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They burst through the door, splintering it in the process. Willow saw Buffy grab one of the bigger splinters, raise it above her head and lunge at the circle of hooded vamps. She dusted the one closest to her and turned to stake the next when she was suddenly thrown to the side by a burst of energy from the center of the circle. A brilliant flash of light nearly blinded the rest of them, coming from what appeared to be a large hole in the air.

Willow ran to help Buffy to her feet, pulling the blonde to her feet and away from the portal. Willow tried to blink the sun spots out of her eyes and caught sight of a fast approaching vampire. She opened her mouth to warn Buffy but it was too late. A large vamp grabbed her and clamped his hand over her mouth, carrying her to the portal. Her vision became distorted as she neared it.

Suddenly Willow was thrown into the portal, and flew through the suddenly cold air, landing on the pavement with a crack. She lifted her head a few inches to see a blurred silhouette approaching. Willow could hear faint voices over the ringing in her ears and tried to call out, only managing a strangled croak before she met the pavement again. Then she took a nap.