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Toxic Secrets

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Derek called the pack to an emergency meeting again—they seem to be having a lot of these lately but Derek promised this one was actually important. Though one could argue his definition of important compared to anyone else's would vary profoundly.

Beacon Hills seems to be fighting supernatural creatures of different sorts every week—it really was no surprise that this week would be the same and Derek was determined to get their studying down to a science before anything bad could actually happen.

Let's just say he's been stressed recently what with all the training sessions, reading, and still managing to fit school into the packs schedule, they have been very busy. Derek has become obsessed with maintaining the pack's agility and awareness. He doesn't want any more lives to be lost and it seems like a reasonable trade-off.

"So are you ever going to tell us why we're here or do we have to figure it out ourselves because I have plenty of other places I could be right now," Stiles sassed, for lack of a better term. He didn't actually have anywhere he needed to be but Derek was wasting his time—Stiles knows this will be just like their emergency meeting two days ago, pointless. He could be home playing Xbox or better yet, sleeping.

"Oh yeah? What other places could you possibly need to be Stilinski?" Jackson countered. Their pack has to admit, though, the two of them were getting better—definitely addressing each other with more respect than they previously did. It's a work in progress.

"As a matter of fact Jackson there are plen—," Stiles shot back before Derek decided to rudely interrupt the argument Stiles was sure he would win.

"We don't have time for this," Derek ordered. The two of them shut up in a heartbeat. As much confidence as Stiles has, recently he's been becoming more appreciative of his role in the pack, where even though Derek isn't the alpha, he has more authority and if the sourwolf finds this important than perhaps he should as well.

For the most part, everyone in the pack wore the same looks on their faces—boredom. Slowly, their days had all been blending together becoming weeks of déjà vu. Hopefully, this time, one of Derek's leads actually leads somewhere.

"I have a new proposition. Peter contacted me the other day and before everyone gets out of control, I think he may be on to something. It's about the unusual creatures we've been seeing recently. The ones that don't seem to fit. Well, Peter has reason to believe that it may be a different form of the supernatural. When I say that however, I don't mean categories like werewolves and kitsune's, I mean a whole new level of supernatural."

Derek was sure he lost all of his pack members in that confusing statement but he feels strong about this proposal. He believes it full heartedly.

"Okay. So say there is this other level of supernatural. What would they be?" Lydia asked. She raised her eyebrows and her face scrunched up the way it does when she's on to something.

Derek stood up from his spot on the sofa, walked over to the bookshelf and carefully removed about 5 encyclopedias and other old historical books that looked much like the bestiary.

He walked back over and dropped them on the table in front of the pack.

"That's where these come in. We have no time to waste. If we start now we might be able to get through most of these. We just need to read them and if anything jumps out that could be even remotely helpful notify the rest of us. I think this could help speed up the process and if it is another form of supernatural creature it has to be in at least one of these books," Derek explained, handing out books to each member of the pack.

Stiles thinks Derek must be kidding. They are going to waste their entire weekend researching the creatures Stiles already knows. If Stiles was allowed to tell his pack about his true ancestry—he would. Especially if it would save them from this dreadful experience.

Scott flipped through a few pages before glancing cautiously at Stiles and his book. It seemed to be written in another language.

Stiles could feel Scott's glance landing on himself longer than it should have. He turned to his best friend with a raised eyebrow—asking a self-explanatory question.

"Sorry, it's just. Dude, you can barely read English and you're going to try that?" Scott questioned peering over at Stiles' book, hoping he could try and see what language it was in.

In all fairness, it's true, so Stiles wasn't offended. His friends know he has dyslexia, he's not embarrassed by it. It's just a part of him and his heritage. It also makes him special—at least, when it comes to reading Greek.

Stiles peered back down at the book that appeared to be in Latin. It was the Roman language. Technically he's a Greek demigod but that doesn't mean he can't read some Latin. It's all interconnected really. His pack can't know that though so instead he laughed and handed the book to Lydia.

"I think it's Latin and that's your specialty," Stiles smirked, picking up a different book, this time in English.

