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Timey Wimey Antics

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ambiguously Eleven/Amy
a million ginger babies
aliens in bow ties
All of my Pondy feels!

Canton As Coulson’s Father
Canton isn’t having a good time
he meets a lot of companions

Amy Pond is a fighter
Donna Noble is Awesome
don’t mess with Jackie Tyler
River is kinda a bamf

Ace Rocked that Fez Like A Rockstar
Peri Brown is Schroedinger’s Companion
Evelyn can tell when any Doctor is sulking
Zoe is so much smarter than the Doctor

River Song and Ianto Jones are so Mother and Son
The TARDIS is a shipper
harry is like the twelfth doctor
The Doctor comes back for Sarah Jane

Jack had a relationship with the Tardis.
The TARDIS is a Minx
jealous doctor
Jack’s missing two years

ignores journey’s end
Opening the heart of a TARDIS is a Really Bad Idea
Is that Bad Wolf Bay?

In which the Master did not die after the Year that Never Was
John is Yana’s assistant
Sam Tyler is the Master
Delgado Master has standards

my fix for Journey’s End
mention of Harriet Jones
ten is so sorry
Meta-crisis angst
Nine is snarky

Nine needed some wholock love
the doctor is always there when sherlock needs him the most

Ten is an idiot
the lonely god
Slash All The Doctors
this isn’t classic Who

Iris is a Doctor-loving pervert
Torchwood says hello

Nine has a lot of thoughts
It involves the Cheetah Virus
(with a hint of Five/Ainley!Master)

The Doctor and the Master's Epic Hitchhiking Adventures Across the Galaxy
The Master can cook
The Master really likes his tea
The Master has the best Zombie Plan
The Master has too much time on his hands
The Master's plan backfires
But the Doctor still likes him anyway

Eight’s regeneration
The Last Great Time War
Untempered Schism
Vague Time Lord Mythology

Fobwatch crossover
will probably be largely nuWho based if it continues
which I was refusing to do because I didn’t want Rose to leave
i promise i've got decent reasoning behind a version of the Doctor making it to a Fourteenth life
Even if the Master doesn't get it at first

Author shows off Classic Who knowledge
Adric’s shoes
Jo’s Boots
problem of Dodo
Gallifreyan Society
Implied Jo/Three
Beware my terrible Sea Devils impression

Time Lords make awesome scientific advisors
The Brigadier is BAMF
The Fourth Doctor being … well the Fourth Doctor really
The Doctor kidnaps the Brigadier
The Brigadier is tired of Time Lord games
Three is Perturbed

The Cartmel Masterplan:
The Doctor’s Origins
Time’s Champion
Time Lady Ace

The Doctor Is A Bit Useless Really
The Master uses this to his advantage
The Master has a summoning kink
The Master's Summoning Plan Backfires
and then he became obsessed with The Doctor and immortality
time lords kind of suck

Gibbs interrogates the Doctor
gallifreyan technology hurts Tony's brain
Stiles flies a TARDIS
That fic where Cas is a Weeping Angel
Mentions of The Dark Path

Donna Moss for Companion
Sailor Pluto is from Gallifrey
Secretly a Time Lady!Darcy

we just usually don't ship things in Doctor Who??
only mentions of doctor/master or jack/ianto
Insanely hot 9/Rose/Jack
The Ponds And Their Wonderful Sex Life
Doctor on Doctor Sex (maybe)

only sort of jack/doctor
mentions of doctor/rose
very mild Jamie/Zoe
and Doctor/TARDIS banter
The Doctor isn't yenta the matchmaker
It's the curse of the Time Lords


but nothing’s timey-wimey.
everything was gay Time Lord sex and nothing hurt
Only right it got to Who eventually too