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For my Sis, gone but never forgotten. You will always be my Alice and I will always be your White Rabbit. I miss you every day.




Derek pulled Stiles in close as soon as the younger man shut the door to his apartment. The older man grabbed Stiles' slim hips, leaned in, and claimed his lips in a searing hot kiss telegraphing his physical need. His lover eagerly opened up to him and their tongues explored each others mouths sensually as their hands moved over each others straining bodies. Over the past year, Derek had kissed Stiles hundreds of times, but there was something different about this one. There was a certain desperation in the way they writhed against each other with their fingers digging into each others skin.

They broke the kiss and Derek went for the younger man's neck. His hands massaged Stiles firm ass making the brown eyed boy moan and press hard against him. Derek could feel Stiles erection grinding against his own as he began to unbutton his lover's shirt. Stiles went to work on their jeans intent on freeing their hard, throbbing flesh. Derek took the younger man's lips again until they were both gasping for oxygen. The lovers stepped apart and began to quickly shed the clothes that kept their eager bodies from meeting skin on skin. Their eyes never strayed from each other as they removed each article and tossed them carelessly aside. Derek loved the way Stiles swiveled his hips to free himself from the tight grip of his jeans. In a moment, they were standing face to face completely nude and aching for each other.

Derek made the first move. He pushed Stiles into the wall and pressed his warm, muscular body against the younger man. He nipped, kissed, and sucked Stiles bare throat as his lover moaned and thrust against him wrapping one leg around the older man's taut muscular thigh. Derek let his hands roam freely over the younger man's toned body feeling every dip and curve of his responsive flesh. Derek wanted to melt with his lover and make them truly one. Stiles rolled his hips and his engorged cock slid against Derek's thick shaft.

“I've got to get the lube.” Derek gasped as he started to pull away from their heated embrace.

“Already taken care of.” Stiles husked as he threaded his fingers into the green eyed man's black hair and pulled him back in.

Derek growled softly as he pictured Stiles fingering himself to prepare for their coupling. He wrapped his strong hands around his lover's taut thighs and lifted him off the ground. Stiles wrapped his legs around Derek's chiseled chest as he pressed his shoulders back into the wall for support. His arms tightened around the older man's neck to steady himself.

Derek found the puckered opening to his lover's firm ass and pressed against it with the large crown of his surging cock until he gained entrance. Stiles went rigid from the initial pain of the penetration and his lover stopped moving to give him time to adjust to the intimate intrusion. Derek looked into Stiles wide brown eyes and the younger man nodded for him to continue. Derek thrust deeper and Stiles began to press down taking more of the older man's thick length inside him. Soon they were moving together in a perfect rhythm that they had established durning their first week as lovers. Stiles murmured encouragement for Derek to go deeper and harder as pure primal pleasure eclipsed burning pain.

Derek was groaning as he gave Stiles what he wanted. Their bodies were in constant motion as they gave and took sensual pleasure with each other. Stiles threw his head back and completely immersed himself in the erotic feelings of their frantic coupling. Derek thrust into him in a wild, frenzied rhythm that sent shock waves of sensation through their bodies. Stiles dug his heels into his lover's ass to stabilize himself as their wild fucking reached a crescendo.

“Derek...” Stiles breath was hitching. “I'm gonna...” His voice was rough and deep. “Come!” The younger man cried out as his body began to shudder and shake in the throes of orgasm.

“Oh, god....” Derek groaned as his lover's grasping body milked his own hot release from him.

When they had finally stopped shaking, Stiles buried his hands in Derek's hair, pulled him in close, and kissed him with a deep burning passion. After several moments, they broke the kiss to refill their starved lungs with oxygen. Derek carried Stiles to the shower where they bathed together and exchanged erotically charged blow jobs under a stream of running water.

When Stiles left a few moments later, Derek felt a sadness descend on him. He had been feeling a distance between himself and Stiles for awhile. The heat was still there, but Stiles was holding back emotionally. Derek knew that the problems with their relationship were his fault. He didn't sleep well that night as he tried to figure out how to put the past to rest and fix things with his lover so they could share the future.

Secret Life

Derek Hale looked down at Jackson Whittemore's lifeless body. The twenty four year old police officer was nude in his bed on top of red satin sheets. The killer had posed his body on his left side. Jackson's right leg was straight with his left leg bent at a 90 degree angle also his left arm was pointing straight up and his right arm was bent. Jackson's head was hidden by a white furry rabbit mask. The killer had covered his body in theatrical make up to match the white of the mask. Derek felt that there was something familiar about the way the body was posed, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it. There were no obvious wounds or signs of violence on Jackson's pale, motionless form. Derek could almost believe that the young man was sleeping if he didn't know the awful truth. The young officer was dead and he had no idea what had happened to him.

