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Words with Werewolves (rewrite and extended)

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Being back in Beacon Hills is more difficult than Derek ever expected.

Slightly over four years without his true best friend has been nothing short of torture. Now that the Hale family is back, Derek cannot bring himself to come to some sort of resolve about these intense and unfamiliar feelings he has had pent up after all these years. They bring an emptiness in the center of his chest that he has tried to fill but without any success.

He has tried to fit in, he has tried to date, he even tried to have a girlfriend. All of these efforts the past number of years have proven unfruitful. He has tried to do what he could to make the bleak emptiness disappear but with each effort, it became more and more evident that nothing was going to fill that lone spot in his heart.

So here he is now, nervously sitting on the newly finished steps of the oak wrap-around porch. Derek stares out into the cold and damp morning fog just before sunrise and is only slightly relieved about what today will bring.

It is the last day he will be considered a Junior at Beacon Hills High school and he is hoping it will be the beginning of some relief from this pain he has been muddling through.

He takes one last look at his phone screen and then sets it aside. His "Words with Friends" game will have to wait while he takes in the surroundings of the home he missed for so many years. The feeling of "home" is warm and comforting to him and it was only getting stronger the older he became. He was well aware that this feeling was amplified a hundred-fold when he was with his best friend. It was an unexplainable sense of security and love when his best friend was by his side. But that seems like an eternity ago.

The amplified feeling was lost years ago and it has not returned even after moving back.

The entire Hale family has moved back into the now massive and elegant mansion. It had to be rebuilt and is now thrice as large as before.

His parents told the family that If they were actually going to make Beacon Hills, Pennsylvania a central werewolf hub and the official Hale headquarters, the home they needed upon their return would have to be much different than before.

This new home resembles the old one, but over the years his uncles bought even more land to accommodate their lycanothropic needs. It has an extensive two room library and research center, two huge modern kitchens with pantries enough to feed an army, various outside vegetable, fruit and herbal gardens, more guest rooms than a motel and direct access to the huge Preserve lake.

They have other amenities that not many know about such as secret passageways and hidden rooms within the house, extensive underground tunnels spidering out to various significant landmarks throughout the city. They even started up a business that is something that is much needed for the werewolf community but is also serves as a front for generating finances for the family; not that they need it.

Even though it is going on six months since they have been back, Derek feels this pervasive nudging at his consciousness. His inner wolf will not let him settle in and ignore "the call". He can tell his parents and older sister Laura know the changes that are occurring within him. Still, he is just too embarrassed and proud to confront them.

He had been told about "the call" but it is confusing to him nonetheless.

He catches his entire family looking at him at times with empathy and it is almost like they want to tell him something that seems to be alluding him but, they remain steadfastly silent. It is made known to him that he always has an ear with which will listen, a shoulder to cry on or a friend/parent/sister to lean on.

He feels like he should talk to them but he honestly does not even know what he would say or how he would even begin the conversation. He innately feels something he cannot describe. How could he even put this feeling into words. It is beyond frustrating.

He currently has very few mundane worries. He is quite fortunate because when they abruptly moved away four years ago, his family was well off at the time. He never had to worry about material things but he never took it for granted. But not nearly as wealthy and powerful as they are now.

Derek Hale has everything this and any other young man could ever want and he is thankful. But his inner wolf is not interested in anything material right now. The nudging at his consciousness feels like something that, when it is revealed, will make him complete. Like a part of his soul has been vacant for years.

So far, returning to Beacon Hills has just amplified that sense of loss.

While clasping the Triskele necklace made from an arrowhead for him years ago, he sips his smooth yet bitter morning coffee and fondly remembers his life when things seemed more clear and carefree; before they moved. Nothing was 'missing' back then. Everything seemed clear and crisp and it became more sharp if he discussed it with his best friend.

When he had his best friend, he could honestly say now and back then, he did not desire anything. Or anyone else for that matter.

Derek had just turned fourteen with his best friend trailing behind him only by a few months. They were constant companions and did nearly everything together. He keenly remembers his mother pulling him to the side one day and telling him that one day he would find out just how important this relationship would be.

He never was sure exactly what his mother meant by the word "relationship". It seemed like a word only adults talked about, but it always brought the brightest smile to his handsome face.

Back in the day, a family by the last name Farkas, was part of the Hale pack. Tess Farkus was the Emissary for the Hales since the early 1960's. She was pivotal in helping Derek's grandmother, Alpha Marjorie, expand the Hale territory ten fold and made them the largest pack in the Pennsylvania tri-state area.

