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Until Dawn

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Today is the one year anniversary of the dreadful trashed that took place on Mount Washington. One year ago tonight the Hale girls left the safety of their parents lodge and headed out into a snow storm. Something about the mountain seems to breed tragic events.

12th of February 2014. The night that sisters Laura Hale and Cora Hale went missing. Leaving their brother, Derek Hale, to mourn. Derek had gone into a kind of isolation since the incident. But this year, he wants to get everyone together again. In memory of what was.

"Um, hello friends, alright well it's beyond great to have you guys all back this year. I Gotta say I am excited to welcome all the guys back to the annual Blackwood winter getaway!" The video invitation had said, "So, um, let me just let, you know, let's take a moment to address the elephant in the room for a second.. I know you're all probably worried about me, and I know it's gonna be tough on all of us going back after what happened last year but- I just want all of you to know," he continued, "It means so much to me that were doing this all being together, I really want to spend some quality time with all of you and share moments that we'll never forget. Okay.. So, let's just have fun right? Let this be something we'll never forget!" He finished.

Still, Stiles was unsure about going back to the place that two of his friends had gone missing, or even died.


Blackwood pines
Ten hours until dawn

Cora's best friend


It was cold. And foggy, so it was kind of scary when Stiles kept hearing strange noises around him on his way to the cable car station.

"Hello?" He asks out loud, "Is someone there?"

He'd been walking for about 10 minutes prior the bus before he walks up to a massive gate.

The gates busted,
Climb over!
- Malia

"Ugh what?" He groans, "Dammit!"

Walking over to the left of the gate, Stiles made his way safely over the brick wall and jumps down.

He walked for a bit longer before he reaches the cable car station. It was completely remote, like no one was there, the only thing was Malia's bag was resting on the bench outside.

"Malia?" He calls out, "You here? Your bags here where are you..?" He mumbled the last part, "Your not in the bag are you?"

Suddenly there was a buzz from inside the bag making Stiles jump up startled.

"Oh hello.. What do we have here?" He says sneaking up to the bag. He looks over his shoulder as he reaches into the bag to snoop. "Ah ha! Look who it is.."

"Hey nosey," said a voice behind him all of a sudden making him quickly spin around in defence.

"Ah!" He shouts clearly startled, "Malia!"

Has a crush on Kira


"You scared me!" Stiles accuses.
"I'm sorry, are you my secretary?" Malia bit back.

"It- It was buzzing-,"
"Cool, well, thanks for letting me know. I can take it from here." And with that Malia plucks her phone from Stiles' grip, "Come on let's go, the cable car is nearly here."

Moving quickly due to the unwelcoming coldness outside, Stiles and Malia went inside the cable car station.

"What a crazy place to set up a house," Malia starts, "no matter how rich you are."

"They're not so rich, they only bought a mountain!" Sarcasm was clear in his voice as Stiles watched the cable car get closer.

Meanwhile, Malia was snooping around in the back room. It was unsettling seeing the small tv in the corner of the room that was hooked to every camera around the lodge and even inside the lodge. "Finally, you coming?" Malia says as the cable car came to a stop in front of them.

"Eh well, I was gonna stay here and catch some Zzzzz's but.. Ok," Stiles stumbles inside the cable cart and sits down next to Malia, "Just like going to the prom."

"I hope this was the right thing to do," said Stiles "You know, getting everyone here together on the anniversary, I mean Derek seemed really pumped about us all doing something didn't he?"

"Yeah, no, he definitely did," replied Malia, "and Derek never really shows emotion, you know"

"Yeah, it's hard to tell with him and I.. I've been kinda worried.."
"no, no it was- it was a good idea"
"I hope every one else feels the same way."

"You know what?" Malia started, "let's just- let's just stop talking about what happened and enjoy the trip. You know how Derek and I met?"

"No..?" Replied Stiles

"Ok, third grade, Derek sat in the back of the room, I sat in the front. We didn't even know each other existed. But the kid sitting next to Derek started strap snapping the training bra on the girl in front of him so that the teacher made him move to the front- where I was sitting!"

