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There is dragon blood coursing through their veins and it roars in their ears when they touch.

Their bloodline is sacred, and the power of their ancestry lies dormant within their bodies until the shared heat of skin on skin awakens their senses, ignites a spark in their hearts. The fire grows, slowly at first, then intensifies as desire climbs and manifests itself in labored breaths and unholy whispers; then, as if all at once, they find that every fiber of their beings is consumed by the flames.

Lust glazes their eyes – amber and hazel – and they grab, clutch, hold onto each other with a force that is everything but gentle. There must be traces of magic in his fingertips, Leo surmises, because the half-lidded, sinfully ardent look that graces Takumi’s features (the image of which he so desperately wants to burn into his memory) when he leaves a painfully long red mark along his spine could only have been possible with the touch of enchantment, could it not? But no, he argues with himself, the feeling of Takumi’s calloused fingers on his skin alone, unimbued with such magical talent, was enough to shatter Leo’s supposedly perfect self-composed exterior; the indents on his pale thighs and the undignified cries he elicited when they were made only prove it.

(Or perhaps, his seemingly impenetrable walls didn’t fall by the work of Takumi’s hands. He'd let his guard down, purposefully, and it’s something he’s never done before around anyone else but his family – because that’s what being with Takumi did to him.)

Takumi is not without magic, however, Leo reminds himself. As wielder of the legendary Fujin Yumi, he knows he must possess an almost inhuman level of mental fortitude and prowess – and this, coupled with the fervor and passion that could only be borne of a teenager’s peaking sex drive, is exactly what causes Leo to come undone.

Adrenaline fuels every movement, every impulse. When Leo yanks Takumi’s unnecessarily long, mussed, grey hair and crashes his lips against his, he basks in the Hoshidan prince’s muffled reactionary sound, prompting him to move even closer and eliminating any remaining space between them. The hardness between his legs becomes increasingly difficult to ignore. Still, he kisses, fierce and intense and sloppy with a messy clicking of teeth, as if trying to smother an inferno with only his mouth. And Takumi, equally stubborn and insistent, gives as much as he receives. They are unwilling to pull away, only parting for breath when necessary before diving back in and drowning each other with their tongues, the mix of their tastes intoxicating. By this time, they are unable to talk, claws of a dragon scratching and scorching the insides of their throats so that the only things that can come out of their mouths in between kisses are grunts and filthy curses unbefitting the likes of royalty.

The dragon bellows, and its sound reverberates against their rattling ribcages as their chests heave; their heartbeats are in sync.

While it’s Takumi who eases in, Leo takes the reins and fucks Takumi into himself, hands on his wrists with an unmerciful grip, so forceful his knuckles turn white. Leo manages a smirk to tug at the corners of his lips as he dauntingly hovers over Takumi and keeps him pinned down, disallowing any movement from him while he’s rolling his hips, riding him. His grin is almost feral as he relishes in the fact that a scenario he had so vividly imagined in the past is now playing out in reality. The blush that spreads across Takumi’s face betrays the message he wants to convey with the pointed glare he directs at Leo. Insufferable, his furrowed brows say. Keep doing that, his moans scream.

Soon even those thoughts are banished and replaced with nothing but oh gods, oh gods, oh gods, over and over again, in tandem with his erratic panting.

In time Takumi shuts his eyes and lets the excitement of his approaching climax cloud his mind, spilling into Leo with a sharp inhale and a cry of his name, strangled and gravelly and music to Leo’s ears. He collapses against the mattress, trying to control his ragged breaths, while Leo withdraws with a sigh and falls next to Takumi.

Their pupils are blown wide and for a while they quietly gaze into each other’s eyes, innocent smiles forming on their kiss-swollen lips as if what had just transpired between them never happened, as if they hadn’t been overcome with the animalistic ferocity of their ancestry, as if they weren’t at all rough in the slightest, as if hadn’t been plain drunk on each other, to put it simply. Their shoulder blades brush and Leo hooks an arm around Takumi’s waist, hot breath fanning across their faces. If fate would allow it, he’d be fine with spending the rest of his life like this, a sticky, sweaty, mess of tangled limbs with Takumi. He doesn’t want to let go.

They have a wordless exchange. In the silence, Leo guides Takumi’s hand to his still-hard arousal. A mischievous glint flashes in Takumi’s hazel eyes and it’s all the indication Leo needs to take note of to brace himself for payback.

The fire is rekindled. Takumi switches from tender to unforgiving in an instant, prying Leo’s legs apart, unmindful of the pain Leo must feel from the purpling bruises he’d left there earlier. He sinks, and Leo tips his head back with a shudder.

Blood roars in their ears and prickles their skin once again; it isn’t easy to tame a dragon.