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Numb, but I still feel it

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It's not over yet




“C’mon Derek!”

Erica whined, making a point of cupping her breasts through her shirt and pushing her grossly over-padded wonder bra up higher, making the blond girl’s chest area much more prominent.


Derek scoffed haughtily, same old workmates getting trashed at their street's local bar or not, Erica loved to brag about her serious commitment to look extremely hot twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. It was basically her second job.


“You’ve missed drinking night two weeks in a row. Plus a little birdie told me that Boyd is already there! You know how he's always busy, there's usually a 50/50 chance he actually shows up!
This is my only chance, I need to work my magic! This is the most heavily padded bra they had at Victoria’s Secret y’know! And I did not pay sixty buckaroos not to shove the girls in people’s faces!”


“First of all, I’d really appreciate it if you put them away, you might poke someone’s eye out or something. Second, stop referring to Twitter as your personal little bird Reyes. And third, you're cop, you should know better than cyber-stalking the poor guy! They are going to arrest you for harassment.”


Erica huffed, her body adopting a less aggressive posture “Derek Please! You know I'm not above begging. Though you'd make my life a hell of a lot easier if you just agreed to go with me now.”


Derek ignored her, continuing to stare at the photographs and crumpled hand-written letters that were scattered messily across the large oak table they had placed in the police department.


"Derek, Derry, Baby D, De-"


“Erica! there is a serial killer on the lose and you're more worried about attending the annoying workmate's drinking night that we literally have every damn week than catching the scumbag that is abducting innocents weekly?”


Erica sighed, getting closer to Derek and turning his desk lamp off, obscuring the faces of those who had died a cruel and torturous death,  inflicted by the murderous psychopath special agents Hale and Reyes had been assigned to track down. They had been on the case for almost four months and every time they thought they’d caught the son of a bitch, he would disappear without a trace. Well, except for the taunting letters he’d always leave addressed to them.



Dear Detectives,

Bravo! Almost caught me again. Almost... When are you

going to get through your thick pig skulls that I'm too smart for you?

Do not underestimate me,

Make no mistake, I will kill again. 

I can't wait to make another innocent sing with agony again.




Dear Detectives,

The Last victim cried for her mother for hours,

How puerile is that?

but then I guess she was a child after all.

Shame she'll never get to be more than that

Say hi to her mother for me.





“Der" Erica sighed, sounding much more serious than before "Torturing yourself over this won’t make us catch him faster. We’ve been in the office all day everyday for four months! Hell, today we re-read the prime suspects interviews and their statements for like the twenty-fourth time just to make sure we hadn’t missed anything. Which we haven’t by the way. And don’t you think I haven’t noticed you’ve been skipping lunch this whole week…Jesus Derek, you obsessing over this will not help us catch him any faster! What you’re doing will slowly but surely take a toll on you!”


Derek sighed tiredly, fighting against the urge of rubbing his tired eyes. It would only serve to prove Erica’s point.

“I know” He admitted. Truthfully he hadn't had a decent meal or a good night of sleep in months and as the days passed, his stress levels had started to dramatically rise.


Curiously enough, he’d taken notice of his recent mood shift when he'd started snapping and growling at his big sister more frequently. While Laura had always been extremely pushy and annoying, lately he’d been wanting to rip his hair out every time she'd open her mouth.


“Why do you want me to go so badly anyway? I know you Reyes, you are not one to rely on moral support. Being my best friend has only made me immune to your ‘innocent’ facade. Out with your ulterior motives.”


Erica grinned while yanking Derek’s expensive leather suitcase open and roughly shoving all his paperwork in. She knew him well enough to know he would try to be extra slow while packing his things.


“Well, believe it or not Lydia respects you and she is Boyd’s partner and best friend, wouldn't hurt having you as a wingman and gaining her as an ally.”


“So you're just interested in my connections” Derek smirked as he slipped his leather jacket on, trying to mentally prepare himself to withstand another excruciating night of interns and co-workers alike awkwardly and/or aggressively hitting on him.


“Well, that and I honestly care about you. You've been my best friend since the academy Derek Hale, and you're starting to make me worry more than I already worry about you.” Erica said softly, grabbing his hand and pulling him towards the exit. “Plus, you make an incredible fake lover and I just know Boyd will feel super jealous!”



