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To fear the unknown

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Today was a day like any other. The hot sun waves flashed across the sky. Beating down your skin. I never knew the sky could be so blue.Well when would you have time to look when everyone want you dead. I know what your thinking of why does everyone want me dead. Well it comes with the package of immorlaity. people will always fears the unknown and for them I am the biggest riddle of them all. Since they fear you. You become target . since there intrigued by you, you be come a possesion And since they envy you, you become the most hate being on earth.


So here I was standing front of yet another school,as the blur of student bushed by as long as I have these buildings ,once filled with so much knowledge and new experiences, have become useless and mundane. All the cliques and society outcast filing into school waiting for information to be stuff down they're throats.

''Come kid don't look so sad this is for the best. Okay.''uncle Robert said looking at me with worry. I understand his worry this the second school been to in two years. The hunters were getting too close so we had keep moving.

"Alright but I don't have to like it. Maybe with any luck this with be the last school.'' I said turning my head to  look at his face. He held out a bag pack to me. I took it slinging over my right shoulder turn back to the school.

" That all I ask. Now go on don't want to be late for school.I will here to pick you up after." Uncle Robert said throwing his around my shoulder giving a tight squeeze and kissing me on top of my head.

"Love you kiddio, have fun" he continued nugding me toward the door. Turning around walking back to the car, he pause mid step and turns around.

"Oh and no trouble. it's your first day stiles I don't want be call in" uncle Robert said looking at me with rise brow. I been known stick my nose in things that are of no concern to me. drawing too much  attention to us. (that happen in the old town before this one. ). In order to survive you must stay hidden.

"Alright alright no trouble. Now go or you'll be late for work. " I said wave him off turning taking deep breathing started walking to school. Well here goes nothing..