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Mannequin Men

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Akaashi hadn’t been this nervous in a long, long time.

He crossed, and then uncrossed his legs in the chair- he was in a lobby of some kind, and resisted the urge to nervously check his phone. He stared down at his shoes; he’d spent nearly a week picking out his outfit for today. This was a big deal.

“Hello! Akaashi, right?”

Akaashi’s head whipped up, and looked at the blond man outstretching his hand. He had a nice shirt on, with casual jeans, and his long hair was slicked back.

“Y-yes,” Akaashi cursed his stutter, “Yes. I’m Akaashi Keiji.” He stood up, and shook the man’s hand.

“Ukai Keishin.” The blond’s shake was firm. “We spoke over the phone.”

“Yes, I remember.” Akaashi nodded, and hoped Ukai didn’t notice how sweaty his hands were. Akaashi wasn't one to typically get nervous, so that fact alone was making him even more nervous. 

“We’re super excited to have you on board.” Ukai grinned, and slid his hands back in his pockets. “I’m going to be your new manager. I was the one that adopted you into my team.”

“Thank you so much, sir.” Akaashi could feel his heart about to explode. He worked so hard for this. “I’m honored at the opportunity.”

“Well, your portfolio was pretty impressive.” Ukai began to walk towards the inner doors, “Ready for a tour?”

Akaashi’s feet suddenly remembered how to move, and he nodded, before following Ukai through the door.

“Yeah, it was super impressive.” Ukai continued. “For someone with such little experience.”

“Thank you very much.” Akaashi tried to keep the smile off his face. "I'm really excited to start at an official firm." 

“You definitely need improvement on a couple things, but that’ll only come with experience.” Ukai shrugged. They walked down a colorful hallway, and Akaashi looked around at the pictures hanging on the walls. Various magazine covers were framed. He recognized a couple of them.

“Of course. I’ll work very hard, sir.”

Akaashi was prepared to do whatever it took. Modeling was something he’d always wanted to do- and not because he was told he had a ‘pretty face’ as a child. More so he loved the world of fashion. He loved everything about the industry; hell, he learned English from watching America’s Next Top Model.  For a long time, it was just the support of his parents that got him occasional bookings; but now, he’d done it. He’d made it into an actual modeling firm.

“Drop the sir, thing.” Ukai waved his hand. “You can just call me Ukai. Sir makes me feel old.”

Akaashi opened his mouth to respond, but Ukai cut him off. He suddenly gestured to the hallway around him, “Well, if you hadn’t guessed, we’re inside the modeling firm headquarters. This is where you’ll spend a lot of time. We get tons of industries that come and do shoots here. We’ve got multiple studios, like this one-“ Ukai pointed to a door with a little window in it, “-that have open space for people to work with. Here at Mode, we supply models, and workspace.”

“So photographers, makeup artists and designers bring their stuff here?” Akaashi peeked in the room, and saw that it was empty, despite a few industrial lights pushed to the side.

“Well, sometimes designers want to shoot in other places.” Ukai shrugged, and continued walking. “Like the mountains or something. But your typical retail shoot is going to take place right here.”

“That’s kinda cool.” Akaashi wiped his sweaty hands on his jeans, and hoped Ukai didn’t notice. “How does booking work?”

“Well,” Ukai huffed, “There’s multiple managers that work here, each with multiple models under their wing. It’s our job to get you as many bookings as possible, and in turn, that makes money for us, which makes money for Mode.” They walked past a door with bright lights streaming through the door, and Akaashi tried to get a peak before Ukai got too far. Ukai didn’t turn around, as he said, “The annoying part is that all the managers here are constantly fighting to get their own models booked. So, the better you are-” Ukai turned around, and nearly laughed when he saw Akaashi dying to look through the window. He cleared his throat, and Akaashi looked his way. Ukai smiled, “The better you are…the easier it is for me to book you. Popularity helps. Did you get all that?”

“Y-yes.” Akaashi nodded.

“Good.” Ukai continued walking, and Akaashi stumbled behind him. “There’s a cafeteria over there-“ Ukai pointed to a door on the left. “And a lounge on the second floor. The lounge is where most of the lazy bastards hang out. Here, follow me.” Ukai walked towards an elevator, and Akaashi desperately tried to memorize the map of the building quickly. Ukai was walking so fast- Akaashi was definitely going to get lost.

Suddenly someone shouted, “Hey! Hold the elevator!”