Derek groaned while allowing her to pull him out of the police station. “Heathen…”









“Yesterday was great” Erica sighed dreamily as she pressed the start button on their high-tech coffee maker, waiting impatiently to re-fill her mug.


“He didn't even acknowledge your presence” Derek sighed, re-reading the victims information and their last whereabouts.


“We kept making eye contact! At one time we held it for more than five seconds, he obviously wants me buddy, don’t be jealous”


Derek snorted, grabbing a neon marker and highlighting the address of the man’s latest victim. A girl by the name ‘Alix’. She was a first year at a community college in some place called ‘Beacon Hills and now they had to visit the place sometime during the week. Alix had only been found that morning, her mutilated remains scattered along a jogger’s path in Beacon Hill’s preserve.



“Hale” Deaton nodded his stoic salute as he entered the room “Reyes”


“Chief” Derek and Erica said in unison


“I have some good news for a change. I know catching this year’s psychopath has been hard, especially with him having an apparent knowledge in forensic science.”


Derek looked grim as his eyes focused on Alix’s photograph. She'd been such a pretty teenager with long blonde hair and a bright smile. He would make that bastard pay, for Alix and the rest of the victims that had lost their lives.


“LAPD lent me one of their team to help with this case” Deaton said calmly, ignoring the way Derek’s scowl deepened and Erica’s grin grew in size. He knew Derek hated almost everyone, especially new people. The only person he liked to work with was his partner Erica, and said girl was grinning like a maniac at the opportunity to terrorise and boss around a new guy.


Deaton sighed, rubbing his forehead. The only reason he put up with them both was because they were outstanding at their job. Derek was incredibly fit, intuitive and intimidating and on the other side of the coin was Erica who was cunning, fearless and could be very persuasive. Together they made a great team. One of the best even.


“You will welcome this guy with open arms y’hear me? It took me a month of paper work and more than a couple of favours to bring Dr. Stilinski here to New York from Los Angeles”


“Geez chief why is this guy so important anyway?” Erica sighed “I was voted most popular in high school and you don’t see me bragging about it.”


“Erica you bring that up everyday” Derek scoffed “And It isn't even true...”


"Well they should've of" Erica muttered


Deaton rolled his eyes, choosing to ignore Erica’s jab and picking up a forgotten cup of steaming coffee off the table “This guy’s a prodigy” he said, absently sipping the dark liquid and making a face “IQ of 197. Eidetic memory, graduated valedictorian from MIT”


“So when are we expecting this gift from god?” Sarcasm drips off Erica’s voice and Derek can't stop from feeling proud. Like he's witnessing a baby fawn stumbling to walk for the first time.


Deaton opened his mouth but stopped when his phone went off.


“He’s actually here now. Please excuse me a minute.”


“That was my coffee wasn't it?” Erica sighed, looking through the list of new possible suspects they had to interview for the day.


“I’m just glad it wasn't mine this time” Derek smirked


“Ugh, I really don’t look forward to meeting the new guy. I can already tell he will be an obnoxious, ugly no-life nerd that will come to our turf and think he runs the fucking show” Erica growled, her long red nails combing her hair back “I betcha he thinks he is better than us, I can already see him acting all stuck-up and being condescending about everything.”


“I know.” Derek grunted “I did not sign up to babysit some conceited old ma-”


“Uh hi!”


Derek and Erica turned to see a young man standing behind them, hugging a couple of crisp manila folders tightly against his grey cardigan.


“I-” he started, his pale skin burning pink under the stares of Derek and Erica. The man cleared his throat, unconsciously adjusting his black rimmed glasses that almost hid the most ethereal eyes Derek had ever seen. His irises shone a rare light amber colour that were rimmed by inky dark thick lashes Derek knew his sisters would be extremely jealous of.

And good lord! His mouth…


“I am here for-” he tried again


Erica seemed to snap out of it first with a quick shake of her head, blonde curls bouncing in every direction “Listen kid, this is a restricted area, if you could follow those signs up there they will direct you to reception where they will be able to help y-”


“I am not a kid” The guy huffed rolling his eyes and looking a bit more relaxed “My name is Sti-”


“Listen” Erica snapped, like she always did when she hadn’t had her daily shot of caffeine. Looking at you Deaton. “Whatever you have to say doesn’t matter. You can’t be here without being a special agent like me or my partner Hale over here” she nodded towards Derek whose eyes widened when he noticed the small visitor’s pass on the kid’s jumper.


