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Spare me the small talk

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Okay, so maybe the idea of him being attracted to both women and men wasn't so far out there… But to be fair he had spent a substantial, and by substantial he means his ENTIRE highschool career hopelessly lusting after Beacon Hills’s premier genius, who just so happens to be the unnatainable beauty that is Lydia Martin.
But at least now he doesn't lust after her right? She's still beautiful of course, but they're SOOOOO much better being friends, with her genius and his research skills, the pack had managed to avoid… Well, death to put it shortly.

So here Stiles was, avoiding the ever loving fuck out of admitting anything to Lydia. “I know you want to tell me something, so go on, spit it out. Or are we going to sit here in the gym, where I can feel my IQ dropping by the second.” She drawled, looking completely disinterested.
They where sat in the empty school gym, the smell of stale jock sweat permeating through the air, a not so subtle reminder of the fact that the schools cleaning staff really could not give a shit… Or maybe they got sick of cleaning a newly destroyed classroom every week due to the newest supernatural storm to sweep through Beacon Hills.
“Well, y’know uhh…” Stiles stammered, nervously combing his fingers through his hair. “Y’know how Danny and Ethan are gay?” He got out quietly, wringing his hands through each other.
“No Stiles, I'm so suprised. Are you also going to tell me that werewolves exist?” Lydia sarcastically retorted, giving stiles a smile that said ‘you had better get to the point before I punch you in your fucking throat.’
“HAR HAR, so funny, but yes you know obviously, what I'm trying to tell you, you sarcastic bitch.” He said with a fond smile. “Is I think… I think I might be a little gay? Like half gay… So Bi?” His voice got higher as he spoke, showing his uncertainty in himself.
Lydia stared at him for what seemed like hours, batting her lashes repeatedly with what could only be described as a psychotic smile.
“So that's it? You think you might be Bisexual? You dragged me out of lunch, into the gym to tell me you think you might be bi?”
“Uh… Yes? I mean you could be a little more supportive but yes.” Stiles stammered out, immediately regretting questioning her support, but to be fair he's kind of nervous as fuck right now.
“Stiles, of course I support you, but why are you telling me something I already know? I mean there was that week where you kept asking everyone, specifically Danny if they thought gay mean found you attractive… Then there's the ridiculous amount of unresolved sexual tension between you and Derek.” Stiles choked on air, because, well its Stiles, he almost coughed up a lung while Lydia patted his back, holding in a giggle.
“Well, I mean, thank you? But I have no idea what you mean by that stuff with Derek, absolutely no sexual tension between us, in fact there's negative sexual tension, sexual loose if anything” he rambled out going tomato red as the last few words slipped from his lips. Lydia just gave him a blank stare that said ‘you know that I don't believe a word of that right?’

So perhaps he did have a “thing” for Derek Hale, maybe it was the scowly, expressive eyebrows, or the fact he was built like a god and had an ass you could use as a pillow, or was it the little bunny teeth he had that made him all the more endearing… Okay, yep Stiles definitely wanted Derek, like multiple times, in many different positions. Daily.


Pack nights where always interesting, and by interesting Stiles means generally a mess of limbs on top of each other.

So here Stiles was, in Derek's loft with the rest of the pack, laying across Derek’s betas, Scott, Isaac and Jackson watching the latest star wars movie, if you couldn't guess it was Stiles’ pick for the movie tonight.
Isaac was stroking his fingers through Stiles’ hair, after the shit storm that was the alpha pack, the entire pack had become a lot closer, even Stiles’ and Jackson where getting along, which is saying a lot!

Derek walked in, turning his attention to the four boys on the couch, stiles looked up at him offering a warm smile, but Derek seemed to scowl even harder than what his resting face allowed, Stiles even noticed the quick flash of Alpha red eyes that you would miss if you blinked. A muffled giggle came from the side of Stiles, coming from none other than Lydia, both Stiles and Derek turned their attention to her. “What's so funny Lydia?” Derek asked shortly in his grumpy tone. “Oh nothing, I just thought of something Stiles told me earlier today.” She replied, giving a sly smile. Derek huffed away, obviously not willing to deal with Lydia's mind games.
“And what do you mean by something I told you Lydia?” Stiles asked between his clenched teeth, worried that she would reveal what they’d discussed earlier that day.
“Oh calm down Stiles, I just merely had confirmation of what I already knew to be the case” She said mysteriously as she stood up, grabbing her Prada bag, not to be mistaken for her tiny yappy dog Prada. “Anyway, I have things to do, I'll see you all Monday.”
The boys and Erica all mumbled a “bye Lydia” with their eyes glued to the screen.
Stiles had zero clue what Lydia was talking about, but he knew for a fact that she was scheming something up in that ridiculous brain, he’d get it out of her soon enough.

