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Code Screaming Eagle

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So maybe New Yorkers are harder to surprise these days.  This was of course, after the infamous I am Iron Man speech, after Harlem hosted a no-holds barred MMA fight between giant angry…somethings, after the bombings at Stark Expo, after a dead Super Soldier running through Times Square, after Norse Gods and aliens and Sheild/Hydra leaks and yet another dead WWII vet and Ultron and the Devil chilling in the Kitchen and a guy with mind-control getting ganked by a PI with something freaky going on. 

Well after all that… a very confused, not really as white as previously assumed, resurrected founding father (who happened to have a musical) showing up on the streets of downtown Manhattan surprised exactly nobody.  He was calmly and firmly pointed to Avengers Tower, which although not the main staging area was where Pepper Potts lived and she could handle this.  In answer to any and all questions about the how and why and I was dead, I got shot, I remember that the passersby would shrug philosophically and say “New York, man.  Weirdest city in the world.”

Alexander Hamilton was also hard to surprise but resurrection threw him a bit.  For just long enough to be herded into the main Avengers facility and introduced to the team, at which point he started asking questions.  Rapidly.  So rapidly that the white-blond gentleman in the grey shirt was the only one who could keep up. At which point he answered even faster and with a heavy accent of some kind.  Alex made a note to learn his native language. 

Eventually Steven, the muscular one with the shield just showed him how to operate a thing called Google with the words, “Have fun and what-ever you do don’t disable safe-search, trust me that was a bad idea.”

“You para-jump minus the para Steve,” pointed out the attractive red-headed woman whose smile reminded him of Angelica.  Angry Angelica, which was a smile he could have gone without seeing again.  Ever.

“Googling minus safe search was a worse idea.  Jumping out a plane at terminal velocity goes bad and you don’t have to live it down, you just die.”

“This is about Stark and the Hentai thing, isn’t it?” asked a battered looking fellow in more purple than even Jefferson would have worn. What was his name again?

“I was looking for Hydra leads, Clint, how was I supposed to know googling ‘squid Nazis’ would pull up dirty pictures!”

“Rule 34” replied Clint.

Alex tuned them out and got caught up on the history of the country he helped build.


At two AM Miri Moskowitz, head of Avengers PR, got a panicked call from the PA on shift.  The PR manager sighed and said “calm down, Liz, whatever Rogers did this time can be fixed.  It can always be fixed.”

“It’s not Rogers, ma’am.  It’s Hamilton.  The resurrected founding father we brought in yesterday?  He wrote a thirty page essay comparing Ted Cruz to King George but with and I quote “even less style if such a thing is within the bounds of natural law” and implying that if Trump got elected he’d start another Revolutionary War using the Avengers.”

“In the twelve hours he’s had access to a computer?”

“In six, and it was live on the internet for three before we found it.  I had to call Lewis to get it down.”

“Good God.  It’s a Rogers redux.  Call everyone; we have a Code Screaming Eagle.”