Ukai placed his hand in the way of the door, and a very tall man with silver hair slipped through the crack. He nodded his thanks, and shuffled to the other side. “Thanks, Ukai.”

“No problem.” Ukai grinned. “Late for a shoot?”

“How’d you know?” The man laughed, and rubbed the back of his head. Ukai gestured to his ruffled shirt, and unzipped pants, and the man laughed again before fixing both.

“Well, I’d like you to meet my new baby bird.” Ukai placed a hand on Akaashi’s shoulder, and Akaashi tensed. He was still in awe by how damn tall this guy was. Is everybody here like this?

“Wow, so short.” The man blinked. Still, he outstretched his hand. “I’m Lev.”

Akaashi narrowed his eyes at the insult, and begrudgingly shook his hand. “Akaashi.”

“You must be pretty good for Ukai to adopt a shorty like you.” Lev placed his hands in his pockets, but jumped when Ukai reached up to pull on his ear.

Ow ow ow-

“Don’t be rude!” Ukai let go, and crossed his arms.

“You’re not even my manager!”

“No, but I go out for drinks with yours, so you better keep your trap shut.”

Akaashi still couldn’t look away from Lev. His personality was a little annoying, but he had the eyes and height to make up for it. Akaashi suddenly felt very intimidated.

The elevator doors whooshed open, and Lev nearly leaped out. He yelled behind him, “It was nice meeting you Akaashi!”

Ukai rolled his eyes, before stepping out of the elevator. “Don’t mind him, he’s always like that.”

“Good to know.” Akaashi responded, and followed him out into a new hallway.

“Well, to continue off.” Ukai gestured to his left, “These are the makeup rooms. The door that Lev just about knocked down is the room where you’ll go before every shoot done here at HQ.”

“What kind of cosmetic industries come here?” Akaashi asked, because he seriously just had to know.

Ukai grinned, “We get some good ones. Dior, M.A.C., Revlon. Mode has some beauticians that work here, most of which train at Paul Mitchell.”

Akaashi couldn’t hide the smile on his face. This was awesome. As they walked, they passed by an open door. He could hear the clicking of a camera, and Akaashi felt his heartbeat quicken. Ukai stopped to peak in the door, and turned back to smile at Akaashi.

“Ah, I knew I booked him today. Go ahead and take a look- he’s one of mine.”

Akaashi slid into the doorway, and looked inside the studio. The photographer was nearly laying on the floor, taking angled shots of a tall male model sitting on a very funky-looking chair. A lady ran in to adjust the man’s glasses, before stepping back. Multiple interns scattered about, angling lights and listening to the photographer shout orders.

None of that mattered to Akaashi though, because the model was fucking gorgeous. He was incredibly tall, and skinny- his body looked like something Vogue-Italia would eat for breakfast. He was bent over the chair in a slouching position that made his legs and arms look two miles long. Akaashi must’ve looked like a fish, mouth open and eyes wide. A beautiful female model walked in to pose with him, but Akaashi hardly noticed her. The man was stunning.

He heard Ukai chuckle next to him, “That’s Tsukishima Kei. He’s only been modeling for a few years, but he’s a natural. It’s mostly his body; the fashion industry tends to favor that half-starved, taffy-stretched look.”

Akaashi laughed into his hand, and Ukai felt himself smile.


They walked into the lounge, and Akaashi marveled at the gorgeous décor. It was super urban- there were multiple couches lit by chandeliers above them. There were a couple televisions playing various things, and a snack table sat across from a water cooler. There was a ping pong table pushed to the side - which seemed to be the liveliest part of the room, because that area sure was eliciting a lot of screaming. The lounge seemed to be the busiest in the building- beautiful models laid about, and it reminded Akaashi of some kind of sex dream. Or movie. Or both.

“Ahh, there’s the idiots I was looking for.” Ukai crossed his arms and looked at the men playing ping pong. “Hey! You two!”

The models paused their game, heads whipping over to look at Ukai.

A tall man with messy black hair stood up straight, and grinned as Ukai walked closer, “Hey coach!”


The other model was wearing a tank top that showcased sculpted arms and a defined chest. Akaashi’s eyes flickered between the two, and swallowed. Fuck. They’re gorgeous too. Fuck fuck fuck.

“Sorry to interrupt uh…” Ukai saw a noticeable dent in the table that was not there before, “… your game. But this is Akaashi. The one who’s going to replace both of you.”

“So mean!” The man with dip dyed hair laughed.

The taller outstretched his hand, “I’m Kuroo.”