The next 20 minutes went by pretty fluid, everyone was absorbed in their reading, Derek praying they were actually reading and not just putting on a show while he did all the work.

Liam stopped them, however.

"What about witches?" he asked, still skimming over the pages of one of the books that looked similar to the bestiary.

"It says that some of the more powerful ones—the ones with more witches in their covens can conjure fabled creatures. That could link to the reason why we don't know any of the creatures—because they're all fictional," Liam suggested.

Derek highly doubted it was witches but Stiles, on the other hand, wasn't hesitating to encourage this, anything to stray them away from the truth. He believes whole-heartedly that them not knowing will benefit them—his pack will be more safe this way. He's sure.

"It doesn't explain the strong auras, though. If it was conjured from fiction, it wouldn't feel that powerful. I think it's something more historical."

Liam sighed, opening his book once again to continue.

"Hey, it's a good start. I just think we need to keep looking," Derek suggested, turning back to his encyclopedia on folklore. He's dead-set on the idea it's from forgotten history or a tale people used to tell that's actually true.

After 5 minutes of going back to research, Stiles was starting to get antsy. He was beyond worried, his pack is quite dynamic and when they all put their heads together they get what they want.

"Well, I'm not making much progress, shocker," Stiles joked as he stood up and set his book down.

"I'm just gonna go to the washroom, continue your research, though. Not that I had to tell you all where I was going as you probably could have figured that out yourself but then if I was to get kidnapped by the angry mystical creatures we can't identify then at least, you would know where I was he-" he trailed off only to be cut off by Isaac and the annoyed glances coming from Derek and Jackson.

"You're rambling again," Isaac paused. "Just go."

Stiles decided that was the best choice and headed to the washroom. As he walked away from his pack he realized that not only would this be a risk but he has no idea if Derek even had a washroom.

Thankfully Derek's design plan isn't all that complex and there was a washroom right beside the spiral staircase that leads upstairs. Another part, Stiles noted, that he's never been to and probably never will be able to find out what's up there. It's likely just bedrooms, he thinks.

It's a good thing Derek's bathroom has a window because otherwise Stiles would have a hard time explaining why there was suddenly a rainbow is the middle of Derek's living room and an even harder time explaining how he was talking to someone through mist.

Once he locked the door behind him he hurriedly rushed to turn on the tap. Finding the right area from the window to aim the water he moved the air currents through the running tap, causing the water spread out into a thin mist in the light, producing a rainbow. One of the only benefits to being a child of Zeus.

He took out his phone—the one that didn't actually work and was mainly for show. The case was a wallet, one he keeps drachma in. Stiles grabbed one quickly, tossing it through the mist.

"Oh Iris, goddess of the Rainbow, please accept my offering. Show me Chiron in Camp Half-Blood."

It took a couple seconds but then an image flickered across the mist. It was Chiron talking to Mr D in the Big House.

"Stiles? Is there a problem? You seem to be calling from a rather intricate room," Chiron asked with worry when he noticed the floating image of one of his demigods.

"I'm sorry to ask you if this sir but, could you speak a little quieter? Remember when I told you about my friends and how they are werewolves?" Stiles asked. Of course, Chiron remembered, he remembers everything of importance.

The centaur nodded.

"Alright. Well, Alan Deaton, the vet as you know. He's the one who brought me to camp and helped shield Beacon Hills to protect it from Greek monsters coming in. Recently, the protection has been thinning and more and more Grecian creatures are getting in. My pack is basically the ghost busters for supernatural creatures so of course they found out about this and now they're trying to research more about it. Sir, I'm afraid they may actually be getting closer," Stiles whispered.

Dionysus did not look impressed—but, when did he ever.

"Steve, I will not tolerate you being the reason of our exposure. You better shut this down," the god ordered. Almost every demigod had become accustom to Mr. D butchering your name.

"Dionysus, here now. If they find out on their own then, Stiles had no part in it. Besides, what will you try and do? Did you forget Zeus is the boy's father, as well as your own? He will just punish you more than he already has," Chiron stated. It was true and it took a lot for Stiles not to laugh.

"Try your best, Stiles. As long as you try then it's worth something," Chiron said and flashed him a smile in reassurance.

