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Rachel's Legacy

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The figure in the corner looked up and her face immediately brightened.

“Rachel?”  Her voice sounded strained.  Her eyes widened and she said, “Look out.”

Rachel flipped her assailant over onto their back.  When they got up, the vamp looked at her and said, “Slayer.”

A feeling came over Rachel.  She felt weird and detached.

“No, I’m the ghost of Christmas past.”  She retorted, with a voice that didn’t seem her own.

Then it hit her.  Anna had taken over her body.  She was using Rachel to get revenge on Tessa.

“Anna.”  Tessa growled back.

“The one and only.  I killed your sire, by the way.”

“He always was a fool.”

“Anyway, you and I have unfinished business.”

Tessa did a flying tackle at Anna but ended up getting kicked in the chest and flying back into a pile of wood in the corner.  She got up and circled round Anna before launching a series of furious attacks.  Anna, being the more powerful fighter having honed her power keeping the Ghost Roads safe, easily beat back her opponent’s moves.  Tessa wasn’t used to fighting Slayers hell-bent on revenge every day.

Anna fought back with punches and kicks of her own.  It was easy to see that the vampire was losing the rematch.  Just when Tessa saw an opening (which would have led to the death of both Anna and Rachel), Anna pulled a stake out of her belt (under her jacket) and thrust it through Tessa’s heart.

The surprised vampire looked down and then back at Anna.

“Oh.”  She said (in an I-didn’t-expect-you-to-do-that kind of way) before crumbling into dust.

Rachel felt an odd sensation, like all feeling had returned to her body.

“I’m sorry.  I didn’t think you knew how to fight a vampire.  You said you’d never fought one before.  I thought it was for the best.”  A voice said from behind her.

“Who’s she?”  Asked Angelina from the corner.

“An old friend.”  Replied Rachel, turning around.

“So are you going now?”  She continued.

“I can feel it pulling me already.”

“Have a nice afterlife, then.”

“I will, thanks to you.”

Anna vanished.  There was silence for a moment, which was broken by Angelina.

“What the hell is going on here?”

Rachel and Angelina got back to the school safely.  Rachel explained everything to her about the past few days.  Angelina listened quietly before saying she thought it was bloody brilliant.  She got to be a superhero’s sidekick.

And they all lived happily ever after.

For now.