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A Collection of Short Stories vol. 1: The Alphabet of Shameless Smut & Sexy Times

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A is for Alpha/Omega

Castiel should have known that he would first scent his mate at an idyllic little bookstore.

That fact isn’t all that surprising given that Castiel is a successful author and has been writing for twenty-some-odd years and the whole point of finding a mate is to have someone you are completely compatible with – genetically, emotionally, and physically – in order to breed and further strengthen the species.

It also isn’t surprising that with that first scent of his mate – leather with hints of wildflower honey and warm pine needles – Castiel feels that very particular twinge in his groin accompanied with a preliminary gush of slick from his backside. It is instinct is telling his body to get ready.

What is surprising, and what he never would have been able to prepare himself for, is just how devastatingly handsome his mate is.

For a man who makes his living with words, he sure is having a hard time finding them at this moment.

The man behind the counter, who is scenting the air around him and may be a living and breathing version of Castiel’s idea of perfection, doesn’t seem to have that problem.

“Everybody out!" he shouts. “Out! Get out! Take your books and…” this man, his mate, steps around the counter and corrals the few patrons toward the exit. “Out, out, get out,” he’s practically snarling. Castiel can feel the slick running down the back of his thigh and he knows that his mate can smell it.

Castiel is glued to the spot and can’t be bothered to move out of the way of the frustrated folks getting shuffled through the door. Not when his Alpha is getting closer and closer and looks positively feral.

The door slams hard and the bell above it jingles. Castiel hears the bolt lock with finality and the blinds close in a rush and before he can even process what those sounds mean he feels a strong grip pulling on his arm and he’s being pressed against a bookshelf, his mate’s nose inches from his own.

“What’s your name?” the Alpha growls, his green eyes glowing wild.

“Cas-.” His voice falters when the Alpha buries his face in Castiel’s neck and breaths in deep. He clears his throat and tries again. “Castiel Novak.”

The Alpha looks up at him with a start.

“Castiel Novak? The Castiel Novak?” There is a surprising shift in the Alpha’s manner at that moment. Castiel nods and watches as his mate’s animal instincts cool off momentarily, allowing a brief look of admiration to show. “Huh, that’s really something. You’ve got your very own shelf in here.” The Alpha grins and goes back to scenting his neck and Castiel allows himself to relax into it.

“And you…”

“Dean Winchester.” He grumbles into Castiel’s throat, tonguing the sensitive skin over his pulse.

“… of Winchester Books?” Of course his mate would own the bookstore.

“The one and only… God damn you smell fucking awesome.

The urgency has calmed slightly as the two press into each other, getting to know the others scent. The Alpha licks and nibbles on the delicate flesh of the omega’s neck, no doubt selecting the place he will be marking to claim his mate.

“Are you ready to do this?”

“Like we have much of a choice…” Castiel is only sort of serious but it stops the Alpha, or Dean, in his tracks.

“Of course we have a choice. I’m an Alpha but I’m not a monster. I’m not going to do this if you don’t want it.” He looks Castiel directly in the eyes, and his omega instinct tells him to look down, to submit, but he’s quick to realize that may not be the best way to make his point to Dean. This Alpha doesn’t seem to want a lax, obedient omega to claim. He wants an omega who chooses to be claimed by him, who wants him.

“So if I said no right now, you would stop this? You would let me leave here and not chase after me?”

Instead of answering, Dean removes his hands from Castiel’s hips, takes two large steps back, and crosses his arms over his chest to punctuate his point. He swallows hard, his jaw clenches, and his cheeks are flushed red but he doesn’t look like he’s about to pounce. He looks surprisingly under control.

“You realize I didn’t actually just say ‘no,’ right?” Castiel says after a moment of waiting for Dean to come back to him.

“Uh, yeah. But I’m making a statement.” Dean shifts his eyes to one side of the store and then the other before they find Castiel’s again.

This is new and different and Castiel already loves it. He walks to Dean slowly, slick steadily leaking from his hole telling him he’s ready. Dean doesn’t reach out to him, he just stays stock-still and watches, wide-eyed as Castiel presses against him, scents his throat, then growls in his ear, “Mate me, Alpha.”