Mr. D scoffed, "What is this? A pity party, no, Stiles, you will make sure to stop them from retrieving the information they all so desperately want."

Chiron shot him an unimpressed look.

"They'll get suspicious if I don't leave now. I just wanted to warn you. I'll try my best," Stiles answered in response to Dionysus' demand.

The two of them nodded—although one of them in exasperation.

Stiles slashed his hand through the mist and quickly made his way out of the washroom.

When he made it back to the living room only Kira and Scott looked up. He prayed the werewolves hadn't listened in on his conversation, he tried to get Chiron and Dionysus to talk quietly but Mr. D can be quite eccentric. He's hard to reel in once he gets going. Kind of like Zeus, which is obviously where he gets that from.

Now he just has to make sure his pack doesn't get any closer to finding out the truth otherwise Mr. D will have his head—quite literally considering the god he's dealing with.

"Guys, I think I found something, the picture looks just like what we saw."

And that was Lydia which means Stiles' is officially and completely screwed. He just had to give Lydia the Latin book. In all fairness, this was probably his fault because of course the book in Latin would have information on demigods and their monsters.

The strawberry-blonde turned the book around and sure enough, there was a picture of the Chimera.

"It's called a Chimera," Lydia informed turning the book back around so she could give the gist of the creature.

"Like the ones we've fought before? It didn't even look human, though, not like Theo or the rest of them," Scott said, confusion written across his face.

Stiles just wanted to laugh and say not like that at all, but then, of course, he'd be lying because the idea of what a Chimera is, is extremely similar—made of different species and parts.

Lydia shook her head, "No. The description says its the body and head of a lion, with its tail being a snake and a goat extending out of its middle, on its back."

"Apparently Chimera's can breathe fire, as well," Lydia continued. "We were right about the folklore part. This type of Chimera is from Greek mythology."

And there goes that plan. Of course, Stiles knew Lydia was bound to figure it out, he just wished he had more time. This means now he needs to tell them. This is a gateway, if he ignores his chance now he really doesn't have an excuse for not telling his pack his true ancestry if it ever comes up again.

"Is Greek mythology the stuff with the gods and goddesses?" Scott asked, looking up at Lydia expectantly.

"So, like Nemesis & Hecate?" he questioned again and that's when Jackson shot in, "Nice try dumbass, it's actually like, Mars, Jupiter & Venus," he smirked.

"No, he's right. So yeah, nice try Jackson, but it's actually like Hera, Aphrodite & Hephaestus. You were naming the Romans," Stiles informed. Derek shot him a confused look.

"What? I read up," Stiles said, blushing in response. It only made Derek even more confused.

Stiles threw his arms in the air. "You do know that I can read. It's harder but not impossible," he scoffed at Derek's incredulous look.

"No, that's not wh-, I mean, why take such an interest?"

"I like mythology, that's all."

"Fine, whatever. Aren't Greek and Roman the same thing anyways?" Jackson asked, ripping the Latin book from Lydia's grasp.

Stiles was sure if one the Roman demigods heard that, Jackson would already be pummelled into the ground.

"Yeah, no. Very different," is what Stiles settled on. Jackson was clearly exasperated because he didn't even fight back that time.

"So, if this thing is from Greek mythology, is it safe to assume the other creatures in the past week are as well. Also, we need to find out what it was that killed the thing. I remember there being three people—all of them were girls, but how did they kill it?" Kira asked.

They were getting closer and closer and Stiles had no idea what to do. Dionysus had strict rules to shut it down, but, what if he can't? What's he supposed to do then?

Kira was referring to the Hunter's of Artemis, and considering Stiles' sister is a part of them—not to mention, one of the girls who killed the Chimera, this was close to home.

"Does anyone remember what they used to kill the thing with?" Lydia asked, scanning the pack for answers.

"It was kind of hard to tell but I think one of them had a spear," Scott answered.

"No. They definitely all had bow and arrows," Isaac corrected. It's not often he speaks up like that which means he's confident. So Lydia took his answer.

