contemplating on what present he should buy for too long that 10 minutes had passed. At last, he decided on a simple pendant in an antique shop near cake shop. He picked up a simple silver pendant, shaped as a wolf. The wolf was in a howling position. Derek smiled. He went to the counter and asked the old man if it was possible to carve something at the back and luckily, he said yes.

He arrived at the loft just in time and quickly set everything up. The pasta he had brought had gone a little cold so he warmed it up in the oven. He place the cake and the snacks on the dining table. He kept the pendant in his pocket and waited. He could hear the kids arriving infront of the loft. Quickly, he placed the now warm pasta, into a hot bowl and stood in a corner. Completely still. Sure he loved Stiles. More than anything in the world. But if Derek's being totally honest, he's not the brightest and most affectionate. He knows a little about it but ever since the fire, he lost his true self. He admits that he is a little awkward.

Okay. A lot awkward.

Scott opened the door to the loft and followed by Isaac, Erica and Boyd. Jackson and Lydia came in next followed by Allison. Stiles was the last one to come in and as soon as he set foot in the place, the whole pack sang happy birthday to him. Derek lit up the candles and again, stood in the corner. Stiles nearly cried. He stared at everyone and said thank you.

"Guys you don't have to do this really." His voice shaky. It took all of Derek's willpower to not run and hug the little boy right there. Lydia rolled her eyes. "You obviously deserve this. Come on, make a wish." She pulled Stiles infront of the cake. Everyone was waiting excitedly. Stiles laughed. Sneakily, his hand grabbed Derek's and pulled the guy next to him. His eyes watering as he read the words on the cake. "Thank you, sourwolf." He whispered. Derek's lips quirked up. Surely everyone can hear it. Apart from Allison and Lydia. But Stiles still said it and it was clear to Derek as if the boy was speaking loudly. Stiles closed his eyes for a few seconds before blowing the candles.

They get together on the couch with a huge bowl of popcorn passed around. Stiles choose to watch a movie and obviously, it was Batman. Stiles was sitting on the couch with Isaac on his left and Derek on his right. Scott and Allison cuddled up on a small sofa on the left and everyone else is on the floor with pillows and blankets.

Its been merely half an hour since the movie started and all of their eyes are on the tv. Derek thought it was a perfect idea to give Stiles his present so he pulled out the pendant and snaked it into Stiles's palms. Stiles was surprised but he remained silent. His eyes roamed on the pendant before looking back at Derek. Again, they watered. He inched closer towards Derek and he whispered softly.

"You're such a cheesy big bad wolf." They were so close that Derek could practically feel Stiles's lips on his ears. Hell if it weren't that he loved Stiles so much, he would've jumped on the boy and fuck him to oblivion right now. Derek chuckled as his left arm rested on Stiles's waist and pulled him closer. He bent a little so that he was able to whisper into Stiles's ears. "The little red is swooned by the wolf isn't he." He teased. Stiles blushed a deep red. He playfully pinched Derek's thighs before sneaking up a kiss. It was a quick yet sweet kiss. Derek growled. Though short kisses are sweet, he hates it. It always left him hanging. Stiles chuckled. "After." He winked.

Derek sighed as he made himself comfortable. Stiles snuggled into the man's chest before pulling out the pendant. He ran his forefinger on the howling wolf before he realised there were words carved into it. His eyebrows knit. It was french if he was not mistaken and he is so not good at french. There were so many words he couldn't make out the meaning. He tried saying it but he said it too loud. "Je ťaime mon petit chaperon rouge. What does that mean?"

Derek opened his mouth to answer but Allison had beat him to it. "I love you my little red riding hood." She said and all eyes were on Stiles. Stiles's heart raced too fast and its embarrasing since nearly everyone can hear it. "Damn it Derek." He cursed before punching the wolf on his shoulder. The whole pack laughed.


Stiles gasped as Derek sucked on a paritcular sensitive skin on his neck. He raked his nails down Derek's back causing the other to growl. Derek pressed down and grind their hips together. His red eyes took in Stiles's lustful expression as he listens to the lovely moans Stiles had made due to the continuos delicious friction on their erections. He had tore Stiles's shirt of and Stiles was fully naked now, revealing his pale skin which is now full of love bites.

