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The Choices We Make

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2 months earlier

Tears wet Stiles face as he ran from Derek's loft to his jeep. He grabbed his keys out of his front pocket and put them in the car. "Stiles," shouted Derek's voice in the distant background numbed by the Roaring in stiles ears. His jeep rumbled to life and lurched forward leaving the pain behind him. How could he do this to me?

Blair! Blair!

Throwing the alarm from the table, Stiles slowly grumbled and sat up. He stretched his arms and wiped the sleep and dried crust from his eyes. "Senior year," he muttered smiling to himself. Jumping from his bed, he walking into the bathroom and turned on the light. Staring at the mirror he saw a paler version of himself with dark circles under his eyes that looked like bruises. He really need a tan


Turning on the shower he jumped into the freezing cold water and shuttered. Thoughts of the past 2 month surfaced to his mind. The constant burning in his chest and the hatred and his heart burned towards Derek. Shaking those thoughts from his head and dried himself off. Running to his closet stiles grabbed the first think he saw and threw it on grabbed his phone and walked downstairs. "Morning Dad." Dead silence surronded the house. Probably went to work early.


Stiles phone buzzed in pocket. He grabbed it and looked at the caller id. Ugh Derek. He pressed the ignore button and grabbed his keys and walked outside to his jeep. Stiles opened the door slowly. Putting the key in and the jeep slowly grumbled to life. Thank you Jesus muttered Stiles.


After 10 minutes, Stiles arrived at Beacon Hills High. Crowds of kids surronded the school as they entered the school with nervousness and happiness etched into their faces. Stiles pulled into his normal parking spot and spotted his friends.
Maybe this year will be good after all.