"I think I read something like that. They're called hunters," she offered. After that was said everyone could feel the air go tense. Allison is still a sore subject for the most part. Her death isn't something they like to talk about.

"Like the Argent's type of hunter or is this different too?" Jackson asked.

Lydia flipped back a couple pages trying to find where she last read the paragraph about it.

"It's kind of hard to understand. This Latin is more ancient and different and I feel like for some parts it completely switches languages," Lydia says, squinting at the book.

"Hunters of Artemis - young girls who swear off boys and given the gift of immortality. They vow their loyalty to the maiden goddess, Artemis and fight beside her in their quests. They're known for their hunting of monsters, and they can be human, a nymph, or a demigod."

At this point, it would just be pointless for Stiles to try and steer them anywhere else. If anything, it would just make them suspicious.

"What's a demigod?" Scott asked. He's so naive, that it's almost adorable. Did he never pay attention in school? It may not be a huge part of the curriculum, if there at all, but they all for sure learned at least a little. Everyone knows Hercules.

"They are children of both gods and mortals," Lydia supplied.

"There's only one god, though," Kira said, slightly confused. Stiles never really thought of her as the religious type. Not that believing in God makes you religious.

"Clearly not," Stiles smirked.

Mainly it was to guarantee his survival. In case his father or any other deity happened to be listening in on the shit show that just happens to be Stiles' life.

"So there are people out in the world who are half god!" Liam shouted.

"I didn't think so. I thought Greek mythology was exactly that—mythology. It turns out maybe I was wrong. I think I'll update my uncle in our finding. Perhaps he will be able to help," Derek offered. "Thanks for the help. I guess that brings this pack meeting to a close. We can all stay and watch a movie or pack bonding," Derek added, raising one of his overwhelming eyebrows.

His pack nodded, getting situated on the couch.

Stiles stepped away, deciding he couldn't participate this time. "Sorry guys, another time maybe. I've gotta go, essays to write and stuff..." the honey-eyed boy trailed off. He received mixed reactions. It's not that Stiles doesn't want to stay but there are important things that he needs to get under control.

With that being said, Stiles managed to escape his pack and the boy ran to his jeep—probably faster than he has ever ran before. Stiles only has two things on his mind—his safety, because being realistic, Mr. D is going to kill him, and his sister. His pack had seen Thalia.

As soon as he pulled into his driveway he exited his jeep, not even bothering to pull his keys from the ignition, abandoning the car at the front of his house and instead, running up to his bedroom desperately.

Stiles repeated his actions from Derek's loft—turning on the tap, manipulating the air to turn the water to mist, tossing a drachma through it. He repeated the same line as well,

"Oh Iris, goddess of the Rainbow, please accept my offering. Show me Chiron in Camp Half-Blood."

This time, luckily, it was only Chiron.

"Sir, I'm sorry to be bothering you again," Stiles apologized, looking down.

"Stiles, we've been over this. Call me Chiron, and you have nothing to worry about. I like hearing from my heroes," the trainer explained, waving Stiles' apology away.

Stiles mumbled something about actually having something to worry about under his breath before looking back up to his activities director.

"They know about the Hunters of Artemis. They know they're from Greek mythology with the Chimera. I know I'm not allowed to tell them but Chiron, I've been hiding this since forever. They all told me their secrets and I feel I'm betraying their trust. I know it works differently for them rather than me but, I hate having to hide who I really am," Stiles spilled.

He wanted to just grab his pack and drag them to Camp Half-Blood. He wants them to know. He wants them to be able to trust Stiles. He wants Scott to not get angry. Stiles knows that if he was in Scott's position he would be mad that his best friend has been hiding something this important for 7 years.

"Fear not hero. Everything happens for a reason and perhaps this slip up is one of many reasons. You are not responsible for their intelligence, for them being diligent researchers. Fate is not up to me, Stiles. Whatever happens, it is out of my control."

Stiles figures there is a hidden message Chiron is telling him but with how his world works, he may never actually know.

"Thank you, si-" he started. "Chiron."

"It's my pleasure, Stiles," the centaur finished, swiping his own hand through the mist.

Now all he had to worry about was the impending day before him.