The part Derek had loved the most whenever they made love is when he slowly work Stiles's body into a complete wreckage before admiring the view of his artwork. Which is apparently, what he is currently doing now.

Derek moved lower down Stiles's body to his chest. Leaving a small hickey there he reached downwards, lips pressing kisses everywhere he could, cherishing Stiles's body fully as if it was the first time. When he arrived at the abdomen, he presses his lips hard and bit onto the pale skin, canine teeth showing a little as it worked its way onto the skin turning it into abeautiful deep purple. He gave the mark a lick before pulling away, again admiring the artwork.

"Derek." Stiles moaned, hips bucking up. Derek chuckled. His hands placed Stiles's right leg on his shoulder as he pressed a kiss on the teenager's tighs. "Let's go slow little red. It is a very speacial day after all." He said huskily and planted another kiss on the boy's thighs. Stiles groaned. "Derek please."

Derek, being a tease as it is, licked a long strip of line on Stiles's dick, tasting the precum that's dripping down the shaft before sucking Stiles's balls. His left hand worked it's way up and down the shaft in an awfully sinful pace causing Stiles to whimper. Stiles knew Derek well. He knew that the alpha loves to make him beg, make him submit. Well that is certainly why he's an alpha.

"Derek. I can't anymore. Please. I need you. I need you alpha." He rasped out. Voice hoarse, needy. Figuring that he had teased Stiles enough, Derek pulled away and reached for lube under the bed. He reached down to give Stiles a kiss before taking a pillow and placed it under the boy's hips, revealing the full view of Stiles's ass. Derek groaned as he smeared some lube on his hard and red dick before slowly placing the tip at the entrance. He looked at Stiles who was breathing very heavily. "Are you sure? I didn't stretch you yet." He asked. Stiles nodded frantically. "I don't care. Just, just put it in."

Derek smiled darkly before pushing the tip in. Around this time, all of Derek senses are at their peak. He needs to know what Stiles needs, and if he's in pain. Right now, Stiles is in utter bliss. Taking a deep breath, Derek thrusted deeper into Stiles. He moaned as the warm tightness of Stiles's insides are clenching against him, welcoming him. Derek burried his face into Stiles's neck. Wolf fangs and claws completely out. "Derek. You can nggh you can move." Stiles breathed out.

As soon as he gets the green light, Derek slowly pulled his dick out before thrusting it back in again. Hard. Stiled screamed. He loved it. He loved it when Derek do him hard. His hands searched for Derek's hair and gripped them tight as Derek continued to pull out and pushing back in again with same force. Seeing that Stiles was getting used to his dick. He placed both of Stiles's legs on his shoulder and thrusted in deeper and harder.

Stiles threw his head back. He kept on screaming Derek's name. He gasped out with each thrust but he was out of rythm. The way Derek fucked into him was deep and hard and he's so damn close. "Fuck Derek. So deep. So good." He moaned. Derek growled. "Yeah? You like that?" He started to thrust faster and deeper. His hands lifted Stiles's waist a little higher and thrusted straight into the boy's prostate earning him a loud "Fuck Derek!". He continued thrusting and fucking Stiles as he could feel his orgasm pooling. His dick started to swell bigger and bigger.

Stiles could feel it. He could feel the coiling in his stomach. He moaned Derek's name out loud with a mixture of curse words as he felt shockwaves down his body. It wasn't long until a string of white cum spurted from his dick as Derek kept on thrusting into him until he had gotten too big and finally released inside of him. They both gasped and shook unsteadily as Derek falls on top of Stiles, catching his breath.

They laid in silence for a while when suddenly Stiles brought his hands up to entangle themselves with Derek's larger ones. Stiles smiled. "I love you Sourwolf."

Derek simply chuckled. "I know. I love you more Little red."

And with that, they fell into a deep slumber until next morning where Stiles whined and complained how sore his ass was due to Derek not pulling out of him the whole night. (And also where the whole pack comes to visit and the loft reek of sex.)