Derek had already walked through the condo before stepping into the bedroom. He had noted several personal photos featuring family and friends scattered throughout the clean, open space. He also saw a couple of photos taken after their police precinct had played against the district firemen in a baseball game last summer. The pictures featured Jackson standing with Derek, Stiles and Jordan Parrish smiling in victory.

Derek saw no signs of a struggle or forced entry in the immaculate condo. Jackson had let his killer in and voluntarily removed his clothes. As he took in the murder scene in the bedroom, Derek sensed the presence of his partner and lover, Stiles Stilinski. He turned and caught the younger man's eye. Stiles didn't step into the room. He didn't want to get a closer look at his dead coworkers lewdly displayed body.

Dr. Alan Deaton, the coroner, arrived on the scene and approached the bed. “This pose, I've seen this before.” He said as he moved in closer.

Derek looked over at him surprised to hear the same sentiment he was feeling. “I know. I thought that too. I just can't quite place it.”

They stood silent for a few moments as Stiles took a step into the room to scrutinize the position that Jackson's killer had left him in.

“I've got it. It's a pose from that Marilyn Monroe nude calendar. She was on red sheets like this. My roommate in college had a print of it.” Dr. Deaton declared.

Now Derek knew where he had seen it. The lover who had betrayed him, Dante, had been a fan of Marilyn. He had shown Derek the pose that was scandalous at the time, but seemed tame by today's standards. He pushed thoughts of Dante away as he watched Dr. Deaton remove the white rabbit mask. He heard several people in the room gasp as Jackson's face was revealed. The young officer's eyes were a bright electric blue and his face retained a sensual, secretive smile. Usually the eyes of the dead were milky looking. It was startling to see Jackson's face look so alive.

Dr. Deaton leaned down and touched the body's pale shoulder with a blue gloved hand, then ran his fingers down the length of the outstretched arm. He looked surprised as he moved to touch the young man's chest then his waist. “His body isn't in rigor. This is something else. He's hard as stone.”

Derek moved in beside the doctor and placed his gloved hand on Jackson's shoulder. He squeezed the pale flesh and felt the hard contours of muscle under his hand. It felt like the body was carved from marble. “Have you ever seen anything like this before?”

“No. This is unique. Look at his neck. He's wearing a gold chain.” Dr. Deaton said as he clasped the chain in his gloved fingers and showed the infinity symbol on it to Derek.

Derek swallowed hard to stop the gasp that tried to escape him. It couldn't be. This chain looked just like the one he had given Dante when he'd asked him to move in with him. Derek got out an evidence bag and leaned in to take the chain. There was a small metal square by the clasp with a D engraved on it. It seemed to be a duplicate of the chain he had given to Dante years ago. Derek bagged the evidence and handed it over to Dr. Deaton. His mind was in a whirl trying to figure out how Jackson could possibly be connected to Dante.

“Derek, there's something here you should see.” Officer Jordan Parrish said as he walked up to Derek holding an iPhone.

“What did you find?” Derek asked as the younger man stopped beside him and held out the phone.

“It looks like Jackson was into cosplay or something. There are several pics in his personal folder with this group dressed as characters from Alice in Wonderland. He's the white rabbit.” Officer Parrish explained as he flipped through a series of pictures on the phone. Several photos featured the White Rabbit, Alice, the Mad Hatter, the White Queen, the March Hare, the Cheshire Cat and the Red Queen sitting around a long table drinking tea and eating finger sandwiches and pastries.

Derek saw that the mask in the photos looked the same as the rabbit mask that had been on Jackson's body. He didn't know who any of the other characters might be. “Do you recognize any of the other people in these photos?”

“No, just Jackson as the White Rabbit. I'll print out some of these pictures when we get back to the station. Maybe some of the other guys will recognize them.” Officer Parrish said as he turned away.

“What are you thinking?” Stiles asked as he caught Derek's somber gaze.

“I think Jackson knew the person who killed him. I also think he had a secret life and we have to find out who he shared that life with.” Derek said as he looked back at the pale body on the red satin sheets.

“I think you're right. I'm going to start looking through his laptop as soon as we get back to the station. Dad isn't going to like this.” Stiles said grimly as he started to walk out of the doorway.

“I think we should let Officer Parrish give him the news about Jackson.” Derek said as they strode down the hall towards the front door.

“I like the way you think.” Stiles said as they walked out the door and into the midday sun.