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Two Hearts Becoming One

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Inspector Sullivan sat at his desk in the Police Station finishing his report on his latest investigation. "Another murderer locked away, the village can now push on with the banalities of life." He thought sighing, he pushed the report away and banged down his pen. He had been frustrated in the last few weeks, he had only been able to go to London twice and Anna had only been able to come to the village once. Speaking on the phone with her was lovely but he missed spending time with her, the phone was just not intimate enough.

Now he was looking forward to going up to London. He had one weeks leave to spend time with Anna, watch her play and interview with the Chief Inspector of Scotland Yard. Part of being an upwardly mobile member of the Police Department was that you had to become used to transferring more often then you was good for you. Though he had no desire for a desk bound position. the thought of relocating to London was very much worth another transfer to his system. And living in London would be most welcome, not only because he enjoys the lifestyle, but because he could be with Anna all the time, now that she was working in the West End.

There was a knock on his office door, he sighed and said, "Come." The door opened and he was not at all surprised to see Father Brown. "Good Evening, Father Brown."

"Good Evening, Inspector, are you all set for London?" He replied cheerfully as he sat down in a guest chair.

"Yes, I am. I hear from Anna, that you will be joining us for the opening of her play?"

"Indeed I am, I will be there a few days early. I have a meeting with the Bishop."

"I have meeting too..."

"With Scotland Yard?"

Annoyed, Sullivan asked sharply, "Now, how did you come to know that?"

Amused, Father Brown's eyes were twinkling, "a little bird."

"I must find out who this little bird is, it will save us hours of labor on our investigations..."


"Are you here to discuss this latest case?"

"No, I have another question in mind."

"Which is?"

"Always right to the point?"

"It is my nature."

"Yes, well...may I ask why you are transferring?"

Sullivan leaned back in his chair and studied the Cleric, he was a smart man, intuitive, but also a pain in his backside. He shrugged and said, "I'm not. There isn't a job opening. I am merely letting them know I would be open to it."


"Why am I open to it?"

Father Brown nodded.

Sullivan sighed, "I miss the city, Father. I miss city life. All my enjoyments are there. I can do a lot more for my career there. And most of all I miss Anna. Anna can work in the West End and I can be with her, if I work at Scotland Yard. She could tour of course, but the chances of a tour even stopping in this little village is slim to none....I miss...I miss her so much. And the phone is simply no longer enough for us...I don't suppose you could understand any of that..."

"On the contrary, I understand it all quite well. I think those are all good reason for the change, especially the last part." Said Father Brown smiling, a bit surprised at how open the young man was being with him. He was usually such a closed off, dour man.

"Anna is really the first and most important reason. I just decided to just be honest with you, and tell you that...."

"I see that. Well I just wanted to let you know, that you will be missed."

"Will I?"

"Yes, very much so."

Sullivan smiled and shook his head, "Well I never thought I would ever be saying this, Father. But I will miss you too."


"Please, please don't kill me...I won't tell anyone..."

The man advance on the woman, "You don't understand, Yank, I have too!"

"You don't!" She backs away,"I'm..."

"No, No Stop!!!! This should be darker, it should be in the shadows. " Yelled the director from the back of the house. "Anna, Donny take a break." He said, as he came down the middle aisle toward the stage.

Anna stood on the apron of the stage staring out into seats trying to see the figure that she so wanted to see. When she didn't see the figure she truly needed, she straightened up and sighed. Dejected she went toward the wings and her dressing room.

As she walked into the wings, a quiet voice asked, "Are you looking for anyone in particular?"

Anna spun on a dime, she saw him standing there with his arms open, she jumped into them, hugging him close, kissing every inch of skin she could reach. His arms held her close and kissed her back, as she whispered between kisses, "I thought you were caught up by a murder or something?"

He chuckled, rubbing his cheek against hers, as he felt her hands invade his hair, he tingled all over as he replied, "I am caught up in a murder, a staged one. I am looking forward to watching you in this murder mystery."

She pulled back slightly and rubbed her nose against his, "A bit safer then our last murder, huh?"

"Much." His hands went down to her shapely derriere and held her close kissing her passionately. She returned the kiss with equal need, both forgetting others could see them for a moment.

"My dear girl, can't you practice your kissing scenes in private please?"

Sullivan and Anna's heads whipped up and turned in the direction of the baritone tones of the famous lead, Dexter Boxton.

"Sorry Dex, we haven't seen each other in weeks. Darling, this is our lead, he is playing Detective Inspector Lionel Brighton, Dexter Boxton. Dex, this is my boyfriend, Senior Detective Inspector Thomas Sullivan."

"Are you a real detective?"

"Afraid so, it is not nearly as glamorous and hardly any salary at all," said Sullivan with an amused grin.

"Oh my dear boy, I must pick your brain. I would love you to give me some kind authenticity, to this rag of this show."

"It's not that bad, Dex," said Anna. her arms were still around Sullivan's waist, holding him close. Sullivan's arm was around Anna's shoulders, his hand gently massaging the muscle near her shoulder blade.

"My Dear Girl, it is awful, but the common masses should enjoy it. They love such blood and guts."

Sullivan really didn't like this man, his attitude was that he was above all he sees, and that was not really something he wanted to deal with right now. All he wanted was to do is be with Anna, he had missed her so much, so he replied politely, "Well, I am looking forward to it."

"Because your girlfriend is in it, that is very loyal of you, Inspector."

Anna just barely kept herself from rolling her eyes. "Dex, Tom and I are going to get reacquainted, I will see you on stage...later."

"Of course, of course, "and a flight of angels sing thee to thy rest,"" said the tall man with a crop of gray hair and a wicked look on his once handsome face.

"Nice to meet you," said Sullivan holding his now free hand out to shake the older man's.

Dex shook Sullivan's hand, "Nice firm grip, yes you are a detective I could play. Nice to meet you too, Inspector."

Anna signed, she took Sullivan's other hand, twined their fingers and started to lead him away from her fellow Thespian. Once they reached her dressing room and she closed the door, she said softly, "He is such a good actor, too bad he is also an ass."

"Yes, I figured that out for myself. I saw him in "Darling Midnight," four years ago, he was superb and I believe he won several awards for it."

"Yep, I saw him on Broadway, he was was wonderful and won the Tony. He is wonderful in this play as well, but his ego is just..."

"Over inflated?"

"Exactly," she pulled him to her by his waistcoat and said, "I am so glad you are finally here."

His arms went around her waist and pulled her close, kissing her passionately, then he rubbed his cheek against hers and whispered, "so am I. Everyone sends their love to you. Father Brown and Lady Felicia will be here for opening night." Then he kissed her again, picking her up and carrying her toward the couch in the corner. When they ran out of air, she whispered, "They better be here."

He chuckled and sat them down on the couch as she arranged herself on top of him. She lowered her lips to his, her hands exploring his body as he explored hers. They were unbuttoning and unhooking when suddenly there was a loud crash. And a terrible scream followed.

They pulled apart startled.

"What in the hell was that, Anna?"

"I have no idea."

"It's not part of your play?"


Suddenly the door to Anna's dressing room opened and the director came in with an ashen face. "Terrible accident...chandelier crashed...Dex is dead....dead..."