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Wolf Blood-Where you Belong

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It's been 11 months since Stiles left home, and everyday it gets harder for him not to go running back. He knows him leaving would have hurt everyone he became closest with but he felt it would be safer if he were to leave. Boy was he wrong. He managed to reach Las Vegas without incident but he had to stay there for a few hours until the next bus arrived. In that time he ended up facing a vampire who was hell bent on killing him, he tried to walk away but she wouldn’t let him, so he did what he had to do, he killed her. Thankfully she turned to dust after so there was no way he could be arrested.

When he was back on the bus things were a little more tense as he had half a pack of werewolves staring at him the entire journey. He assumed he still smelt like the pack or maybe magic but they didn’t advance they just made snide comments and growled a few times. The journeys were long and dull so who could judge him when he spiced things up a little and made little cuts appear on the betas. He found it rather amusing watching their confusion. That was at least until they made it to Denver and he was cornered once off of the bus. He fought them off with grace and poise which wasn't his usual style, the end result made a small smirk play at his lips.
He stayed in Denver for a couple of days to sleep in a proper bed, that is where he ditched the phone he had only had for a few months and bought a burner, only entering his dads number and the sheriff station number. When he got to his motel room he routed around and found a map. He sat for a while looking over it and trying to find his final destination. He decided to head to Kansas.

So here he is now sat in a small room reading over a spell book he was given by the mage who kindly decided to take him in. She found him when he was wandering through Spring Hill looking for any shelter that he could find. She told him straight up what she was and he did the same. They didn’t trust each other right away, not even giving each other their names but after a couple of months walking on eggshells around each other the mage became like a big sister to stiles.
"Lucy" Stiles startles at the sudden noise.
"my name is Lucy" She smiles at the shocked look on Stiles' face.
"Stiles." He returns
Lucy is about to question the name when stiles clarifies.
"I don’t like my real name, so Stiles is a nickname. It's what everyone calls me" She nods at his response.
"You’ve been here a while now with no incidents, I believe you have it under control."
"I think I do but that’s thanks to our combined magic, we don’t know if the 'darkness' will come back." Stiles counteracts
"hmm… if it did come back all you need to do is a cleansing ritual. It seems to have helped a lot."
"Are you forgetting that I haven't been around an alpha? We don’t actually know if it has worked or not."
"Stiles you aren't going to find out unless you go home" Lucy says sympathetically
"I don’t want to go back. I can't risk hurting anyone."
"you already have by leaving them. How about…I come with you? I can stay around for a while make sure that everything is going smoothly? If not then we will come back here." Stiles takes a moment to think. thoughts running through his head. 'they're all going to hate me.' 'Derek will probably rip my throat out…with his teeth!!'. He sighs, running a hand through his hair.
"Do you think it's worth it?" he asks shyly
"Honey of course it's worth it. Plus I want to meet the hunk of an alpha you left behind whose name I still don't know." Her smile is warm but cheeky as she adds a wink making him instantly relax and agree. 'maybe going home won't be such a bad thing.'


The pack found their letters a few moments after stiles had left. Derek held his in his hands refusing to read it until he had returned home. He ran as fast as he could, his wolf howling inside at what the letter may hold. When he arrived back at his loft he ripped through the envelope to get to stiles' messy handwriting.
Well this is definitely the hardest one to write. First of all I want to say how sorry I am for everything and what I did I will regret for the rest of my life. You are my mate and it is taking every ounce of strength I have to let you go. I know that this is going to hurt you and that is never what I wanted but I would not be able to live with myself if I killed you. Over time you will move on and find someone who is amazing for you, someone that you deserve even if that someone isn't me. You are the strongest person I have ever met and I promise I will always be thinking of you. Please don’t look for me Derek I need to get everything sorted so I am not a risk to anyone, only then will I allow anyone to find me or will return to Beacon Hills. You are a lot stronger than you think you are and your betas really do look up to you, don’t let them down like I have. I love you so much Derek Hale and it was a pleasure to get to know you. Maybe one day we will get to be together but for now we have to go our separate ways. I will come back I just don’t know when. Be happy Alpha Hale.
Little red,

tears spilled down the alphas cheeks and before he knew what he was doing he howled, as loud as he could to try and reach his mate. He was on his knees by the time he was done, his wolf whimpering and whining the same words swirling around in his head. 'I love you so much Derek Hale'.
The pack spent weeks trying to find their friend but every lead they were given turned up nothing. The only person who was taking Stiles' leave well was his own father, who appeared to understand why he left. The pack on the other hand were a mess, constantly on the lookout for his scent, worrying that he had been taken again. It took 3 months for their searches to calm down. They weren't angry, they were hurt. But no one was as hurt as their alpha. Derek spent a lot f his time looked in his loft, or out hunting rabbits and deer just to pass the time. Now it has reached the 11th month and he is trying his hardest to do what stiles told him to. They all accepted stiles wasn’t coming back anytime soon so they had to continue with their lives.

Including Derek who has opened his heart (minutely) to Braeden a mercenary who was passing through Beacon Hills. She spends a lot of time helping to do research with Lydia when she isn't clung to Derek like a koala or out in the preserve doing target practise on poor unsuspecting birds.
The pack don’t like her much, they see her more as an asset than a friend, but if their alpha is happy so are they. Sort of. They all think Derek should wait for Stiles but they also understand how unhealthy that would be so they do what makes him happiest and support him.
Scott, Isaac and Jackson have grown closer since Stiles left, they find comfort in each other and the memories of when they were younger and would be glued to each other's sides. They don’t admit anything but they are all holding on to a slither of hope that one day they will all be together again, just like old times.