Alpha Marjorie had three children; Adam, Peter and the youngest, his mom Talia. Her husband was a great father but alas, he was not her mate. Later in life that she actually met her mate shortly after getting married.

Things went well until they didn't. For Alpha Marjorie, the year Talia was born was difficult. Talia was a breach birth which was difficult for the mother and child even in the mid 1970;s

Emissary Tess had to use her spark to keep both alive. This drained Tess's life force, taking years to regain even the slightest semblance of her former power.

Then both women lost their human husbands to a radical hunter faction. The hunters were easily dealt with but then Tess found out that she was pregnant with her only child Claudia. Neither woman was ever the same.

So, from that point on, both children were groomed for specific purposes. Marjorie reared Talia to be the strongest Alpha possible and Tess taught Claudia everything she knew to engage her spark.

Claudia and Talia became close friends not only because the liked each other but also out of necessity.

Marjorie and Tess eventually passed.

Despite Claudia being expected to be the next Emissary after Tess' passing, she declined the position much to everyone;s surprise and disappointment. Reluctantly, Talia accepted her wishes and when Claudia became the assistant to Dr. Deaton who was the new Beacon Hills Veterinarian, neither of them expected him to actually ask to be the Hale Emissary.

The families were close but when Claudia got married and had her only son, she kept him out of the Hale pack for his own safety. This did not keep him from becoming best friends with Talia;s middle child, Derek. They met when they entered elementary school and before you knew it, they were attached at the hip. To these two boys, life seemed grand even till their early teens.

That is until the fire at the mansion changed everything.

It was not unlike many other previous summer weekends; Derek's Uncles Peter and Sam had invited his sister's family up to their humble cottage off the Juniata river. This one weekend already had an unusual feel to it. Like something ominous was hanging over it but the feeling could not be shook.

Derek begged his parents and Claudia to let his best friend come along.

He did not really need to ask because they were all essentially family. When Talia called, Claudia said she was told by her son "how awesome it was going to be to go to the mountains with Derek." and she agreed.

Claudia remarked, "Honestly Talia, if I do not let him go, I do not think that I would hear the end of it. Can you image what it would be like to have him pouting around all weekend long because there was no Derek? No thank you. John and I embrace the little sanity that we have left." Talia and Claudia laughed for almost two minutes.

Unfortunately, this would be the last weekend that Derek and his best friend, Stiles would see each other anytime soon.


While wading through the shallow part of the river down from the cottage, Stiles found an unique Indian arrowhead that resembled a Triskele. Knowing the significance of this symbol for the Hales, Stiles crafted a necklace for his best friend.

On their first night at the cottage, as the two were getting ready for bed, Talia and her husband watched from afar. Both were lying in their sleeping bags huddled up next to each other when Stiles presented it to Derek.

Derek's eyes flooded with emotion while a blush spread across his face as he reached for it and put it around his neck.

Derek's parents watched the exchange between the two boys and could only smile at each other knowing that this was probably the beginning of the new aspect of their friendship.

It would be something that was going to be heavily encouraged and both young men would be discovering things together.

Just before sunrise the very next day, Talia knew something was not right. She felt like her family was being watched. It all became clear when her oldest Laura came back from a very early morning run. When she got back, she told her parents and uncles of the distinct smell of wolfsbane and mistletoe on a group of people she had never seen before. Talia's Alpha instincts kicked in and before they knew it, everyone was packed up and they bolted back home. Stiles, Derek and his sisters could see the fear etched on all the adults faces. Talia received a call on her cell from Dr. Deaton and when she hung up, she looked at her husband in pure terror. The gas peddle was pushed closer to the floor.

Talia called Claudia and she was completely frantic. Her worst fears coming true.

Stiles was promptly brought back to the Stilinski residence. Talia received a text from Deaton that a large faction of hunters in the Pittsburgh area who had made their way to the surrounding areas of Beacon Hills.

Claudia burst out onto the front porch door with tears streaming down her face when she heard from her husband, the sheriff. She conveyed the news that the Hale home was ablaze. Claudia hugged Talia tight because she knew what had to be done.

It was already decided that Peter and his spouse Sam would be staying behind to manage "the problem" as much as they could. The Hale family however, would go far away and into seclusion for however long it would take. Laura, Cora and Derek had little time to process what was actually happening.

