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Behold the falling of the water,
The bitter tears of fragile hopes,
The rain of shards that once made up a lifetime,
The brawling waves like tortured souls-

Behold the birthing of the darkness,
The clash of chaos that replaced our harmony's song,
A ball of yellow light falls to the floor and shatters,
The feasting flames feed on the eternal void-

Behold the death of my salvation,
The shipwrecked cries of my broken heart,
The fatal sinking downward towards coral
To the pitch black depths where all dreams end-

Behold the stifling emptiness with which you left me.
I lean back against the wicker couch, surrendering
To the memories that shadow and roam the empty rooms,
Taunting me and waking memories of you-

Behold the salty taste of sweet forgiveness.
My love withstands the pummeling of misery's waves,
No flame, no shadow, and no chasm, can take away the dearest desire of a heart
So, when the storm subsides my love will still be here-