"Ok.. So?" An unamused Stiles replied.

"So I got moved to the back!" Malia continued, "and next to Derek! That's how we met! And because friends. To this day. If it weren't for the fact Erica Reyes hit puberty like three years early and on that day decided to wear a low cut shirt that showed off her training bra. I mean who knows? You could be riding this cable car alone!"

"Boom, butterfly effect."


Cable car station

Scotts new girlfriend


"Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy," she echoed, "New people. Time to meet and greet."

She jumps up from the wooden bench she was previously sat on and walks over to the door, only to be startled by a bang on the window. "AHH! What the hell?" She cried.

"ALLISON! HEY!" Shouts Stiles from side the cable car.

"Uh.. Are you guys having a really weird stroke?"

"We're stuck in this stupid thing." Replies Stiles, "Can you please let us out? Pretty please?"

Allison holds the door button until it went green and stepps away. Stiles and Malia immediately rush out, "Oh. My. God," Stiles aspirated, "I thought we were goners. Another ten minutes in there and I would have chewed of my own leg!"

"Aw, sick, Stiles." Said Malia in return.

"Look I got a lot of meat on my bones," Stiles continued, "This is all muscle down there."

"Yeah.. Right. Uh-huh." Malia bit back.

Stiles made a "Bwip" sound as he pinched a letter from Allsion's hands. "Hey!" "Stiles!"

"My goodness, seems that someone has a lil' crush on out good friend and dear class president Scott McCall!" Stiles teased, "and.. What kind of sizzling erotica might our Allison be capable of imagining. I wonder..?"

"Give that back you tool!" Allison insisted.
"Tool and die," Stiles returned, "that's my motto."

"You're such an idiot." Allison insulted, snatching the envelope back. "Maybe nosey nancies shouldn't go nosin' around in other people's... Nostrils.."

"Uh, yeah I try not to do that. As a rule."

"Come on Alison, you can tell us," inquired Malia, "we can totally keep secrets."

"Whatever," Allison dismissed, "you'll figure it out eventually."

After a few seconds of silence, Stiles spoke up, "Alright, alright, let's just get to the lodge already. Getting tired of all this nature and junk."

"You guys go ahead. I'm just gonna wait here for a bit," Said Alison, "see who else is coming"

"Ah huh, Malia?" Said Stiles as he was ready to go.

"Did you see this view?" Said Malia who was looking out over the mountain, "I mean, holy cow, some times I forget to just stop and take it all in."


Lodge grounds

"Seriously, couldn't they have built the lodge like right where the cable car ends?"

Scotts ex


"I don't think it would have been, like, as pretty, you know?"

Lydia's new boyfriend


"And where's the bellboy when you need one!" Said an agitated Lydia. They'd been walking for at least an hour now, having nearly got lost on their way from the cable car.

"Ugh- getting chills," complained Lydia.

"We're almost there-" helped Jackson.

"No I mean," Lydia continued, "I'm getting kinda creeped out"

"Oh," replied Jackson, "yeah"

"Gonna be weird seeing everyone again," said Lydia. Ever since her break up with Scott, she hadn't seen much of the others.

"Defiantly weird," said Jackson, "I mean what do you think-"

Though Jackson was cut off my a ear ringing shout, from someone who had just jumped out.

"JESUS!" Shouts Lydia, "WHAT THE HELL?"

"Woah, dude," Jackson agrees. Though the person is laughing too hard to reply.

Lydia's ex


"You guys," laughed Scott, "you should've seen your faces!"

"Dude, I almost clocked you just now!" Said Jackson, still shaken from the scare.

"Nice one," replied Scott

"Scott your a jerk," returned an unhappy Lydia.

"What? Come ON, we're in the woods! It's spooky! Let's just get into the spirit of thing," defended Scott.

"The spirit of things? Seriously? What's wrong with you?" Asked Lydia. Her and Scott weren't exactly on best friend terms.

"Just trying to lighten the mood, Lyds," Scott said, "don't get like this-"

"McCall you need to step off," Jackson threatened, "Lydia and I are together now, and that's just the way it is. I'm not gonna tell you again. Do we understand each other?"