“Dr. Stilinski” Deaton said loudly , walking hurriedly into the room


“Where?” Erica asked , her eyes scanning the room. All she could see was some of her workmates on their desks, looking busy. A group of interns laughing by the copying machine and the kid next to them.


“Dr. Stilinski” Deaton repeated, resting his hand over the boy’s shoulder. “This will be the two agents who you’ll be working with during your stay in New York” Deaton said, pride shining in his dark eyes “They are the best we have to offer. Mr. Hale and Miss Reyes will fill you in on the case immediately, if you need anything don’t hesitate to call me.”


The boy nodded seriously and opened his mouth but was cut off by the exaggerated gasp Erica let out.


“You are the Doctor? The genius with 3 PhDs?” Erica shrieked, absolutely gobsmacked “But you’re pretty!”


Stiles went red like a firetruck, his amber eyes widening “I- Thanks?”


“Enough Erica” Derek sighed and pulled out a chair for their guest “Dr.Stilin-”




“Gesundheit” Erica said, looking confused as she handed Stiles the file with the information they had on the murderer.


Stiles grinned then, a small bubbly laugh escaping his full lips. Lips Derek hadn't stopped staring at since he arrived.


“No dude, that’s my name” He gave Erica and Derek a shy smile as he looked at the papers in his hands.


Erica smiled, winking at Derek while Stiles read. One look at her mischievous expression and he knew Erica had somehow figured out his attraction towards Stiles. Not that it was hard to notice. Derek admits that he might have overdone the staring. In his defence though he couldn't help it. Stiles was kind of perfect.


Erica looked at Stiles, a seductive smile on her bright red lips. Derek scowled, knowing well she was taunting him but unable to stop the foreign, almost forgotten of white hot jealousy bubbling in his stomach.

Stiles, who was almost done reading the last piece of paper of the considerably big stack he'd been handed gulped audibly. The photographs of the victims were graphic to say the least and their bodies had been butchered so severely that they were hard to stomach even for professionals such as Derek, Erica or Stiles.


Erica made a gesture towards Stiles and nodded towards Derek, giving him a thumbs up and a blinding smile.




Stiles might be one of the most gorgeous guys he'd ever had the displeasure (pleasure) to meet but Derek Hale did not date; his life was his work and that was all he needed.


He had learnt his lesson after Kate. Derek had dated the Argent girl for almost a year when he found her cheating on him. With a broken heart, he confronted her and broke up with her which prompted Kate to burn his house with all his family inside. He would be eternally grateful that his family had escaped the flaming hell that had almost claimed their lives.  


Luckily, they had found the evidence to put Kate and his insane father who'd been her accomplice in jail. It was her old man who had unawarely led Derek and the police to his secret cabin in the wood where he kept a bunch of illegal arms and sealing their fate. 


Years after the incident and psychologist visits later Cora, Laura and his mother had insisted or more like obligated him to get back out there and date again, to give love another shot and Derek had begrudgingly accepted. And that’s how he committed mistake number two.

Jennifer had been just as crazy. After only one month of dating, Derek had caught her trying to poke holes to their condoms in an attempt to get pregnant. 


So no, Derek did not date, he was open to occasionally having one-night stands but that was it.


Erica rolled her eyes, as if she could read all that was going through his mind and patted Stile’s back. “So, exactly how old are you?” she questioned 


“Erica” Derek growled. He couldn't tell if she was pushing this because of her annoying habit of  trying to hook him up with every new person they met or because she'd realised how attracted Derek was to Stiles.


“No, it is fine Mr.Hale, it is a question I get asked often, though I really do not understan-”


“And they said you are a genius” Erica coughed into her hand , earning a deeper frown from Derek and a confused expression from Stiles.


“S’cuse me?”


“Your age Doctor Stilins-”


“It’s Stiles” he reminded kindly.


Erica gave him a sour look.


