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a coke on the house since you dont speak

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"Hurry up Stiles, Allison is waiting on me" Scott said rushing down the steps. Stiles puts on a black tee shirt and white pants his blonde hair slick back.
he rushes to the mustang and hopes in the side .
Stiles is hiding a secret.
Scott don't know it but he will. not now but later. Stiles only smiles in the car "what do you even like about Allison?"
Scott smiles in a instant "well she is the prettiest gal in the school plus her smile I mean why do you like Lydia so much?"
Stiles shrugs " I don't really like Lydia anymore " Stiles lost his likeliness for her when he went into the Boys locker room.
stiles don't really know what to do about it. if he likes boys or what?
he sighs and Scott looks at him "so I take it Lydia just got tired of you chasing' her and told you to scram?"
Stiles shook his head "no I just woke up one day got tired of trying to be with her and stop"


the local diner
Allison jumped up and hugged Scott, Stiles just went into the diner feeling like a third wheel already, He sit down and looks and the man making the milkshakes he smiles and his jaw drops
"HE IS HE IS A GOD, LOOK AT THAT FACE, JESUS SEND ME BACK TO CHURCH" Stiles thinks he blushes when the man looks at him. sent a shiver down his spine
"do you want to order something sir?"
"uh a uh"
"a coke on the house since you don't speak" the man smiles and winks at stiles, Stiles blushes insanely and reaches for the coke "uh thanks and its Stiles and what is your name sir?"
"its Derek hale "
he smiles and drinks the coke, Scott and Allison walk into the diner and look at Derek like he is a disease. "stiles I think we need to go" stiles looks at scott then at Derek "why I like it here "
Stiles walks over to him and Scott whispers in his ear "that man likes to date dudes he raped a boy a month ago"
Stiles eyes widen he knew these were fibs to get some guy kicked out of town and because a man was gay...
Stiles sits back down "I'm staying here you can leave without me" stiles held back tears "'ill get my dad to get me or mom when she gets off work" Derek looks at stiles he is confused.
Scott heads for the door with Allison they laugh at the man. Stiles bites his lip.
"so that's a rumor if you didn't notice and I wonder what else is going around about me?" stiles shakes his head "rumors are terrible made up by people who are bored of their own life
so they want to ruin others"
Derek smiles at the kid. he liked him.
a tear slipped down Stiles face he hides it and whispers "my friend hates me all because my sexuality and I have not told him yet if he shunned someone he don't know what will he do to me" Derek pats his back "if he is your true friend he will love you no matter what"
stiles looks up tear stained Derek wipes under his eyes with a napkin then walks over to the juke box he plays Elvis, Stiles smiles and looks up at Derek
who was leaning against the juke box. in a black Jacket and a white shirt and blue jeans "would you like to dance since everyone left?"
stiles smiles and walks over he nods and Derek grabbed him and pulled him closer and they dance as close as they can get and yet Stiles wanted more the warmth of him, the smile he gives him. A car horn blares. Stiles lets go and rushes out he knew it was his dad he waved bye and got in the car humming.