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Lunar Mother

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Darkness covered Beacon Hills quickly, it being cold and getting colder during this time of year made night come faster. Crickets and the rustling of plants was the only noise besides the occasional owl. Until a panting noise rose from the depths of the woods, along with running of feet. Two pairs of solid footfalls could be heard running through the dark of the trees. One faster and lightly footed for their small frame and the other louder, leaving deep footprints as they ran.

A crackle rained behind them, along with a feminine voice. A female voice that sounded crazed and evil. "Run, run, run. You can't hide, I'll find you where ever you go!" She bellowed, a wicked laugh leaving from between her lips.

A whimper sounded from the running figures, before the male with a lighter voice spoke. "Isaac, come on. Hurry!" He rushed while glancing toward the other boy, his pants loud against the forest trees. His whiskey colored eyes looking at the curly haired wolf behind him. He watched as Isaac panted and held his chest, his eyes wide in pain, as he was hit into a tree not too long ago. The lighter male then started running again, hoping the other boy could keep up.

"Sorry, Stiles. Just in pain." He wheezed out, his chest constricting as he tried to breath. Stiles, the other male with a buzz cut and freckles stopped running and turned back toward the other boy, walking over to him. He bent over Isaac and put his hand on his shoulder, looking at him with eyes full of worry.

"I know you're hurt, but we have to keep going. We have to find the others." Stiles said, his voice soft. Isaac looked at him and nodded, while getting off his knees in order to run. Though once he was on his feet and ready to run, he was dealt with a painful hit and sent to the ground with a loud thud.

Stiles gasped, "Isaac!" He yelled and dropped next to him, his eyes following the stream of purple acidic magic that came from the hit werewolf.

His eyes fell on a young woman, her hair slightly curly and messed up. Her skin pale like the dead and her eyes glowing an acid green. You could tell by her eyes, she had crazy intentions. She stood before them, her left hand glowing an acid purple color. She held a sinister grin, as she raised her hand and flicked her blonde hair away from her face. "Oh, how sad. Did the little puppy get hurt?" She asked, sounding like sugar coated evil.

Stiles glared at her, while standing to his feet and covering the view of Isaac. "What do you want from us!?" He yelled the question, anger surging through his veins.

The woman blinked, before snorting. "Well, you could say Derek is involved in all of this. I met him some time ago and became infatuated with him. How could I not?" She grinned as she answered, her white teeth shinning from the moonlight.

"Then, when I tried asking him out, he said he had someone else." She shared, narrowing her eyes at the memories playing in her head. "Someone who meant more to him than another fling." She gritted her teeth, her nose wrinkling. "He rejected me! I became a fling! Something that was beneath him!" She yelled, shaking her head. "Can you imagine how embarrassing that was?" She asked, her voice going back to it's usual tone. Then she smiled an obsessed smile. "He was just scared, I think. Afraid of commitment. He'll be mine sooner or later." She stated causally, sending Stiles a cocky wink.

Stiles looked at her with disgust, "You're sick!" He yelled. She whipped her head to look at him, causing him to back up and stand more over Isaac, who only curled more under Isaac's feet.

The witch sighed, "You don't understand the meaning of love, you're just a child." She stated pointedly.

Stiles narrowed his eyes more, "I do! I can just see that you're a crazy lady! Derek isn't like that!" He yelled, pointing toward the woman. "He won't just drop into your lap like a lapdog! He means more than that!" As Stiles realized what he was saying, he stopped and covered his mouth, his eyes widening.

The witch stared at him in shock, then she sneered and her eyes flashed. "You're in love with him! You want what's mine!" She screamed, while Stiles shook his head, but he didn't move. He stayed over Isaac, who needed him, he wasn't a coward, he couldn't just run when he was scared.

She giggled at his movements, "Well, if you love him, that means you love his pups too, right?" She looked down at the whimpering boy behind him. Isaac saw her looking at him and curled further into Stiles left leg and clutched it.

The woman snickered, "If you love his pups so much, I think you deserve to learn what it means to have pups." She suggested, tilting her head to the side. "Maybe in all of this, he'll leave your side, while you die a sad death." She said, bouncing up and down with glee.

"Yes! I have just the spell for this. Plus, I get to make that disobedient pup his rightful age." She grinned, wiggling her body. "It's a win, win situation!" She laughed, before her eyes flashed a deeper purple and she raised her hands. Both were glowing purple and shining brightly. "Both of you shall feel my power!"

As she said this, Stiles dropped and covered Isaac as fast as he could, but it didn't stop the magic from hitting them both. They screamed in pain, a flash of light blasted itself from their very beings and up into the sky.

Several miles from their spot, on a hill, the rest of the pack stood panting. Derek at the front, with Scott and Boyd by his sides, was the first to see the light. His eyes flashed red and he roared, he found them. Him and the pack took off toward the light, in hopes Isaac and Stiles would be safe, but it felt like they were too late.

As the pack searched, the witch stopped the spell. She stared at the two figures on the forest floor in glee. Then she heard the howls of the pack and the roar of the Alpha. She glared in sinister glee and disappeared. Waiting for the right moment and time, that she would make herself known again.


Stiles groaned as he woke from the pain induced sleep. He gasped and sat up, looking around. He noticed he was still in the woods. He found no witch, she was gone, but he did find something else in her wake. Below him in several bundles of clothing was a baby, a newborn baby with wisps of curly hair and hazel colored eyes.

The baby's cheeks were pink and his body wiggling around as he whimpered. Stiles stared in shock, Isaac was now a mear baby. He quickly bundled baby Isaac in his shirt and jacket and got up. He didn't feel all that different, but he had a suspicious feeling he had also been changed, just like Isaac.

Once he was standing, he heard the howls of the pack. He bit his lip and bounced the whimpering baby in his arms, as he waited for them. He didn't have to wait long, only a minute, before they ran toward him and stopped short.

Derek stood tall and regal from his crouched state and stared at them both in shock, as did the others. Scott came forward and blinked, "Stiles?" He asked. Stiles nodded, he felt hair move with him and felt for certain that he had been changed.

Lydia from her shocked state, looked at the baby in his arms and gasped. "Is that?" She pondered and Stiles nodded again.

"Isaac? Yeah." He said, his voice sounding lighter than normal, but nothing horrible, he decided to look at himself once he was inside Derek's new place. He couldn't go home at this moment, his dad would freak, plus, he felt a deep connection with the pup in his arms. He felt like if he left Isaac alone, his heart would be ripped out. He looked at the rest of them and blinked at their shocked state.

Brushing it off, he turned to Derek and gulped. "Let's go, I can't be here anymore." He said, staring at him. Derek finally moved and nodded, leading the pack to his place. Hopefully they could get a hold of Deaton and hopefully he would know what happened.