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Hospital Beds

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Sebastian realized that he should have known. He should have known that the senator would rather the people think his son was dead than have them know that the boy ran out on the system. He should have put it together when Blaine told them he helped people leave, how he was from the same area. Dalton was one of the best schools in Ohio; of course a senator’s son would be enrolled there.

Senator Anderson had spun around to face Blaine at the sound of his voice. Sebastian couldn’t see his face but he could see the angry clench of his hands, skin turning white where it was digging into the edges of the card key, along with the way his neck and back tightened with rage.

Blaine addressed his father again. “You said they could go if they gave you me. I’m here because of them, so you have to let them go.”

“No. Why would I do that, when I’ve got you all here now?” he snapped. “I could call the police here in two seconds and have you locked up forever.”

Blaine gave a dejected laugh. “Yeah, because you want them here. We both know you can’t afford to have them find me. You’d lose any credit you’ve gained, especially since you know you can’t shut me up. And faking a death is a crime, so if they lock me up, it’d be right next to you.” He shrugged. “Besides, you can’t call them, not with them all at the center trying to figure out just how the rebels broke in and torched the place. But that’s the thing. We didn’t do it.” He took a step forward, bringing his face into view. Sebastian saw how his eyes were surrounded with dark circles, and how his clothes were rumpled. Just where did he sleep while he was saving people from the system, especially in the middle of winter?

Blaine continued, “It’s awfully convenient that all the officers are busy right when you come here to ask criminals about your dead son.”

“It’s very convenient. So convenient that I did it myself. Is that what you want to hear? How I torched my own center to come see them? Well, why not? It’s my own place! I built that center, with my own money!”

“Your money comes from the people!” Blaine shot at him.

“It’s mine! Without me, the system would crumble! The whole nation in fact! Who do you think is paying half the Senate and Congress to keep shooting down bills to end it! It’s thanks to me that we still have it, that people can still feel comfort in knowing that they don’t have to choose.”

“It’s thanks to you that people are still trapped,” Blaine sighed. “I wasn’t going to stick around while you tried to turn me into you.”

“You ungrateful little bitch! You could have had everything. Money, power, the entire country at your fingertips! Sex too, everyone wants to bend over for the one in charge. I would have let you have whatever men you wanted as well. I would have given you him!” He waved his arm in Kurt’s direction, and Sebastian felt sickness pool in his stomach at the thought of Kurt handed off by that man like some consolation prize. “But no, you wanted love. You ruined yourself for nothing!”

“Love isn’t nothing! Love is everything worth anything in this world!” Blaine cried out. “You used to be able to see that! I know you used to feel it, when I saw you with Mom! You loved her!”

“Of course I did, you idiot. But only because she gave me you. You were supposed to be worth it all. You were what made our marriage happy. That’s what real love is, having children and making a family successful. That’s love and happiness. The love you’re thinking of is just sex and you are no better than these monsters if you think that it is right in any way. Family is all that matters in this world and after that comes power to protect that. And you’ve abandoned your family.” The Senator huffed at him. “Congratulations Blaine. You’ve abandoned your mother because you wanted to get laid. Your bother sobbed at your funeral because you couldn’t stop thinking with your dick.”

Blaine bit his lip, shaking his head. “That’s not true.” But his voice was soft and Sebastian could just barely see the glisten of tears in his eyes. He was cracking, Sebastian realized, falling to that child-like need to please him parents. Sebastian had felt it before, still felt it squeeze his heart when Anderson mentioned how his parents didn’t want it. He knew Kurt needed to have his father’s approval like he needed to breathe. Who didn’t have that instinct to make their parent’s proud? They were their first audience, the first ones to smile in praise and frown when a child missed a step. It was instinct to want to please the people who raised a person.

But parents were not always right, and thankfully Blaine was saved by a head popping around the doorway, making everyone jump. The young man had dark hair and Asian features twisted into worry. “B, the cops are coming back. We have to leave now.” The boy left and Blain turned back to face his father. He was blinking back tears rapidly, but his mouth was set with determination.

“I’ll never let you take them,” the Senator sneered. “And you’ll never get away from me.”

Blaine nodded sadly. “I know. But I was ready for you to say that.” He pulled his hand from behind his back, revealing a small handgun. It was black and sleek, and quivering just slightly in Blaine’s grip. Sebastian tightened his hold on Kurt as Blaine aimed it at his father’s heart, stepping forward for a better shot.