The other bumped him out of the way, and outstretched his hand instead, “I’m Bokuto!”

Akaashi was a little confused on who’s hand to shake, but settled on Bokuto’s, “ Nice to meet you.”

“Welcome to the squad.” Kuroo shoved his hands in his back pockets casually. “Be careful with Coach though, he’s a crafty bitch.”

Ukai punched his shoulder, and Kuroo laughed. Akaashi raised his eyebrows at the nickname, and Ukai immediately picked up on his confusion.

“I used to coach volleyball.” Ukai sighed. “I’ve known these two for a long time.”

Bokuto, who apparently had no interest in the current conversation, shuffled up to Akaashi and placed his arm on his shoulder easily. “Hey hey hey! He’s pretty short! Look how short he is Kuroo!”

Akaashi felt his eye twitch. He’s 5’10, for fucks sake. It’s not that short.

“Wow, no kidding.” Kuroo tipped his head, and it reminded Akaashi of a cat.

“He’s just as tall as Iwaizumi.” The manager hissed. “Who has, mind you, been getting more bookings than both of you, as of late.”

Kuroo and Bokuto seemed to visibly flinch, and pulled away from Akaashi. They said simultaneously, “Sorry…”

Regardless of the insults, Akaashi felt blood rushing past his ears. Bokuto and Kuroo were stunning; despite them technically being his competition, Akaashi suddenly wanted a copy of every print they’d ever done.

Ukai sighed, “These two are a handful, but they’re actually pretty popular. Kuroo is one of the best runway models the firm has, and Bokuto is popular for ready-to-wear and underwear shoots. Still, these two are really versatile, and that’s the best thing they both have going for them.”

“Wow, was that a compliment?” Kuroo placed his hand over his heart. “I’m…” He fake sniffed, “I’m touched, coach.”

Bokuto pinched his arm, “Am I dreaming Kuroo? Is this real life?”

“Don’t get used to it.” Ukai smiled, just a little. He waved his hand, “Alright, go back to being morons again.”

“Okay, but this time we’ve come up with a really good idea.” Bokuto placed out his hands like a lion tamer, “Instead of paddles, we’re using-“

“I don’t want to hear it!” Ukai yelled, and tugged on the corner of Akaashi’s sleeve. “Come on, we’re leaving.”

Akaashi didn’t say much. He really just couldn’t believe how great this was going. Akaashi thought this whole experience would be super duper professional, but here he was- being dragged away from two drop-dead gorgeous models trying to play ping pong with forks instead of paddles.

“Sorry about that.” Ukai let go of his sleeve, and laughed, “This place is a madhouse.”

“I…” Akaashi smiled, “I like it. I’m excited to work here.”

Ukai looked surprised. “Really now?”

“Yeah.” Akaashi looked around the hallway they stepped into. It was covered in magazines, clippings from newspapers, and sketches of Harajuku fashion. “I never dreamed I’d even get this far.”

“Really now?” Ukai said, “ What was it you said you went to college for again?”

Akaashi gave a short laugh, “Photography. I didn’t know how else to enter the industry.”

“Hmm.” Ukai held the door open for Akaashi, “Well, that’ll only help you.”

“Let’s hope.” Akaashi smiled. He wasn’t nearly as nervous as before.

“We’ll see this weekend.” Ukai winked.


“Your first shoot is on Saturday.” Ukai said, like it was the most obvious thing in the world. “It’s not anything huge, just a shoot for Frapbois.”

Akaashi felt his heart drop to his knees. He really hadn’t expected to get a job so soon. He opened his mouth, but all that came out was, “H-how?”

Ukai laughed, “I always try to get my noobs some work right away. It looks better on your portfolio. I showed them your stuff, and they liked your body shape.” He shifted on his feet, before continuing, “Although, you’re not going to be alone. It’s hard to get solo-shoots when you’re new. So, sorry about that.”

“No, no. Thank you much for this ,Ukai.” Akaashi bowed at the waist, “I won’t disappoint you!”

He heard the manager laugh, “It’s fine. I’m excited to see how you’ll do.”

Akaashi swallowed the knot in his throat, and nodded.


 When Akaashi made it back to his apartment that evening, he flopped face first into his bed. He was dead tired- partially from stressing about this day so much, and partially from internally screaming whenever he saw someone over six feet tall. He rolled over, and clutched his pillow to his chest.

He ran the names over in his head, Bokuto. Kuroo. Tsukishima.

So far they were the only models under Ukai that he’d met. How many more does he have?

