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The Stilinski Monster

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Stiles was going over everything. Looking around making sure they had everything they needed. Water. They had two gallons of it. Food. They had quite the assortment. They had meat, black forest ham, turkey, and cooked chicken breast. (Stiles was hoping that if this did work he would get to eat that. Because Mrs. McCall was the best damn cook in the world and he loves all things chicken) Fruits. Apples, strawberries, oranges. Vegetables. Broccoli, and cucumber. Sweets. Cupcakes, ice crème, chocolate.

After making sure they had everything and crossing off the mental list of provisions for our guest here. He grabbed the paddles making sure they were functioning.

“Stiles, I don’t think we should do this…” Said Scott who was standing behind him. He had been awfully quite today. Stiles figured it was just nerves about them actually doing this today.

“What? Scott what are you talking about?” Stiles says turning around looking at Scott confused.

“It’s just, this is bad, you know. Somethings just aren’t meant to be tampered with…” Scott said looking down and the burned and broken wood, playing with it with his foot.

“Scott are you serious?  Like really serious? Because this is ridicules. You didn’t say that when we stole this body from the morgue, or when we got the rest of the organs we needed from the animal shelter. Or when we stole the defibrillator, or got our hands on these.” Stiles said pointing to all of the things he mentioned as he said them.

“Borrowed the defibrillator. My mom could get in trouble.” Scott says, they are returning that before anyone notices that it’s gone. Which will probably be soon.

“Seriously? That’s what you got from my whole rant right there?” Stiles asks. Scott has shone zero reluctance this plan, he was even a great help. His backing out must be a joke.

“Stiles, it seemed like a really cool and fun idea. But honestly it all seemed like it would just be that, an idea. When we got the defibrillator I figured we would mess with it and then bring it back. And we got the body and the organs it seemed like a gross but kind of cool thing. Like I would finally know what it looks like inside of the human body. And I deal with animals and their organs all the time so it didn’t come off as a big deal to me. But it suddenly is so real to me. This could actually work. By everything we did. By everything I know and you know and we looked up and researched it could work. I am honestly scared.”

“Scott come on. It’s okay to be scared. But seriously what’s the worst that can happen? We bring some dude back to life.  That’s basically a miracle. We will be famous.”

“No, The worst that could happen… I don’t know there are several things I’ll let you decide which is worst. We could bring him back and he could be crazy and his only need is to kill, like in a zombie apocalypse. Or maybe he comes alive escapes and everyone knows and we get arrested, for robbery and desecration or mutilation or whatever. “

“Dude, my dad is the sheriff. So anything illegal he will help us out of. And it’s not going to be an apocalypse because there is nothing to transfer. The only thing I will really be giving him is pain medication, steroids, vitamins and adrenaline. That doesn’t make a zombie, and if he wants to kill us just hit him in the head with…” Stiles looks around and finds a brick. “Hit him with this. It should put him out or kill him.”

“What if it doesn’t kill him? What if your dad can’t get us out of legal trouble? What if-“

“What if this works and he is a completely normal human being, that is happy to have his life back? What if we make a serious break in the human V.S death fight? You can’t fight me with ‘what if’s’ because there will always be what ifs. I’m not worried about what if’s, I’m not worried at all. I just want to know if it works. So are you in this with me or not?”

“…I’m sorry, but no.” Scott said, then turning and leaving, because he knows if given the chance, Stiles will talk him into staying.

Stiles was hurt. Scott worked with him every step of the way together. They even came up with the idea together. Stiles had been a little bit more enthusiastic about it, but Scott seemed like he really wanted to do this too. This was their thing, and he was surprised at the sudden change of heart.

Honestly if Stiles wasn’t literally all set up, paddles in hand syringes ready, he wouldn’t go through with it. Scott wasn’t wrong, there were serious risks to this. But yesterday coach said something about risk and reward, and the dissatisfaction of not trying at all.

He didn’t come this far to walk away. Not like Scott. He wasn’t scared. He was going to do this. Stiles had two syringes on the table in front of him one with concentrated Vitamin C, the other a cocktail adrenaline, Steroids, and pain medication.

He picked them up and stabbed them into the stitched up corpse in front of him. If the man wasn’t already dead, Stiles would be sure the combination of them would kill him. Now the moment of truth.

Stiles picked up the paddles. Turned the machine on and placed them on the dead man’s chest. One just to the right of his heart the other positioned under it. He waited a moment, took a deep breath.

“Clear.” He said, just because he had seen too many episodes of house to miss the chance.

He clicked the buttons located on the handles on each one.

“It’s alive!” Stiles said in more of a scream than in the glorious way they did it in all of the Frankenstein movies. But he was lucky he got words out at all. I mean come on. Would you not scream if a dead man opened his eyes and sat up grabbing you in the process?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.