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Sometimes, Sometimes, Happens

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“Justin it’s gonna come out sooner or later you might as well tell them!” The first of my set of best friend, yells at me trying to get me to see it her way.

“Yea dude! Haven’t you ever heard closets are for clothes, I know it’s nice and cozy in there know but speaking from experience it gets cramped after a little while.” He told me calmly, unlike like his twin if you haven’t guessed yet… very annoying twins.

“Guys you know I can’t and you know why I can’t!” I told them for the umpteenth time.

Queen rolled her eyes, “yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah my fans blah, my parents blah blah, and my career blah!” She says in a mocking, voice while Milo laughed the whole time- some friends they are, and queue sarcasm NOW!

I rolled my eyes at their antics they were now arguing about something on my bedroom floor apparently my sexuality no longer one of their concerns. One of them spilled some chips on the purple carpet, and now they were arguing who should clean it up. I chuckled this is sort of how we met.

FLASHBACK (I could have just told chu buuuttt >_>… this is more fun)

“ALRIGHT THAT HAD TO BE ONE OF MY BEST CONCERTS EVER!!!!” I yelled, I had just finished my Canadian tour in Toronto it was good to be home and the fans seemed to agree, that had to be the hypest crowd ever! And all the people backstage agreed my mom came up and hugged me, “You were amazing sweetie!” I hugged her back and kissed her check “I know.” I smiled cheekily at her and started to head to my dressing room to take a shower, because I was sweaty from the Canada sun.

On the way I passed Scooter, he hurriedly ran up to me. “Justin great show the fans were hyped!” He exclaimed patting me on the back causing my clothes to stick to me more. I smiled at him, “Thanks, I’m just gonna take a shower and relax before the busses come to pick us up.” I tell him and start to walk away before I could even get five feet away he stopped me, I mentally groaned. “Look Justin I know you’re tired but we’ve got a surprise seeing in 20.” He informed me, ugh I love the fans but all I want to do is take a nap right now. Not have girls screaming at me and trying to get my number it’s gonna be worse since Selena couldn’t come with me this tour. I just sighed and said okay, “Great! I’ll send hair and make-up in 10.” He called over his shoulder as he started walking off.

Why thank you for knowing that it’s gonna take 10 minutes for me to take a shower, I thought sarcastically.

I stepped out of the shower only to be assaulted by my hair and make-up team handing me clothes and already starting my hair before I could even get the shirt over my head. They handed me some dark baggy skinny jeans, some bright yellow high top Supras and a mustard yellow shirt. I shrugged and threw um on whatever they give me always seems to work. After spending 25 long minutes with hair and make-up I hurried out of the dressing room door not wanting to make my fans wait. As soon as I stepped out the door I bumped into something, something that was obviously drinking a red slushy because that was what I was covered in head to toe in the red drink.

I groaned I could feel it soaking into boxers, MY FUCKING BOXERS! HOW FUCKING BIG WAS THAT CUP, I could still feel it pouring onto my head, ruining my hair, my shirt, my pants, and even my shoes! Once I was sure all the contents of the cup were gone I glared up at the person responsible for ruining my 25 minutes of being abused by hair and make-up. Only to see that person her back to me arguing with another person, a guy heatedly, about spilling her slushy and him yelling about how she’s the one that tripped.

And that’s when I lost it, me being sleepy plus being cold and wet doesn’t equal a very happy Justin. “WHAT THE HELL, EXCUSE YOU FOR SPILLING YOUR COKE BOTTLE SIZED SLUSH ON ME!” I yelled, which was pretty loud since I did sing for a living. And everybody heard and when they saw me head to toe covered in the cold red beverage they gasped. I was going to start ranting again until the culprits turned around, never in my life had I seen such beautiful people- other than myself. (A/N haha that’s just a joke cuz I had to do it lol cuz he is smoking Xd!) They were both of some type of Indian decent so they both had long shinny black hair of course the guys was shorter than his sister but still long enough to hang on his shoulders, their eyes were just, wow, green and golden gems seemed to be staring back at me. The guy was of course taller, the girl with him too, he looked like Zac Efron if Zac had an Indian twin with golden eyes and skin, overall nice build I noticed from the white wife beater he was wearing and his very short shorts and black and green combat boots he was also wearing a Boston Celtics fitted on his head- shaved legs. (A/N Whooooooo! Go Boston!)


I decided not to think about that, because for some reason it made me feel awkward, as that subject always did it made me feel like I was hiding something like a dirty secret.

I looked over to the girl who was as tall as the guy if not a few inches taller. She looked more Native American than Indian, she had long black hair highlighted with a light brown color that fell to her ankles, and it looked like black silk. She was wearing something similar to guy- were they related or dating- but instead of a white shirt she wore a Boston’s jersey and shorts that shouldn’t even be considered shorts but gave a nice view of her shapely ass and nice long caramel colored legs ending at her green platform heels.

I noticed that their faces held many similarities actually they kind of look the same. High cheek bones, nice full pink lips, and both of their jewel eyes were framed in thick eyelashes and arched eyebrows.

Twins, very smoking hot twins?!