He couldn’t stop thinking about Tsukishima’s shoot. He looked so at ease; it was breathtaking. That stoic face, matched with such a gangly body. It was incredibly attractive.

Not to mention the other two; he didn’t even see them working, but Akaashi could nearly feel the talent radiating off of them. He’d have to work hard. He wanted this.

His stomach growled, but his body groaned at the thought of getting back up. Akaashi looked around his small apartment- he really needed to clean up tomorrow.

Akaashi settled for flopping back down into bed, dreaming of food, and clothes, and perfect bodies.


Akaashi ran his fingers over the suit jacket once more. He’d already been through makeup- his face was now completely flawless and countered. He looked at his facial features in the mirror, tuning his face this way and that; he did look quite feminine. He’d never be able to book any super masculine shoots. Akaashi sighed- he’d just have to work with what he’s got.

Akaashi looked at himself once more in the mirror.

He was so nervous he was going to die.

They had him in multiple layers- a striped jacket and baggy pants- scarves and gloves and knee-high socks. It looked very…Frapbois. He loved it.

He could hear directors shouting behind him, calling for new lights and different chairs. It was busy, and chaotic, but Akaashi found a bit of solace in it.

“U-um, excuse me?”

Akaashi jumped, and looked at the figure standing at his side. It was a tall man with long brown hair pulled back into a bun. He had on an outfit not dissimilar from Akaashi’s, and he looked very intimidating. Until, you know, he opened his mouth again.

“A-are you Akaashi?”

“Yes.” Akaashi found himself speaking. He reached out his hand, “Akaashi Keiji.”

“Hello.” The man shook his hand, and Akaashi could feel that his palms were sweaty. “I’m Azumane Asahi. B-but you can just call me Asahi." He smiled, "I’m the one that’s going to model with you today.”

“Really?” Akaashi blinked, “Are you under Ukai as well?”

“Yes.” Asashi smiled, and he looked like a little puppy. “I have been for years, now.”

Years?! Then why does he look so nervous? Is it because of me?

As if he could read his mind, Asahi suddenly laughed nervously, and looked around the studio, “I still get anxious before every shoot. This is your first under the firm, yeah?” Akaashi nodded, and Asahi gasped, “You don’t look nervous at all!”

Akaashi laughed into his hand, “I actually feel like dying right now. But thanks, at least I don’t look how I feel.”

That seemed to make Asahi feel better too, because his face lit up instantly. He was attractive, in a rough kind of way.  He looked like someone that would be on the cover of a sports magazine. Or maybe like, a spread about lumberjacks. “I’m sure you’ll do great! Have you ever modeled with someone else before?”

Akaashi shook his head, “No.”

“Well,” Asashi timidly rubbed the back of his head, “It’s kind of hard. You’re constantly battling to outdo the other.” Asahi saw the nervous look on Akaashi’s face, and shook his hands, comically, “No! no! Don’t worry! Just…” The taller man paused, before continuing, “Just don’t over think it, okay?”

Akaashi took a deep breath. “Yeah, okay. Thank you very much.”

Asahi nodded enthusiastically, “Of course!”

Akaashi stared at him, and thought- Asahi is technically my competition, and yet he came over here to make me feel better.

Suddenly he heard a seemingly familiar voice shout, “Hey hey hey!

Akaashi whipped his head around to look at the source of the sound; Bokuto and Kuroo were pushing their way to the back of the studio. Akaashi nearly did a double take, because Tsukishima, Lev, and a handful of models were following behind them. Akaashi’s mouth fell open, I thought it was just two today?!

Asahi followed the younger’s flabbergasted stare, and let out a sigh when he saw the models taking seats in the back. “Really?”


“Everyone here is so damn nosy.” Asahi placed his hands on his hips, and it made him look much less intimidating. “Whenever there’s a new model added to the firm, everyone tries to go to their first shoot to scope ‘em out.”

As soon as Asahi’s words registered in his mind, Akaashi instantly wanted to die.

“I remember when the old models here did it to me.” Asahi sighed, “It was so intimidating. Please, try to ignore them. They just want to see how big of a threat you are.”

“Yeah uh…” Akaashi tore his eyes away from the audience he’d suddenly acquired, “…yeah, I’ll just do that.” I’m going to fucking die.

Asahi opened his mouth to speak again, but was cut off.

“Akaashi! Hey! Akaashi!”

Akaashi looked back over to Bokuto and Kuroo. Both were waving their arms like a mom at their son’s soccer game. Tsukishima was sitting next to them, pinching the bridge of his nose in an annoyed way.

