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The Death of a Warrior.

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Dark lights clicked over the lifeless Beacon Hills Memorial hallway. Blood splashes draped the walls. Her feet were drenched in it, the boots she was wearing could barely handle water let alone the thickness of the crimson liquid. She looked at it as bittersweet. She knew she had it coming. This massacre was her fault. She walked through the lifeless corpses and kicked some limp arms out of her path. She smirked as she saw a random man's soulless eyes. Something about the darkness that surrounded these people, the lifelessness was enough to keep her hyped, something that fueled her. It was terrifying, since when did she have such a desire to see innocent people suffer? Since when did she- She made it to the end of the hall and a voice called out her name, distracting her from her thoughts.


It was a moan, a grown of pain. She found herself stop in her tracks before she turned around and smirked. Looking at a limb boy about her age leaning against the hospital wall. He was among the corpses and yet was very much alive. She leaned down the meet the boy’s blue eyes, as he added a surreal amount of pressure to the slash of his stomach. The wound looked horrible, like if this boy didn't get help then he would pass on with the rest of them very very soon. Something about that made Seraphine's stomach sink. She shook it off, this was going to stay emotionless.

“Sera please, don’t..don’t do this.”

The girl let out a laugh, she moved some of the hair out of the wounded boy’s face, and cupped his chin before her eyes glowed a crystallized blue and she slowly tilted her head to look at the boy’s wounded face.

“Oh Liam, I already have.”

Her teeth soon transitioned into fangs and her eyes widened. Oh but what Liam Dunbar didn't know..was that she was only getting started.