“Exactly? Well, I am 21 years, three months, fifteen days, thirteen hours and 34-”


“Yeah, so 21? You're legal and most importantly have access to alcohol then” she said loudly, ignoring the killer glare Derek sent her way. "Good. Good to know..."


“Though I just turned 21 recently so I haven’t been to a pub yet! My best friend Scotty says he's gonna to take me out soon to experience the feeling of getting wasted! It’ll be so fun!”



"Really?" Erica squealed "Maybe you should com-"


“Hey there’s Boyd!” Derek exclaimed trying to distract her from getting any ideas.


“Where?” Erica gasped, wildly looking around and quickly spotting them in the police station’s break lounge; Boyd and his partner Lydia sat on comfortable looking couches, both looking relaxed, laughing at something on Lydia’s phone.


“I’ll be back” Erica squealed, grabbing her make-up case and making a bee-line towards the toilets.


“She’s peculiar” Stiles smiled, taking a thin notepad out of his pocket and jotting down something in an unintelligible letter style .


“Yes, but she is my best friend” Derek said, sounding a bit defensive. Erica and his family were literally all the happiness he got to have in his life and like hell was he going to let his loved ones get bad mouthed by anyone even if they were an incredibly bewitching doctor, with big doe eyes a plump mouth, a cute elvish nose and what was he saying again?


“Okay. So what i’ve got so far is that the main suspect is a white male, between the ages of 18-25, has a tendency to sexually violate his victims and mutilate their faces and chest. Arms and legs are intact, genitals are always left caked with the man’s dried semen. He targets young, good looking males and females raging from 16 years of age to 23 years old which would be the oldest and the third male he killed.” Stiles inhaled and looked at Derek who looked stunned


“How did you conclude that so fast? The info we gave you goes on for 34 pages!”


“Well, I am a prodigy after all agent Hale” Stiles said, imitating a condescending expression


“No need to rub it in” Derek grunted but the ends of his mouth curled upwards


Stiles beamed and honest to god giggled.


He would be Derek’s end, he could already feel it.


"I think this guy is smarter than your average criminal. Notice how he slices up his victim’s faces until they are unrecognisable. One theory possible theory is our criminal could’ve been bullied or perhaps rejected by someone, from what I can see from his choice of victims, they were all very attractive and well liked by peers. It is likely that public humiliation and/or rejection sparked his need to kill...” Stiles mumbles, almost like talking to himself “...Look at the deep gashes all the victims have on their chests. Just over where the heart sits.”


Derek nodded seriously “Our guy also loves to scalp his female victims. Hair in western culture is seen as a thing of beauty and pride. It's like he is ruining their beauty, taking away from their appearance. He is resentful...”


“An eye for an eye. You reject me, I get revenge. It appears that is the guy we are dealing with. He won’t stop killing until we is put away for good. Have you guys tried setting a trap for him yet?”


“Affirmative” Derek sighs, taking a sit and offering Stiles a chair “but most of our police officers do not fit the description of his victims. He did not take the bait and we cannot use a civilian. Too dangerous.”


Stiles takes a seat, not breaking eye contact with Derek “Maybe we could lay low for a week or two, do some old-fashioned investigating around Beacon Hills and try again? A false sense of security and an ambush has yet to fail me.”


“I could ask Chief Deaton for permission to investigate in Beacon Hills, were his last victim was found” Derek said helpfully “All we would need is somewhere to stay there.”


Stiles looked delighted and immediately an apologetic expression taking over his face “Actually, My dad is Beacon Hill’s sheriff. I grew up there but moved to Los Angeles for work 3 years ago. He wouldn't mind us staying at home at all”


Derek stood up, the now alien feeling of hope blooming in his chest, making him feel jittery “Sounds great, I’ll go talk to Deaton now.”


“So, I was late to the party and all I could get my hands on were stale chips and flat soda” Erica sighed exaggeratedly, her full face of makeup contorting into a grimace.


Stiles blinked twice “S’cuse me?”


“She took too long to do her make-up and Boyd left” Derek sighed as he awkwardly patted Erica’s back, a pathetic attempt to comfort her.


“Boyd?” Stiles asked, adorably scrunching his nose.


“Not of importance now. Erica, pack up your bags. We are heading to Beacon Hills”