“Hey! You’re gonna do great!” Kuroo yelled, and Akaashi felt his face flush.

“Are…are they always like this?” Akaashi mumbled out loud.

Asahi laughed, “Yes, but they’re especially loud because you’re on Ukai’s team. They want you to do well.”

Akaashi took a moment, before saying, “That’s…actually really nice.”

“Exactly!” Asahi grinned, “So don’t worry. You’ll be fine.”


Akaashi was definitely not fine.

They had him against a plain white backdrop- nothing too complicated- but Akaashi could feel everyone’s stares burning holes in his face. He shifted his body next to Asahi, and the photographer clicked away. Akaashi internally cursed, because he knew he looked awkward. He tried shifting again, and Asahi moved to match his movements.

“Akaashi,” The photographer looked out from behind her camera, “Do try to relax your shoulders.”

He nodded, “S-sorry.”

“No worries.” The photographer smiled, and went back to clicking away. At least she was nice.

Akaashi tried lessening the tension in his shoulders. Instead it just put more stress on his torso, and he suddenly didn’t know what to do with his arms. Akaashi’s heart was beating up into his throat, and he could feel his eyes beginning to gloss over from the lights. He tried shifting his weight on the other leg, but from the photographer’s expression, he knew it looked bad.

The audience in the back was completely silent- out of respect for both the photographer, and the models. Akaashi kept having to redirect his eyes to the camera, and he felt his heart drop a little more. Asahi was doing really good. He was in a relaxed pose, hand in one pocket, and the other down by his side.

A figure appeared in the doorway, and it only took once glance for Akaashi to see that it was Ukai. Great. Another person to impress.

Akaashi took a deep breath, and fuck his hands were shaking.

There was a laugh from the back, and one of the models stood up. He looked to be but a few inches taller than Akaashi, but had a stunning face with perfect hair to match. He laughed into his hand again, and began to walk away. “Come on, Iwa-chan. I told you we had nothing to worry about!”

Akaashi felt his heart lodge itself up into his throat, and he closed his eyes in fear of tears.

He heard Bokuto yell, “Shut up, dude!”

Another model stood up with the man, and followed him out of the room. A couple more models left as well- and they took Akaashi’s confidence with them.

Suddenly Asahi relaxed next to him, and waved to the photographer. “Excuse me, but can we take a moment?”

The photographer responded immediately, “Of course.”

Asahi pulled Akaashi gently to the side- he brought him closer when he noticed Akaashi shaking.

“Hey.” Asahi bent down to look him in the eye. “That’s Oikawa. He’s an ass, and you need to ignore him.”

Akaashi looked up, and exhaled, “I-I’m so sorry, Asahi. I’m ruining-“

“Nono, it’s okay. This is completely new for you. Just don’t let them get to you.” It was obvious that Asahi wasn’t that good at comforting people, but Akaashi really appreciated the effort.

“I…” Akaashi swallowed back tears. He wanted to do good. He knew he could do good. He wanted to impress his manager, and he wanted he wanted-

There was a hand at his shoulder, and Ukai suddenly appeared in his field of vision with a water bottle. He stretched it outwards, and Akaashi took it graciously. “Hey.”

“I’m sorry-“ Akaashi found himself saying, but Ukai held up a hand.

“Akaashi, what do you love about modeling?”

He felt speechless, and held the bottle a little tighter in his hands. “I…” What an abrupt question?!

“Quick, we only have a minute.”

“I-I love the clothes. And I love cameras. And…and…” Akaashi took a breath, “I love the feeling of doing a good job. I love when I can effectively market something.”

“Good.” Ukai grinned. “Then focus on those things, and not the concept of failure. The more you keep trying to be perfect, the more you’ll fall short. Okay? Did you get that?”

Akaashi nodded enthusiastically, and Asahi seemed to relax.

“Alright, then let’s try this again.”


 Akaashi shifted, leaning so his back curved into a moon shape. He looked over his shoulder, and let his arms fall limp behind him. Asahi saw him out of the corner of his eye, and shifted, so that he complimented Akaashi’s body shape. He heard the camera click reputedly, and Akaashi tilted his head down, just a little. He’d done this many times before, and his body kicked in with muscle memory.

“Good, Akaashi!” The photographer praised, and shifted onto her knees to get a different angle. “Give me that face again.”

Akaashi put on his bitch face, and looked down at the camera. He felt so much better. The weight on his heart had lifted a little, and all he could think about was the satisfaction of modeling.

