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The Originals

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Beacon Hills, California, 2016;

Two years had passed since the showdown with Gerard. The Alpha pack ran through Beacon Hills, taking Erica and Boyd hostage. The betas were rescued, but to protect her, Derek faked Erica's death. After discovering the true dangers of being an Alpha, Derek sent Isaac away, and faked Boyd's death.

Sadly, the Alpha pack wasn't the only unwanted guest in Beacon Hills. The Darach had arrived and was terrorizing the town, the many deaths brought the FBI to town. Eventually, Julia Baccari was found out.

"She betrayed us all to join Deucalion. They deserve to die!" Jennifer Blake insisted as she attempted to defend her actions.

In the end, the Alpha pack was dismantled, and the Darach was dead again. Derek gave up his Alpha spark to save Cora. Scott was left in charge of the pack.

"Keep the pack safe and value the human pack members." Derek requested. Still, more trouble loomed around them.

Kira and Malia entered the scene just as trouble began again. The new enemy turned out to be a nogistune, an evil fox spirit that played on the fears of others and reveled into chaos. Due to not having a body, the spirit would be possessing someone.

Due to Stiles experiencing strange events at the time, Scott assumed that Stiles was possessed by said spirit. When some of the parents tried to tell him that there might be another explanation for Stiles' current state, Scott disregarded them. Despite his vehement protests, Stiles was admitted to Eichen House before Derek was able to get him released. It was later found out that Stiles was dealing with the side effects from the ritual he had underwent in Alpha Pact.

"I told you so!" Stiles yelled, before processing to rip him a new one. After getting Stiles to the supernatural council mages, Stiles' problem was solved.

More death and mayhem followed in the Nogistune's wake before the pack discovered who was the unwilling host. Allison was stunned and shocked when she found out that she hosted the Void.

"Oh, no. What have I done?" Allison breathed. How could she continue her redemption journey now?! When the Void made its divine move, Allison sacrificed herself to save the pack. As a result, the spirit was left without a body and was easily defeated.

Allison was brought back after she was discovered to be still clinging to life. Chris took both his daughter and Isaac to France while the twins left town with Danny in tow.

There was no room to breathe once the Deadpool surfaced, it only got worse when Kate came back. To say, that the former Alpha was livid would be an understatement.

"Why can't the dead stay dead?!" Peter seethed. However, the pack soon added another member to their ranks; a young beta named Liam.

It was a complete surprise when one of Lydia's friends Meredith was exposed as the Benefactor. However, they soon discovered that she was a mere pawn, having gotten the idea while staying at Eichen House.

"So much for that." the sheriff wasn't amused.

"Wonderful, the true Benefactor is still out there." Stiles groused.

Peter and Kate was temporary aligned to kidnap Scott and Kira. The ritual to steal Scott's Alpha spark was well underway, when the pack caught up to them in Mexico. While Scott still had his spark, he was extremely lucky that the pack found him.

"He deserves to lose it!" Peter yelled as he fought the pack.

"Why?" Kira wanted to know.

"You figure it out. The clues are all there." Peter retorted.

"You killed my Ally! It's your fault that my only niece is dead!" Kate shouted.

The pack managed to defeat the duo, but not before Derek underwent his evolution. The beta was now able to transform into a black wolf like his mother and older sister.

Peter was signed in Eichen House by Derek. Then Derek took Braeden up at her offer to leave town while Chris got Kate alone to explain something important.

"Allison is alive, Kate. You can see her, if you want." he said. Kate nodded swiftly, wanting to see Allison.

The pack thought their troubles were over. Sadly, trouble was still on the pack's doorstep and showed no sign of leaving.

warehouse district, Beacon Hills;

A mystery group of three met in a non-descript warehouse. The trio was two males and a female.

"We need it back. We must bring it back!" a man exclaimed.

"Where will we get our test subjects in order to do that. How would we decide?" the second male wanted to know.

"Teenagers are a good medium. We'll use them." the lone female responded.

"Now that is settled, get the DNA ready. We're going hunting." the first man declared as he ended the meeting.

While the mystery trio were planning, Derek and Cora was busy. The brother and sister pair had tracked down Deucalion and managed to remove his claws. The former demon alpha was no longer a threat to them and the general populace. After he was rendered weak, the former demon was handed over to the supernatural council.

"Thank you, Mr. Hale. We have been trying to find him for awhile." an elder said to the siblings.

"You're welcome." Cora said as the siblings took their leave.

Derek and Cora were returning to the car when Derek's phone rang. He answered it with puzzlement.

"Hello?" he asked. Moments later, a range of emotions crossed his face from confusion to shock, before settling on pure fury.

"What?! No!" he yelled. His eyes flashed a bright red, then he smashed the end button. Cora looked at her brother oddly.

"What's wrong? I wasn't listening?" Cora said.

"Scott messed up. We're going home." Derek growled. As the Alpha started the car, Cora got out her phone and began to contact the pack.

"Hey, it's me. We need to head home." she announced. After she finished the last call, Cora hung up and looked at her brother.

"Let's go." she said.