A chime of a phone to the side of the couch startled everyone, “DEREEEEEEK, your phone beeped” Erica yelled far louder than necessary. Derek stormed in with a book in hand, reading glasses sitting on his nose, everyone knew to not inturrupt Derek during his reading time, Stiles knows first hand, what with that one time he wouldn't shut up while Derek was sitting on his brown leather seat (reserved just for him) face shoved in a book. Stiles may have ended up with a lump on his head, possibly due to a certain book being hurled across the room followed by a growl and the sourwolf storming out of the loft, slamming the giganting sliding metal door.

Those glasses did something to Stiles, Derek always had this hot college professor look when he wore them, all Stiles could think about was being bent over a desk and being fucked so hard he cried while Derek pulled his hair. ‘Nope noooooope, think unsexy thoughts Stiles, we’re in a room full of wolves and I'm like 99% sure they can smell arousal.’ Stiles reprimanded himself mentally. Derek picked up his phone and his eyes seemed to go wide, whatever he was ready obviously shocked him. A pink flush spread from his neck to his ridiculous cheekbones, Stiles tentatively asked “Derek? Everything okay dude?” Derek's eyes shot to him and he seemed to blush even deeper before shaking his head and muttering “It's nothing.” He then quickly turned tail and rushed to back to the kitchen/dining area, presumably to resume his reading yelling out “And DON'T call me dude, for the last fucking time Stiles.”

Stiles giggled, he knew Derek hated being called anything other than his name, but it became a game of ‘how angry can I make Derek before he slams me against a wall.’, what can he say, he was a little bit of a masochist. All Derek really did was fuel Stiles raging fantasies of being dominated by him, as you could probably guess it lead to him having ALOT of material for his “me time”.


Derek paced quickly trying desperately to think of an answer for the messaged he’d received.

From Lydia: I know you're attracted to Stiles.

Had he been that obvious? Surely not, even he was in admittance to his permanent scowl, so its not as though Lydia could have caught him looking at Stiles in any other way than annoyance… Right?

To Lydia: I don't know where you got that idea Lydia, but you're wrong.

That was a good response right? Calm, not over reacting as to give anything away, but still his usual to the point self.

From Lydia: I think you know very well what I'm talking about. I saw exactly the way you reacted to what you walked in on today, jealousy is a sickness Derek, although an unwarranted sickness. Believe me, you have 0 threats.

Derek read the message multiple times, so he had been that obvious? Or at least to Lydia, he isn't supposed, of course a banshee who could sense death, would also be able to sense attraction. But what he didn't understand was the end, what did she mean threats? It makes no sense, there was a giant threat, like the fact that he had a gigantic problem with letting people in.

Derek knew Stiles was attracted to him, it was obvious, he was an Alpha, he could smell the arousal on Stiles every time he would slam him against a wall, and it took every fibre of Derek's control to not rip Stiles’ clothes apart… With his teeth.
Not only was the fact that Kate and Jennifer had ruined his trust in his feeling for people stopping him from acting on his feelings, but the KID was 17, Derek was 27, plus Derek doesn't doubt that the Sheriff would fill him with a mix of wolfsbane and silver bullets if he ever found out.

So here Derek was, freaking out, now that Lydia knew, would she tell Stiles, if she did what would happen?

From Lydia: Don't worry, I'm not going to let your little secret out… But you will. If I have to deal with another week of you two so obviously pining over each other I will personally murder you both.

Well fuck. Of course Lydia, miss everything needs to be meticulously planned, would give him an ultimatum, an ultimatum that he was sure could only end badly.