“Toss your key to the girls,” he ordered as he threw his card to the boys. Sam caught it and reached around to unlock the cell. When the man refused to obey, Sam spun to the girls’ cell and swiped it open. They crept along the walls past the Senator and Sebastian knew that it was only the tense hold Blaine had on the gun that was keeping Anderson from grabbing them.

Sebastian urged everyone out the door where they were ushered out of the building by several young men wearing black hoodies. They must have been the rest of the Warblers. He and Kurt were last, watching Blaine try to edge towards the door. Each step he took backwards, his father took two forward.

“We have to help him,” Kurt muttered anxiously. Sebastian nodded his agreement. He wasn’t about to let someone be caught like that, not even if he was going to steal Kurt from him.

“Go. I’ll help him.” Sebastian pushed Kurt through the door. One of the Warblers grabbed him and tugged him out of the jail.

Anderson spoke, glaring at Blaine. “You won’t shoot me. I told you before. You’re weak, nothing but a child afraid of power. That’s what you’re holding right there. Power, and a child like you doesn’t know what to do with it.”

Blaine’s hand wavered at the accusation and in that moment he was rushed. Anderson slammed him to the ground, a knee landing hand in Blaine’s stomach. Sebastian jumped forward, elbowing him in the face as he attacked from the side. He was desperate to get him off of Blaine before he could take the gun from him. Blood began to drip from his nose as Sebastian yanked his arms back from where they were clawing at Blaine’s neck.

Blaine had managed to hold onto the gun, but it was too close. If he shot from this range, he would surely kill him father. Desperate to not have Blaine reach that level, Sebastian doubled his efforts, heaving the man off of his son by wrapping his arms around his face and pulling back as hard as he could. He felt the blood from his nose seeping into his shirt and Sebastian was almost dizzy with disgust.

Blaine kicked him in the throat and scrambled up, leveling the gun at his father once again. Sebastian punched him once more before twisting and slamming his body to the side. He had just barely managed to jump back before Blaine lowered the gun a fraction and squeezed the trigger.

Sebastian swore and started to run, grabbing Blaine and ignoring the blood that was soaking through the Senator’s pant leg, just above the knee. Blaine was stiff with shock, stumbling through the jail.

“Come on!,” Sebastian shouted, slamming his hip into a desk as he pulled Blaine even harder. He heard sirens blare, drawing closer with every second. “Let’s go! The cops are coming!”

That seemed to spur Blaine on, sending them running through the doors. Outside, a charter bus was waiting. It was black and blue with the words ‘Columbus Tours’ painted in gold on the side. The door flung open for them and Kurt was there, pulling them on. All three of them stumbled down the aisle as the bus lurched into motion, just barely rounding the corner out of sight when the cops reached the station.

Kurt pushed Sebastian into a seat, following him after forcing Blaine to sit on the other side of the bus. The rest of the club, as well as the Warblers were scattered a little further back. Sebastian quickly scanned his friends before sighing in relief. Everyone was present.

Kurt was pulling at Sebastian, turning him this way and that as he checked him for injuries. Sebastian wanted to laugh at him for his motherly instinct, but it was too close to his own relief to stop his fussing. When Kurt swore and pulled his arm closer, Sebastian frowned and looked at him. “What?”

“There’s blood on your arm!”

Sebastian quickly shushed him, stripping the stained sweater and tossing it into an empty seat. “I’m fine baby. There was a fight.” Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Blaine flinch violently. Sebastian pushed Kurt a little closer to Blaine so he could reach over and lay a hand gently on his leg. Blaine didn’t react; he continued to sit hunched over and staring at the gun in his hands.

Kurt touched his shoulder carefully. “Are you ok?”

Blaine shook his head. “No.”

“What happened?”

Sebastian pulled back. Kurt could comfort Blaine better than he ever could.

“I shot him.” Blaine took a shaky breath as a tear slipped down his face. “I shot my father.”

Kurt glanced back at Sebastian, as if asking for permission. When Sebastian nodded, Kurt crossed the aisle and wrapped his arms around Blaine. Sebastian looked away just as Blaine was curling into Kurt, dropping his head on his shoulder and crying silently. Kurt’s soft murmurs were the only sound on the bus as they crossed the line out of Ohio.