As the blue Toyota SUV pulled away from the Stilinski residence, Derek began screaming and watched in horror as Stiles ran down the driveway after him with hot tears streaming down his cheeks. All Derek could do was put his hand up to the rear window and gasp as Stiles figure eventually disappeared.

Talia did her best to console Derek as Claudia did with Stiles but despite their intentions, consoling their children was completely unsuccessful.

Of the two children, the young werewolf was hit the hardest especially due to puberty. This was a defining time for a male werewolf and Derek;s early teen years were personally unfulfilling..

Depression and anxiety filled Derek's daily life. Talia knew that Derek being away from Stiles would be torture but there was nothing that could be done. There was to be no contact with the Stilinski's or anyone else in Beacon Hills. That was the final word that came from Derek's parents. It did not take long for Derek to become reclusive and quiet. Sports and weight lifting were the only things he did that minimally relieved the sadness, but the relief was shortlived

Four years later, Peter and Sam eventually convinced Talia and her husband Thomas that it was safe to return. The Hales moved back to Beacon Hills just before Christmas.

Laura just finished college the summer before and moved back as well. Cora and Derek would start mid year in high school. Upon contacting the sheriff, Talia found out that Claudia had passed away two years prior very unexpectedly.

Returning seemed as though it was going to be hard on everyone.

Derek himself had to cope with the guilt and embarrassment of returning and not actively seeking his former best friend out. Stiles felt dejected years ago so he was not going to seek out Derek.

School had been extremely awkward for both of them. It takes a significant amount of effort to make sure you did not run into them.

Stiles stopped over once with his father to welcome them but Derek would not come down from his room and Stiles remained in the sheriff's vehicle. It was uncomfortable to say the least.

Derek did what he could to occupy his mind and body; anything to avoid facing his guilt. Even after returning, he would have intense physically demanding workouts and would run as much as he could. It provided only temporary peace of mind. His depression was worsening and the anxiety and guilt was still causing a lack of sleep his body so badly craved.

His inner wolf was anxious and pacing incessantly in his mind. Now that he was actually physically closer to Stiles, a whirlwind of thoughts still plagued him since their move back. He thought just like the whirlwind he could see in his coffee.

Still on the porch while Derek is in deep thought, Laura steps out and looks at her brother with something akin to empathy. She thinks Derek is constantly lost in his thoughts and is most likely struggling with the reemergence of buried four year old emotions. She shakes her head and turns around going back into the kitchen to get herself a cup of coffee.

He has a firm grip on the fragile mug of Arabica coffee that he has been sipping at for the past 5 minutes? 40 minutes? He does not even know.

All he knows is how lost and empty he feels.

Stirring his coffee is mesmerizing because the swirls of soft brown in his mug remind him of the eyes of someone that he could not look away from so many years ago.

Everywhere he goes and everything that he sees reminds him of that special someone that he had to leave behind without so much as a good bye. They have seen each other and know of each other's existence but Derek feels waves of anxiety and anger roll off of Stiles whenever they see each other. Stiles went so far as to make sure they did not have any classes together.

Any chance at restoring a relationship between him and Stiles seems impossible and destined not to happen.

Derek misses him but seeing him at school has become increasingly unbearable and now, knowing he will not visually see him over the summer after school lets out, just grinds a hole in his guts which makes him physically nauseated.

He pours his coffee into the grass just as Laura comes out with Cora to take them to school for the last day before summer break.

Hopefully, working with Laura for a month or so will take his mind off of things.


It is the end of May and the school hallways are bustling with excitement. This is the last day before summer break. In the cafeteria, everyone is starting to clear out because they only have the afternoon classes to go through and then it is pure and utter freedom for the masses. Stiles is not so much excited because his current obsession is making him rather distant from everything going on around him.

"Stiles? ... Stiles?" Scott a bit louder after being selectively ignored. "Yo, Stiles!?", Stiles exhales an exasperated breath as he hears his friends' rubber soles getting louder as he runs up to him.

"Jeez, Scott! Could you yell any louder? I heard you the first time." Stiles looks up a bit peeved from his cellphone. He glances back down as Scott easily slides in beside him while they are walking out of the god forsaken high school cafeteria.

"Scotty, can you not see I am in some serious deep thought? I am trying to come up with words with two or three letters for this damn Words with Friends game. It demands my total concentration." Stiles gawks at him and Scott just raises and eyebrow and shakes his head.

