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I will love you until the end of times

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Stiles was running in the woods, looking for the pack, no matter what they've said he needed to help, and he couldn't shake this bad feeling he's been having all day. Those weren't new either, he's been having those ever since the nogitsune left his body, and most of the times those bad things he felt happened, not that he'd told anyone about any of it, but he had a really bad feeling about tonight.

The pack has been tracking this rogue werewolf pack that has arrived to Beacon Hills, the rogues had been killing people. Stiles and Lydia had been left behind at the sheriff office looking for clues from the previous crime scenes, trying to see the connection. The rest of the pack went to the woods and looked for the enemy pack. Stiles grew impatient with every second that passed, at this point he would accept a message even from Isaac telling him everything was OK, but there was no message, no from Isaac, not from Scott, not even Derek. The feeling grew bigger in his chest, Now it wasn't a hunch, he was sure something was going to happen. "Lydia," Stiles began before leaving the station, "ehmm, can't you feel anything off? I mean with your banshee powers or whatever that is". Lydia looked a him a little annoyed, everytime something like this happened someone asked her if she felt any vibes, whispers from the dead, anything, she got tired of explaining her powers didn't work like that a long time ago, lately she just go with it. "I'm not sure, is like I feel that someone might die but it's not like I usually feel this, it's like something is blocking me." she paused and when she noticed the worried expression on his face she added "Relax, it's probably nothing bad, maybe I'm just worried, probably nobody's gonna die tonight, that's why I don't feel anything" she added a smirk to try and calm Stiles, but it didn't help at all, the next thing she knew was that Stiles was leaving the station, she tried to call him but he was already gone.

Now Stiles was looking for the rest of the pack, he was lost until he heard the growls of a werewolves fight near by, he followed the sound until he found the rest of the pack engaged in a fight with the rogues, the rogues were strong, they should be, for a pack the just lived to fight and kill, they've lost all their humanity, they were pure beats. He found Derek instinctively, he was fine, actually winning a fight side by side Scott, the little relieve he found was instantly drained when he heard a heartbreaking scream "DAD!" it was Allison, his eyes looked for her and she found her with a look of sadness mixed with anger in his face, he followed her gaze and found Chris Argent laying on the floor his right arm up protecting himself and a rogue werewolf biting it savagely, Chris was covered in blood, in the time Sties took to blink Allison had shot 2 arrows to the wolf skull and killed him instantly and now lay on top of Chris, who was so badly hurt and couldn't get up, Stiles looked back at Allison and he only had time to scream her name trying to warn her "ALLISON! WATCH OUT!" but it was too late, the wolf she was fighting had hit her with his claws on her back. What happened next was as if time was running slow, Isaac came to aid Allison and Stiles could only feel despair, fear and anger, so much anger, but not only his, he could feel everyone else's, he could feel the rogues fear, feed on them, it was like He could see their deepest fears, death. After that Stile blacked out, the last thing he can recall was the rogues running and he dropping on the floor before Derek came to him "STILES! Wake up! Sweetie please wake up!"