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Tales of a sly fox and a dumb bunny

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The more he looked at her, the less Nick could restrain himself from thinking about how small Judy Hopps was. It was a mystery, to him, how their coworkers didn’t already step on a cute, little bunny like her.

“Well, it’s not like you’re so much taller than me” Judy replied to him, the day he openly expressed his concern.

“Exactly! They barely notice me, I can’t figure out how they are able to see you.”

“So…?” The little bunny gave him a perplexed look. “What’s the point?”

“Nothing” he replied, giving her a sly smile. Judy rolled her eyes with a sigh and turned to the pile of dossiers which was idling on her desk since an unclear number of days.

Even though she wasn’t looking at him anymore, Nick was still smiling.

‘You really are just a carrot’, he thought. ‘So tempting that sooner or later someone will eat you.’


(Click here for a special illustration by Rem289 ❤)