"What? What did I do?"

"Well, don't you think you are just a bit overly preoccupied with that game?" Stiles gapes at him in shock. 'Does Scott even KNOW him?' the thinks. Scott gently nudges Stiles shoulder,

"Come on buddy, lunch is over and we have three more classes till this day is over and summer break begins." with a disgusted look on his face, Scott hastily dispenses his cafeteria tray and tugs at Stiles to follow him. Stiles looks briefly back to his phone.

"Look, if playing Words with friends helps me avoid 'mister eyebrow-death glare', then that is what I'll do between classes." He pulls his phone down and gives Scott his sad puppy eyes, "Dude, I still can't believe that you are abandoning me and leaving your best friend behind for almost an entire summer just so you can go visit your Aunt in Iowa."

Stiles looks down giving his phone a very confused and frowning face because he just got a WWF notification, "What is there to even do in Iowa except for... Ummph!!"

Stiles plows directly into something warm and solid which causes him to lose his balance. Scott turns around but is not fast enough. He stops in mid step as he sees Stiles falling forward. Stiles new cellphone becomes a rocketing projectile and begins to fly through the air. It does not get far as large hands grab it midflight.

Stiles is flailing as he scrunches his eyes and prepares to be one with the cement floor. But there ends up not being a thud or a lot of pain.

The back of his red hoody is grasped tightly and he stops in a horizontal position. He lets out a whine more because the hoody is tight around his neck as to opposed to the pain he did not receive by slamming into the cafeteria floor. He slowly opens his eyes because it is deathly quiet because all this fellow students are watching in shock. Stiles' face is hovering two inches from the red cement floor.

Before he can breath or make anymore sounds, he is forcibly yanked up like a rag doll and is launched through the air where he is eventually pushed comfortably against a brick wall. Stiles is a bit shaky but he is being held firmly in place with a large, masculine hand up against his chest.

His focus finally adjusts and he has two of the most beautiful green-yellow-blue-grey-marine eyes staring at him. He has not been this close to his former best friend since he has been back but he looks the same as he remembers just more 'hot' than Stiles ever remembers.

Stiles gets quivery butterflies in his stomach which are quickly replaced with a nervous flop sweat because 'they' have been actively avoiding each other. I guess up till now.

"You! Do you even watch where you are going?" and 'Oh Shit!', of all people, yes it is Derek Hale.

Stiles just stares in disbelief taking all of Derek it and not uttering a syllable. So, Derek leans closer into his personal space bringing warmth and the addicting essence that is Derek. Stiles thinks back and remembers how physical proximity to his former best friend used to bring him a feeling of safety and comfort.

Stiles faculties are overwhelmed but he remembers that Derek hates him. His mouth goes dry and he can barely breath because, well he might be dead in the next five seconds.

He tries to hold back the shiver that travels down his spine as he looks down at Derek Hales' hands on his chest for almost a minute. 'where did all this muscle and hair come from?'. Derek seems to sense something because he stares at Stiles and even leans further to sniff a couple times as his eyes dance between Stiles neck, eyes and mouth.

The myriad of emotions spreading across his face leave him quiet which is actually quite a feat for someone like him. He quickly turns to Scott who is just standing stock still with huge bug eyes.

Eventually, Stiles starts to formulate some type of coherent thought. Just Derek's proximity seems to intimidate yet comfort Stiles. Does that even make sense?

Derek smirks but edges even closer and pushes his firm warm muscular chest further into Stiles front causing a slight 'meep' from Stiles. Their warm noses graze each others and Derek's cool, minty breath tickles Stiles nostrils. Stiles mind has just officially went offline and he loses any thought he might have had. Derek speaks first in a gravely low voice.

"Since you obviously do not know how to speak or forgot how to, it has become apparent that you cannot see where you are going. I only have one suggestion Stiliniski." Derek slowly leans in and lightly whispers in his ear while his soft lips and a brush of whiskers ghost over Stiles' earlobe, "I would not want anything to happen to you so please, pay attention to where you are going and try to be more careful." and with that, Derek pushes back and releases his grip on Stiles while never taking his eyes off of him.

Stiles is still staring at him because, damn, these are the actual true first words Derek has spoken to him since he moved back to Beacon Hills.

Before Stiles has the chance to straighten himself out, one of those large masculine hands is holding his new cellphone out, (oh thank fuck!) just a few inches from his face. "Here, there is no face planting yourself and your cellphone lives to see another day." (Derek had looks at the screen and smirks.) "Maybe playing Words with Friends is not the best thing to be doing when you are walking around in public.

