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Hospital Beds

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Night in the jail turned cold. The building was technically heated, but steel bars and concrete walls did little to keep out the chill. Still, Kurt found himself drifting off to sleep, wedged between Sebastian and Sam on the cot. Sebastian’s arm around his back kept him from getting too cold as he leaned against the wall. Puck hadn’t left his corner, his eyes dark with lack of sleep, but still sharp as they watched the hallway.

Kurt woke to the sound of the door opening down the hall. The space was dark, lit only with the faint red glow of the exit sign. He tensed as footsteps came closer, stopping just before their cells.

A small light clicked on, a pen light that barely illuminated the hall. With it, Kurt could see Santana step slowly to the gate, her eyes steady and cold.

There was a man standing in the middle of the hall, filling the air with the stench of gasoline. He moved closer and Kurt could finally see his face.

The Senator had finally come to call.

Kurt jerked upright, waking Sam and Sebastian in the process. They jumped at the light and Sebastian’s face turned ugly when he recognized their guest. Puck stood and moved to the center of the gate.

Santana spoke first. “So what brings a hotshot like you here? Come to gloat?”

The senator laughed, sending a shiver through Kurt’s body at the sight of his sneering face in the half light. “Not at all. I’ve come to talk to you.”

Sebastian glanced down the hall. “Where are the guards?” His voice was tinged with alarm.

“They’re a little busy cleaning up messes at the moment. I wanted to have some time with you, just to chat.” He pulled his hands from behind his back, revealing the swipe card to release the cell doors. “I might even have a present for you,” he taunted as he waved the card.

Santana and Puck slammed into the cell doors at the same time, arms reaching through just in case they could snag it from him.

The senator just chuckled at them. “What animals you are. I should put all you rebellious little demons in a zoo. You’re just freaks after all. It’s where you belong.”

Sebastian sneered at him. “If you’re just going to insult us, why don’t you just go the hell away? We certainly don’t want you here.”

“Now why would I do that when I’ve come all this way to bring you a gift? It took a lot of work too, to make it so it’s just us in here.” He jerked his thumb behind him as he spoke and Kurt’s lump of fear in his throat grew. There was no one in view, with the door swung wide open so they all could see the pitch black entrance to the jail. There was just the barest hint of movement, but not clue as to what it actually was. Whoever was there, they were sneaking closer and Kurt certainly did not want to know who it was.

“What did you…?” he asked with a small quiver in his voice.

“I just made sure that all our officers would be busy. You know, I’m not all powerful. I have rules to follow too. And when I want to break them, I have to be very careful.”

“Break them how?” Rachel asked.

“I told you. I brought you a gift. Or rather, an exchange. It’s very easy for you.” He held up the card once more. “Your freedom. You can run out of this country and live like the swine that you are. I have no room for arrogant little monsters in my system and frankly I want you gone forever. Don’t you see? I put you all here.” He winked at Sebastian. “Do you think it’s just coincidence that your parents suddenly wanted to send you away? No, they were good to me, sending the rebellious twink with a heart. Do you think they didn’t watch you, that they didn’t know what kind of whore you are?”

Sebastian inhaled sharply, while Kurt clutched his hand tighter to keep him silent.

“Oh yes, we knew what you were looking for, someone to fall in love with. So you fucked around with every boy who glanced your way. You should thank me, because I gave you someone to fall for, someone sweet and stupid and just as freakish as you are. Don’t you all get it? The system works because I am the system. I can make anything happen.

“Don’t you remember what I said at your ridiculous competition? Music is a message and people who love music are prone to fight for their so called morals more than anyone else. I saw it first when those damn Warblers left and again when that slut Quinn tried to change her fate. From there it was easy to give you someone new to shake things up. I watched you all fall apart so easily.”

“These are our lives!” Rachel cried out. “Not some game for you!”

“Oh yes, I know it’s not a game!” He pointed a finger at her, before slapping Santana’s arm for reaching out to grab the key. “Trust me, no one respects the system more than I do! Especially not beasts like you who couldn’t appreciate how we saved civilization! You all should be on your knees thanking me for what my grandfather did!” He raised a hand, pointing violently at each of them. “So yes, this might not be a game, but the system isn’t for monsters like you. It’s for people like Brittany who understand the beauty of it. It’s for people like your dear friend Sugar, who is willing to wait for good things to come. And it’s for people like you two!” He grinned at Sam then Mercedes. “People who will trade a child to continue society for a happy marriage. You think you went in for DNA tests? Don’t be stupid. You were both given fertility boosters. There was almost no chance you wouldn’t get pregnant with what we gave you.”

“That’s sick,” Kurt hissed.

“Only because you don’t see the beauty and simplicity of it all. But no matter.” He waved his hand dismissively at them. “I’m willing to forgive it all. You can leave, escape with the rebels and never see this place again. You can do anything you want, if you’ll just give me one thing.”

Kurt didn’t want to ask. He didn’t want to work with him for any reason. But god did he want his freedom.

Finally Puck spoke up, giving Anderson what he wanted. “Just what could you possibly want from us?”

The senator smiled sweetly at him. “I want you to help me find someone. One of the rebels.”

“We don’t know any of them,” Kurt bluffed. It was almost true.

“Oh, but I’m sure you do. Or you will. Little bastard can’t stand not having everyone know who he is.”

Kurt’s voice shook as he asked, “Who is it?”

“My son.”

“He’s dead.”

He laughed. “Don’t be stupid. I fed you morons that story so no one would question my authority. How many people would turn away if they knew my own son abandoned the system?”

Sebastian shook his head. “We don’t know your son.”

“You know him!” the senator bellowed. “You have to know him!”

Sebastian jumped back from the bars when the man rushed there, slapping his palm flat on them so hard that the sound echoed through the jail. “Where is my son?” he demanded.

“I’m right here.”

Kurt whipped his head towards the source of the voice at the entrance of the cells. Blain stood there, in a black oversized hoodie. One hand was clenched around a card key, while the other was stuffed in his pocket.

“Hello Dad,” he whispered.