"Well, I thought maybe we could move past all this," Scott stumbled, "Be buds. But, yeah, fine."

"Scott-" Lydia tried.

"No, no no, it's totally cool. I'm just gonna head down the road, be all mature and shit by myself over there." Scott bit as he walked away from the couple, "Peace."

"I think he got the message-"

"You're kind of hot when you go all alpha, you know that?" Lydia purred.

Smirking, Jackson bent down and picked their bags up. "Ah, crap," started Lydia, "Hey, could you take these the rest of the way?"

"All the bags? Why?" Asked Jackson.

"Uh- I need to go find Stiles," replied Lydia, "Sorry, I just really need to go find him.. I totally forgot I needed to talk to him before we get all the way up there."

"This really can't wait? We're almost there." Replied Jackson.

"It's important. Jacks. Please," pleaded Lydia.

Soon enough, Jackson gave in, "Alright... Fine.. If it's so important. I guess I can pack horse it the rest of the way.. But you owe me one."

"I'll think about it." She said before walking away, blowing Jackson a kiss.


Blackwood lodge grounds

Has a crush on Malia


"Let's see, woah hello," she says after finding Scott and Lydia talking through the telescope, "someone's getting a little 'friendly' and not in the friend zone kind of way.."

Kira stands there watching them for a moment before something pops up in front of the telescope, "AH! Oh god!"

"Hey, woah! Sorry there.. Didn't mean to scare you.." It was just Jackson.

"Jeez Louise, Jackson!"

"Well I did mean to scare you 'sort of' but not like for real scare you.."

"Oh my gosh.. Oh my gosh," says Kira whilst punching his arm.

"Wow, man, Kira calm down, damn-"

"It's okay.. I'm fine.. It's fine.." Kira reassures Jackson.

"What're you looking at? See anything juicy with that thing?" Says Jackson, referring to the telescope Kira was using to spy on a friendly Scott and Lydia, one of which was Jacksons girlfriend. "Lemme check it out."

"Ah, help your self," says a nervous Kira, what if he sees something?

"Alright," says Jackson, bending down to see through the telescope, "Aw, son of a bitch. Seriously Lyds? What the hell, man,"

"Hey, listen- it's probably nothing.. Well, yeah-"

"Nothing? You think?" By now Jackson was enraged, "is it ever just nothing with Lydia? Goddammit,"


Cable car station

Allison was waiting, a book on her right and her phone on her left. She picks up her phone and doesn't even get to unlock it before a snowball hits the wall next to her.

"Ahh!" Allison cries, "you did not just do that."

"Put your hands where I can see 'em," says Scott coming out from behind a tree, speaking in a terrible cowboy accent, "We've got you surrounded!"

"But who am I to retaliate?" Giggles Allison, playing along, "what choice do I, a supple young rebel girl have, but go surrender to the strapping military guard come to take me into custody?"

She quickly grabs a snow ball and, with skill, throws it at Scott, nailing him right in the face, "hey!"

Giggling, she doges his snowball and hides behind a picnic table full of snow. "Where are you hiding, little chick-a-Dee?"

Grabbing another snowball, Allison hits Scott right in the face once again, "Damn you and your hunter genes!"

"Bulls-eye," she teases him, "ahh," They stay like that for a while just chucking snow balls at each other, giggling and hiding behind things. Thought they ending wrestling, with Scott pinning Allison to the snow. "..So did I go down?" She purrs.

"Uh- I don't think so," replied Scott.

"Mhm, I think you'd know so if I did," she flirts. But just as Scott was leaning in to kiss her, she grabs a handful of snow and smashes it against his face. "Ahh!" They both erupt into laughter.

After the laughter dies down, Scott talks, "we should get up to the lodge."

"Yeah, it's so nice out here though.." Replies Allison, "pretty breathtaking."

"I mean, I could stay out here pretty much..ever.." Says Scott, "Provided I was making out with you the whole time."

"Just 'making out'?" Allison says.

"Quote, unquote."

"Well I think we might freeze to death somewhere in between those quotes." She adds.