“Perfect you two!” The photographer grinned, and snapped multiple photos. “Let’s do another!”

Another pose.

Akaashi swallowed, he had an idea, but he wasn’t sure how well it’d go over. He looked towards the models that decided to stay; he had Bokuto, Kuroo, and Tsukishima’s full attention. Lev was still there, but was talking to another female model.

Akaashi took a deep breath, and shifted his body into a more feminine pose; his body limp, except for a single hand against his face.

The photographer clicked away, and Asahi moved into a more masculine pose, with his hands in his pockets, leaning away from Akaashi.

“Wonderful!” The photographer commended, and Ukai smiled in the doorway.


He sat in a chair, drinking water, and wiping his face with his T-shirt. Akaashi was back in his own clothes now, and he was glad. The heat of the lamps and the heavy Frapbois layers had really gotten to him. Akaashi took another sip of water, and prepared to go hunt for his stuff so he could catch the train home.  


He nearly dropped his water bottle, and looked up. Bokuto and Kuroo were waving, with a quiet Tsukishima in tow.

“Akaashi! You were awesome dude.” Kuroo walked up, and held out his fist. Akaashi stared at it like it was alien, before slowly reaching out to lightly tap it with his own.

“That face though.” Bokuto tried imitating the pose that Akaashi had done, and Tsukishima slapped his hand away. "So good, dude." 

“Thank you…but I really fucked up in the beginning.” Akaashi wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. 

“It could’ve been much worse. You at least bounced back.” Tsukishima said, and Akaashi marveled at how nice his voice was. He stared for a moment, and Tsukishima suddenly jumped a little, before saying, “Oh, sorry, I don’t think we’ve officially met. I’m Tsukishima.” He extended his hand, revealing long, elegant fingers.

“Tsukishima,” Akaashi repeated, and shook his hand. “Thank you.”

“That wasn’t an easy task, man.” Kuroo rested his hands behind his head. “Pairing up with Asahi is hard.”

“What? But he’s so nice.”

“It’s his size.” Tsukishima translated. “It’s hard to stand out while standing next to him- but you did a good job.”

“Yeah! You’re super pretty, man.” Bokuto grinned, and Akaashi felt his face warm just a little. It wasn't like he didn't know that...but...he’d never get used to receiving compliments from such gorgeous people.

“He might just be prettier than Oikawa.”

“Oh man, don’t let him know you said that.”

“What a piece of shit he is.” Tsukishima interjected, crossing his arms. “Getting up like that in the middle of Akaashi’s shoot.”

“I’m not surprised.” Kuroo said.

Akaashi internally screamed when he realized that he had gone oddly silent-he was just standing completely still, staring at the faces in front of him. It was just...damn Kuroo had nice cheekbones, and Tsukishima’s eyes were beautiful and Bokuto’s arms-

Fuck. I’m so gay. Akaashi took a deep breath. This was fine. Everything was fine. Say something dammit. 

“Well uh.” Akaashi reached down for his bag, “It was nice meeting you guys-“

“Hey hey!” Bokuto was apparently loud all the time. “We totally came by to invite you out with us. We’re going for drinks.”

“Um...” Akaashi wasn’t sure what to say. He’d only met them a couple days ago…was this really okay?

“Well, they’re going for drinks.” Tsukishima rolled his eyes. “I’m designated driver.”

Hell yeah.” Kuroo high-fived Bokuto, and Tsukishima crossed his arms.

“Do you guys invite out every new guy?” Akaashi teased.

“Nah, we just think you’re cute.” Bokuto grinned, and Tsukishima elbowed him in the side.

“He means that you seem chill. It was awesome watching you work today.” Kuroo grinned like the Cheshire cat. “So what do you say?”

“Uh, well.” Akaashi began, “I’d love to but, I gotta take the train home and…” I don’t even know you guys??

“Tsukki will drive you home!” Bokuto wrapped an arm around Tsukishima’s waist, and the younger brushed him off. He looked a little annoyed at being volunteered.

“No, I can’t ask you to do that, man.” Akaashi reached down to grab for his bag. “Thanks for the offer though-“

“No, I’d be happy to.” Tsukishima interrupted, finally pulling Bokuto’s arm out from around his waist. “Honestly.”

Kuroo wiggled his eyebrows, “Sooo? Is that a yes?”

Akaashi fell silent for a moment, before saying, “Sure.” because he figured making a few friends in this dog-eat-dog world wouldn’t hurt.