He briefly continues, "It takes some serious deep thought and total concentration to come up with words." Hey, Stiles just said the exact same thing to Scott. Hmm?

Stiles swallows the huge frog in his throat and reaches out to take his cellphone from Derek.

Derek playfully holds tight onto his phone until Stiles actually uses both hands and gently covers Derek's hand until he releases the phone. In shock and just barely above a whisper, Stiles speaks, "Uhm, yeah, thanks." He swallows again and with a more firm voice he says, "Thanks .... ah dude. I appreciate it. I owe you."

Derek starts to get light headed and a bit jittery because of the warmth of Stiles hands as they course over his hands has his heart racing out of control. The scent coming off of Stiles is slightly sour at first mixed with nervousness and anxiety but when they brush hands, it is like someone had a bottle of Jovan Musk cologne and sprayed it right in his face.

He quickly shakes his head and says, "You do not owe me anything, ever. Get it?".

Derek turns to walk away and as he leaves, he looks over his left shoulder and says, "No problem Stilinski, just ah... watch where you are going next time. We do not want anything to happen to that pretty face.." and then his expression changes like he is getting ready to ask Stiles for a favor. "Oh, and Stiles?"

Stiles is shocked at the compliment?? and gives Derek his undivided attention, "Don't call me dude. I have a name and you know it. Use it." A split second later he has disappeared around the brick corner of the silent cafeteria.

Other students are beginning to make noise, They are mumbling and looking at the exiting Derek as well as looking at Stiles. The attention makes Stiles' skin crawl. He mumbles to himself, "Well, that will hopefully be all the excitement for me today."

Once Derek is out of sight, a shocked bug-eyed Scott gallops towards Stiles a bit worried. "Dude, holy shit are you alright?" Scott looks all over Stiles to make sure he is fine. "You seem okay. I mean, that is Derek Hale. Isn't he the same guy you have been telling me about since Christmas that you used to be friends with?"

A nervous Scott starts to ramble, "Hell, I did not know he even knew who you were." Stiles is still standing stunned trying to grasp onto Scott's sentences. "You know, I might not be fond of that Hale guy but he does have a point. If you do not watch what your doing or where you are going, you are going to get yourself killed." Scott just hastily brushes off invisible dust on Stiles flannel shirt.

Stiles is still standing there mouth agape with a slack jaw and staring into space while trying to comprehend what had just transpired. Was that a compliment from Derek or an underhanded comment?

In a very low detached sort of dreamy voice, Stiles eyes flutter and he drones out a hypnotized response, "Yeah, yeah I know Scott. I will try and be more careful." as he starts to come out of his daze, in a very soft voice, Stiles reveals some insight to his current thoughts.

"Hey Scott? You know that talk we had some months back around the time that the Hales moved back to Beacon Hills? I told you that I thought I might be more into guys than I am into girls?" Stiles can feel his anxiety starting to ramp up. He tries to wipe his embarrassment away but perspiration is running down his face like a waterfall and his heart is erratic and just about to burst of out his chest.

Scott scoots closer because the entire school does not need to know either of their business, "Yeah buddy, I remember."

Stiles stares down the hallway were Derek went, "Well, I think it has just been confirmed that I definitely like guys much more and I mean MUCH MORE than girls!" After he realizes what just slipped out of his mouth, "OH shit, does that make me gay?"

Scott cannot answer that questions for Stiles so they both turn and mindlessly walk through the hallway in the same direction that Derek went. "Dude, I have been wondering if my sexual awakening has been all in my head and I thought I was just making things up in my head." He gets a wide grin and laughs out loud and speaks quite confidently.

"Well, let me tell you Mr. McCall, my inclination to lean toward the male persuasion of the species has been definitely confirmed thanks to Mr. Derek Hale. Fuck he is so hot and he used to be my best friend. What the hell is my life?"

An astonished Scott slaps him on the back of the head and forcibly drags a protesting flailing Stiles by his overstuffed back pack into the Men's bathroom. "Dude, what the hell are you talking about?"

Stiles is pushed towards the corner of the room. His back pack is heavy and all but falls off his shoulders and he finally tries to regroup while leaning on the white cold bathroom sink.