Instinct takes over. Their lips collide in a brutal kiss, all teeth and tongues, clashing and fighting for purchase. Dean pulls Castiel deeper into the store, bumping into shelves and tables and a plush leather chair. Castiel finds himself backed up against another wall of shelves. Dean pulls off his own shirt and apparently pedaling books day-in and day-out is a great way to stay in shape because when Dean’s t-shirt comes off it reveals a tanned, toned, and muscular chest and stomach, all firm ridges and valleys and warm skin. Castiel can’t help but run his hands up and down the newly exposed flesh.

Then there’s the sound of fabric tearing and buttons bouncing on the floor when Castiel realizes that Dean must have gotten fed up fumbling with the buttons on his shirt and decided to tear it off of the omega instead.

“I liked that shirt.” Castiel says, a little breathless and incredibly aroused.

“I’ll buy you another one.” Dean takes in the sight of Castiel before him. “I’ll buy you whatever you want. I’ll take good care of you, Cas, I swear. I’ll be so good to you. I’ll make you happy or die trying...” Dean mumbles all of this between kisses and suckles at Castiel’s bare chest and stomach as he works his way lower and lower down his body.

Castiel’s omega swoons at the Alpha’s words. Castiel himself knew that he is completely capable of taking care of himself; he is successful and well-off, he’ll be fine with or without a mate. But the ancient impulses inside of him are driven wild with desire at the promise of being provided for and cherished.

He knows that Dean’s Alpha needs to say those things just as much as his omega needs to hear them, and it’s comforting to know that they’re both experiencing the same propensities.

His thoughts scatter as he’s quickly turned to face the bookshelf and there is a thud behind him. He looks back and sees that Dean has dropped to his knees and is pulling down Castiel’s slacks and boxers. The breath is stolen from his lungs at the first feeling of Dean’s hot tongue licking a long stripe over his hole and up the cleft of his ass. He hears the man groan and the Alpha growl simultaneously.

He’s done for.

Dean’s hands spread his cheeks, exposing Castiel completely, but he can’t find it in himself to care as the Alpha laps up his slick and makes the most graphic and shameless sounds Castiel has ever heard.

“So good omega. You taste so…” The Alpha can’t finish his sentences and Castiel can hardly hear him anyway for the blood rushing loudly in his ears and the word Mate! that the scent of Dean’s arousal is screaming at him.

A tongue breaches his hole and Castiel lets out a lewd groan, tossing his head back, so pathetically desperate for more. One of his hands grips at the shelf in front of him while the other winds around behind him and tangles into the hair on the top of Dean’s head, grabbing and pulling and grinding him in deeper, faster, harder, anything. Dean reaches around to Castiel’s cock and grips it tight, giving it quick, short strokes that brings Castiel to the edge in mere moments.

“De- Dean,” Castiel gasps, “Dean no I- I don’t want to come on the books!”

Dean takes Castiel’s hips in a strong grip and pulls him back and down on top of the Alpha’s lap.

“My mate would worry about something like that, wouldn’t he?” Dean nips at Castiel’s shoulder and with Alpha strength and grace lays them down onto the hardwood floor in the aisle, Dean behind and curled tightly around Castiel as he continues fisting the omega’s cock with his left hand while his right is tucked under Castiel’s neck, wrapped around to his chest and tweaking the hard, pink bud of his nipple until Castiel comes with a shout.

“Damn perfect omega…” Dean says, spreading the hot mess in his hand over Castiel’s cock, earning him an undignified squeak from the omega.

“Knot.” Castiel breaths out while Dean continues to stroke him.

“Are too.” Dean bites at Castiel’s earlobe.

“No. Knot. Your knot. Want it.” Castiel is able to stammer out because yes, he already came, but that hardly matters. Being this close to an Alpha, especially this soon-to-be his Alpha, an orgasm means practically nothing if there’s not a fat knot locked inside of him to clench around and milk the sperm and hormones out of.

He is still hard and aching and Dean continues to stroke him, faster and faster and “oh, fuck, oh fuck! Oh God Dean!"

Castiel comes again, this time with a flood of slick leaking out of him as well, a desperate attempt at signaling to the Alpha to stop messing around and claim him already.

It seems to work because before Castiel has even caught his breath he feels warm fingers rubbing over his hole, slicking themselves up and pressing into him.