Scott continues to embark on his lecture but Stiles needs to splash cold water on his face so he can pay attention to Scott. He also hopes this will help with trying to calm down his racing heart. Stiles peaks at Scott with bewilderment in the mirror's reflections.

Scott raises an eyebrow in disbelieve because apparently Stiles is suddenly looking at him clueless. "What the hell did you just say back there? Am I missing something?"

He steps closer to the mirror staring more intently at Stiles reflection, "Because one of the most awkward, frightening and moody people I have ever met just slammed you up against a brick wall after preventing you from pancaking on the floor."

Scott moves forward and looks at Stiles from the side mirror. "Even if he used to be a close friend in the past, what does him being hot have to do with the fact that he man handled you?"

Stiles occupies his time as he wipes his face down with a scratchy paper towel. "Okay Scotty, I get your concern and I thank you for it."

"Yes, you are right. Derek Hale looks like he is angry at the world and pissed off all the time.

"Yes, Derek's default facial expression is to deliver a murderous stare and ..." he sputters to a stop mid sentence.

Stiles stops to carefully listen. It is awfully quiet in the bathroom and something feels... off. A chill runs down his spine. He only gets this way when Derek approaches him. It started when they were children and it became habit to feel when Derek was close or near.

But damn, he forgot to check the toilet stalls to see if anyone else was hiding out or hanging in the bathroom. They both stand stock still and listen to the distant echoes out in the hallway. This chill runs down Stiles spine again giving him a tickly but foreboding feeling. Stiles waits a good ten seconds and doesn't hear anything. Before he can even continue, Scott beats him to the punch.

"Dude, I do not care what you say because that guy Derek, is a bit off. So, his entire family up and moves without so much as a good bye to you or your family and then out of the blue, they move back to Beacon Hills six months ago?" Stiles just shrugs because what really can he say about that.

Scott is not impressed, "You know, since he has been here he hasn't spoken to anyone in this entire school except his sisters, his teachers and his odd ball group of three friends. He is always moping and skulking around the hallways. And I have caught him many times just lurking in the shadows of the classrooms in a supremely bizarre fashion."

"And if you have not noticed, when he sees you in particular, he get all weird. He either abruptly changes direction away from you or gets immediately angry and frowns while staring holes into you. What the hell is up with that?"

Scott twists Stiles by the shoulders to look at him face to face. "Listen to me Stiles, I don't care about your little personal sexual revelation. Fine, you like guys more than girls. Big whoop. Yay, let's have a parade. You know I never care about that stuff. I love you and our friendship because you are you."

"All I am saying buddy is be careful because that guy totally freaks me the fuck out." Scott starts to grasp his bookbag as the first warning bell rings.

"You really need to start paying more attention to things and your surroundings when playing those games on your fucking phone." Scott places a hand on Stiles shoulder in sympathy, "Like Derek for one. He may be hot according to you but it is clearly evident that he is in no way interested in you and I think he would much rather strangle you and put you in a dumpster. Plus, well, it's creepy."

The truth that Scott just spilled hits Stiles unexpectedly. Stiles frowns and nods to Scott like he understands exactly what Scott is saying. "Yeah, Okay man, I get it. Thanks for the info and for caring buddy."

Stiles feels bad about this opinion that Scott seems to have about Derek. But he is right! Who is he kidding? He does not have a clue who Derek is these days.

Stiles knows he is still getting through his awkward stage of puberty but it appears that Derek just bypassed that and looks like a male model with muscles as well as the other extra masculine amenities.

Stiles sees the way that all the girls look at Derek. They just ooze lust and want and it's like they don't even see who the person that Derek is.

The thought that they could be friends again let alone maybe something more is completely ridiculous. What in the hell was he even thinking?

Still, there is this feeling inside of Stiles that he innately needs to protect, defend and support Derek because of their past friendship. Things cannot all be bad behind those beautiful green eyes.

"Look, Scott. Yeah, Derek looks like a disgruntled bad ass a majority of the time but who knows what is going on in his life."
"Oh and yes, thank you so very fucking much for reminding me that someone else who is burning hot and popular wouldn't take a second look at me. Look at me, puberty has not been the nicest to me and thank goodness it is coming close to an end."

"So, yes I know he is way out of my league and Derek would ever find someone like me even remotely attractive or interesting. Way to pump me up with positive thoughts and bolster my ego there Scotty."

Stiles gives him a sad look that has Scott hanging his head in shame. But there is no real heat to his remarks. Stiles knows this is his lot in life and he has accepted it.

Stiles confesses, "Yeah, maybe Derek hates me now. Who knows? Even if he doesn't smile or talk and refuses to interact with the rest of the planet. That is on him. That is his decision."

Damn how did this conversation get to be so shitty. Stiles decides to bond with Scott because he does actually make some very valid points.

"Maybe Derek hates the world. It is a shame those good looks got attached to a shitty demeanor. And, I do have to agree with you, Derek is socially inept to a degree but..."

Before Stiles can finish his sentence, there is a very loud guttural cough that almost sounds like a growl. Both boys eyes are now the size of oranges and they are staring in that direction. It appears to be coming from the fifth stall in the bathroom. The one that is plugged up with shit.

They both jump back in fright a few inches as the graffitied metal door slowly creaks open on it's hinges. Scott and Stiles turn ghostly pale and stare at the stall with their mouths open to catch flies. There is nothing for at least five seconds.

In a blinding whirlwind, the next thing Stiles knows is that his scrawny little ass is leaning up against the bathroom sink and his back is plastered up against the mirror. Scott just scoots back and watches in silence at the interaction unfolds.

Derek is there, angry, flushed and breathing into Stiles face and all Stiles can do is attempt to swallow and he does that rather unsuccessfully.

They are both looking at each other very intensely and the expression on Derek's face is not one of appreciation. Even thought Stiles is pinned for the second time in one day, the look on Derek's face is almost ...sad? Stiles fumbles to get his shoes back on the floor as he starts to speak.

"Uh, hey there Derek. Yeah, Derek dude, the man. We uh, ... we were just talking about you and..." Stile wipes the pouring sweat from his brow and continues.

"How about that, eh?"

Stiles gently pats Derek's forearm as if he were a puppy. Slowly, as the pressure against his chest start to hurt, "Uhm, Scott and I thought ...that ..."

Derek leans in much closer than expected which is beginning to terrify Stiles. 'How the hell did he not know that Derek hated him?' Derek's nostrils flare as he pushes his fist up underneath Stiles chin when grabbing his collar but with much less force because he must have noticed he might be hurting him.

He is so close that the radiant heat from Derek face paints the exposed flesh of Stiles exposed neck. By some instinct, Stiles turns his head and exposes his neck even more while closely eyeing what Derek is going to do next.

Then he feels a huff of hot air run down his neck into his open buttoned shirt. He can swear that he feels Derek's nose brush against his neck ever so slightly. Oh yup, there are his lips and tongue too.

Derek took a second and inhaled deeply with his eyes closed like he was savoring Stiles scent. Really? The thought of Derek this close with his body pressed firmly to his front and smelling Stiles, well it sends odd sensations, pulsations and flickers of electricity surging throughout his body. Most of them concentrated in his groin area.

His dick is raging hard and is jerking up and down the whole time while precum abundantly leaks in his boxers due to Derek's proximity.

Derek smiles and steps back minutely to look down between them. Pressure from Derek's pelvis is right there with his. It is an oddly uncomfortable yet satisfying sensation that is creating full blown hard engorgement of his unit. It is causing pant fabric tightness that is restricting everything in the crotch area of his jeans.

Oh fuck, it seems Derek noticed and this is so fucking embarrassing.

Derek did notice the heady arousal but he is still distraught from what he heard. Suddenly, there is a burst of pungent, strong pheromones as Stiles musky scent seeps between the two of them.

It confuses Derek so much that his own arousal was spiked. Hell, every time he sees Stiles he gets aroused and pops a semi. Derek wants this to go right and he can't let these chemo signals get in the way.

So, he waits while looking back and forth between Stiles eyes as though he was searching for something but didn't know what it was.

It hits him then and he has to shake his head because now he feels something more concerning. He never meant to be the source of the anxiety and stress that is rolling off of Stiles in overwhelming amounts.

Derek quickly glances at Scott ever so closely but then he plants his stare right back on Stiles. After about half a minute and the second warning bell for the next class rings, he relents.

"I have two you know." He swallows back his own fear because he knows that he must get these words out, "I heard everything fucked up thing you said and now I know exactly what you and Scott think."

Then he ducks his head and whispers really only loud enough for Stiles to hear, "I know, ... I know what you think of me." Stiles locked into this moment with Derek so intensely that his vision gets blurry. He could swear he saw the beginning of tears welling up in Derek's eyes.