Yes,” Castiel hisses, the feeling of something finally inside of him relieving a little of his desperation and need. It’s not a cock, and it not a knot, but at least it’s something.

Then it’s gone, and Castiel actually whines.

“Shh shh shh, it’s okay, gorgeous omega,” is whispered in Castiel’s ear as he strains his neck, looking back to see Dean using the slick to lubricate his – holy shit – gigantic Alpha cock. Castiel gulps, and Dean kisses his cheek and directs him to look forward and relax. “I’ll give you what you need, don't worry. I just really enjoy seeing how bad you want me.”

It is then that Castiel feels the blunt tip at his hole, breaching and stretching it, and Castiel is so far beyond ready for it that his body essentially opens up and swallows Dean down in one beautifully fluid motion until he can feel wiry hair brushing against the cheeks of his ass.

Both Alpha and omega sigh in relief at the feeling of filling and being filled. Dean’s left hand slides down the slick backside of Castiel’s thigh, grips under his knee and hoists his leg up, spreading the omega’s legs before rolling his hips slowly, pulling out and then pressing back in with purpose.

Castiel isn’t a prude; he’s had sex with men before, and he’s used what he always considered respectably large dildos with inflatable knots, but this… this is new. This is filling him in ways he’s never experienced.

Yes they are mates, and they are probably experiencing something beyond the standard physical connection of sex right now – emotionally, spiritually, yadda yadda whatever – but honestly Castiel really is more taken by the how well the two of them fit together in the strictly physical sense. Dean is long and thick, and Castiel’s body is accommodating it like it's what he was designed to do. He’s able to take everything his Alpha’s got and it’s just past comfortable. He gets that stretch, that pleasant burn, that prodding behind his belly button that sends lightning bolts straight down his dick.

Dean’s pace picks up, and Castiel finds himself pushing back to meet Dean’s movements and it’s not long before he can feel Dean’s knot swelling and starting to catch on the rim with each thrust. His omega whines for the knot, and in response is the telltale carnal growl of an Alpha taking charge of his person.

Castiel braces himself for the bite.

What he doesn’t brace for is Dean’s plea for permission before the bite.

“Castiel, can I…” he struggles to speak through the jarring thrusts and his Alpha cannot be pleased with being interrupted, but Dean fights for it. “Can I bite you? Please, Castiel, may I claim you? Please, oh fuck I’m so close…”

Castiel’s omega howls and Castiel cries out yes! and Dean pushes up into Castiel one final time, his knot catching and locking them together as Dean shoots load after load of come inside of the omega. There is a piercing sensation in the muscle between his neck and his shoulder where Dean makes his mark, the feeling of which pushes Castiel over the edge, screaming into his third orgasm, finally with a knot inside of him to constrict around as he comes. Dean licks away the blood from wound he’s created, cleaning and soothing it, and growls at the sensation of Castiel clenching around him, forcing even more of Dean’s seed into him.

Finally Dean lets go of Castiel’s leg and as he lowers it the knot tugs at his rim. A little bit of come leaks out onto Castiel’s thigh.

“Careful,” Dean whispers, and he pulls Castiel closer to him, letting the omega use one arm as a pillow while the other moves continuously over Castiel’s body, exploring and appreciating every bit of sweaty skin within its reach.

“We had to do this on the floor, didn’t we?” Castiel sighs, resigned to the fact that they’re going to be spending the next few hours on the hard, dirty floor of the shop.

“Desperate times,” Dean chuckles. “Next time I knot you will be on our bed and I’ll make sure that there are snacks within reach. What do you like to eat, Cas?”

Castiel thinks for a moment before answering.

“Blackberries,” he says, “and beer.”

“Like I said – perfect.” Dean hums peacefully and nuzzles into the back of Castiel’s neck. “My omega.”

Castiel smiles, thankful that his Alpha happens to be thoughtful and sexy. That’s when he notices the very familiar books on the bottom shelf in front of him.

Novak, Castiel

“Dean you didn’t say that my shelf was a bottom shelf.”

There’s a sleepy grumble of a laugh behind him and Dean says, “I didn’t invent the alphabet, Cas. It just happened that way.”

“But still…”

Castiel reaches out and selects the first book in the first series he ever got published; a sort of goofy one called Assbutt Angels. He starts at the beginning and reads aloud until the knot goes down.