Stiles can feel something breaking inside of his chest and his breath hitches because he feels like he cannot breath. He wants to apologize because what he and Scott said was really downright shitty.

"No, no... Wait! Derek, that is not what..." he tries to explain.

Stiles is drowned out because Derek firmly speaks over him with gut wrenching hurt in his scratchy broken voice.

"No! DUDE !!! You get to listen to me now." He looks at Scott again to make sure that he knows he is speaking to both of them. When he gets confirmation that Scott is listening by his eyes bugging out of his slowly shaking head, he continues.

"No one asked you to like me. I sure as hell didn't. If you don't like me, that is fine and dandy. You know why, because... Screw you!" Derek then has had enough and doesn't want this to really go any further, so he abruptly releases Stiles.

Stiles slumps down into a standing position in front of the sink still face to face with Derek. An blush of embarrassment rushes up from his shirt, advancing to his neck and blossoming in red splotches all over his face.

"I tell you what Stilinski and this goes for you too, McCall, jJust... just keep your inane observations and harsh criticism about me to yourselves. I do not need to or want to hear how people like the two of you all hate me." his voice actually cracks at the end.

"Hell, just talk about me behind my back like everyone else does. As long as I do not have to hear it." Derek takes a slow calculated step back away from Stiles.

He speaks in a normal sincere voice and with his total attention directed at Stiles, "You should know all of this Stiles. I haven't changed since we moved away. You know better than anyone that I don't bother or hurt anyone, ever intentionally."

"I do my absolute best to respect everyone and anyone who deserves it. I mind my own damn business. And if that is not good enough for you then... then..."

Derek scuttles around and gives up. He snatches his calculus book lying on the mirror shelf and quickly leaves the bathroom. All Stiles and Scott can do is stare in disbelief as he disappears like he was never even there.

"Holy shit dude. That is the second time today that that psycho slammed you up against something and read into you. What a piece of shit. What is his major malfunction. Honestly when think about it, I think he has like plans to kill you or something."

Scott is being over the top dramatic. Which is typically not something Scott does because that is almost always Stiles department.

"Oh jiminey christmas Scotty, will you give it a fucking rest already." Stiles doesn't say anymore because what Derek said aloud to him and Scott breaks his heart even more. Derek thinks he hates him. Stiles doesn't hate anyone.

If anything, after that display of personal self preservation, Stiles finds that he far from hates Derek Hale.

In the end, Stiles drags Scott to their fifth period class and before they knows it, the final period bell rings and kids are cheering and rushing out of the school excited that summer break has finally begun.

Stiles and Scott separate because Kira showed up and they are headed over to her house for dinner with her parents.

After they ride off on his motorbike, Stiles takes out his cellphone and put his head down while playing Words with Friends as he makes his way slowly across the hot black tar parking lot to his jeep. Stiles can't think too well now because both interactions he had with Derek earlier today have sort of short circuited and melted his brain.

He throws his back pack in then climbs into his swelteringly hot jeep and just sits. He puts his phone down and takes a long breath in and as he breathes out, he rests his weary head against the scalding hot steering wheel.

He turns over the engine and the radio is blaring loud. "Is it too late to say I'm sorry.." are the lyrics being whined over his ancient speakers by the Beiber.

He turns it down as fast a possible because no one must know that he listens to that artist. So, he just regroups until he hears a loud engine revving up from across the parking lot. He instantly recognizes the black Camaro with tinted windows that is parked about twenty five feet away from his jeep.

He can't see who is inside but he is pretty sure he knows who it is. They flash their headlights at Stiles and then it pulls out of the parking lot while driving extra slow as it passes by the light blue jeep.

"What in the ...?"

Stiles shakes his head and just thinks that this has been one of the weirdest days he has had in a long time. One good thing is, he is going to start his temporary job at the Wolf Shelter and Preserve tomorrow.

This is good because it is something that he has really been looking forward to since last summer.

Also because it is very unlikely he would run into any of his classmates. Especially Derek who will probably start entertaining all the girls that have been flirting with him throughout the school year.

Being the hot muscle bound stud in high school and also being Mr. Popularity and jock extraordinaire, Derek surely has much better things or people to do than work for the summer. The thought sends a pang of resentment through Stiles every time he thinks of something like that.

It does provide some relief and a tiny bit of peace of mind knowing he won't see Derek again until the Fall when school starts.

It oddly makes him forlorn and sad but jealous and sort of possessive at the same time. Just how screwed up can this teenager get.