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Two Weeks Notice

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“You should just see what he wants.”


“What?” Felicity glanced over at Caitlin, who gestured to Felicity’s phone, which had beeped three times in the last twenty minutes.


“Oliver. He clearly needs something.”


“Nope. I’m not answering that.” Felicity mumbled shifting from foot to foot, growing a little agitated, her feet already hurting, and the hideous poufy bridesmaid dress feeling more like a deathtrap every moment in the eighty-five degree weather.


Iris and Barry could really show up any minute now, the ceremony had been over for nearly an hour. What could they possibly doing? This was their wedding day and…


She winced once her brain finally caught up with her. They could’ve at least waited until after the pictures to do… any of that.


“Felicity,” Caitlin mumbled fanning herself with the wedding program, “Answer the phone.”


“I specially told him I was busy today, and I wouldn’t response to any of his stupid texts.”


“If you really felt that way, you would have turned your phone off,” Caitlin raised her eyebrows, but before Felicity could fight her, the newlyweds finally came tumbling down the hill, faces flushed and extremely giggly.


“They seriously couldn’t wait till after the wedding?” Caitlin’s fiancé Ronnie, muttered next to her just to be nudged slightly in the side by Caitlin. “It’s Allen’s own fault if these photos make us look like survivor contestants.”


“I’m really, really sorry,” Barry babbled, rubbing off what looked like lipstick off his neck, while Iris just shrugged unashamed, “We were… we lost track of time.”


“Sure,” Ronnie rolled his eyes, “Can we just take these pictures before we all melt?”


“Yeah!” Cisco, Barry’s best man, called out, “I’m ready to get turnt up!”


“Never say that again,” Jax muttered sorely pulling on his collar, while Iris’s brother, Wally nodded, both ignoring Cisco’s pouting.

After five minutes spent making Iris and Barry not look like they spent forty-five minutes making out in the limo, the wedding photos had finally been taken, and with only one more text from Oliver to Felicity’s surprise.


“Are you seriously not going to answer him?” Ronnie asked as they shoved in the limo, “Dude sounds desperate.”


“She’s trying to make a point,” Caitlin added, “Although we all know she’s dying to answer him.”


Felicity shook her head, “This is the first time we’ve all been together since college, literally. I haven’t actually seen Kendra since graduation five years ago. I’m not going to let my crazy needy boss ruin this.”


“He kind already is,” Kendra shrugged, “Your too focused on what he wants, you aren’t actually paying attention to us. I totally told you that I was dating Cisco like four times and you didn’t response.”


Felicity’s eyes went wide, “Your dating Cisco? Since when?”


Caitlin waved her hand toward Kendra, “See?”


“I’m sorry. I promise to turn it off!”


“That would happen about the same time the world ended,” Iris snorted and Felicity fought the glare she desperately want to send but would have been rude, especially on her wedding day, “Linda just met you and the only thing she knows about you is that spend all your time on your phone texting your boss. Felicity, I know I’ve asked you this before, but is he really just your boss? You talk to him more then I talk to Barry and I just married him.”


“That’s not happening…I mean he’s…” She started before she realized that they were all laughing at her, “…. shut up!”


Iris might have had a point, Felicity realized. She could tell what Oliver bought his mother for Christmas two years ago, what he ate for dinner the night before, but she didn’t even know that Kendra and Cisco were dating, or that Jax…. what was Jax even doing these days?


“I’m playing for the Seahawks,” He muttered exasperated, causing her to realize she had said that out loud.


“You’re playing for the Seahawks? That’s a big deal right?” She glanced over at Ronnie who rolled his eyes before nodding. “Since when?”


“Since I was drafted out college?”


“Oh?” Felicity winced, “Kendra and Cisco, check. Jax, check. Am I missing anything else?”


“Linda’s pregnant,” Wally interjected, “But to be fair, nobody knew about that.”


“I didn’t think we were telling anyone yet,” Linda raised her eyebrows at her boyfriend, “Because you didn’t want to upstage your sister’s wedding?”


“I don’t care!” Iris shouted pointing at her excited, “That’s why you keep distracting me at the bridal shower every time I kept trying to get you drunk! I’m going to be Aunt!”


As the conversion drifted away from her Felicity took a sigh of relief, sometime she didn’t think her friends understood, yet again, she didn’t think she really understood her relationship with Oliver. Sure sometimes he was a little needy… but the job had come with a lot of perks, like unlimited use of his credit card, tickets to sold out events, tables at exclusive restaurants…


It was hard enough to find a boss who let you buy a pair of thousand dollar shoes without blinking, and wouldn’t make you bring him coffee.


But he was pretty needy; He texted and called a lot. Occasionally it was important, most of the time it wasn’t. She didn’t mind all too much, bearing the time she had to argue with him for over an hour about how they weren’t going to meet her mom when they were in Vegas.


It wasn’t a terrible job, much better then six months she was trapped at a Tech Village right after graduation. (That had been a living nightmare).


Just sometimes it felt like the job had become her life.


Like when she just wanted one fracking day off for her best friend’s wedding.



“Oh my god!” Jax groaned as they walked into the reception hall, “Just answer the phone! I need a beer, what about you Raymond?”


“Sure!” Ronnie pecked Caitlin on the cheek following him, leaving her stare judgingly at Felicity.


“If you don’t do something about your phone, I will throw it in a toilet, and then refuse to let anyone in this hotel to give you any rice.”


“Fine!” Not doubting that Caitlin would actually do that, and considering all the work she had put into customizing that phone, Felicity finally glanced down at the message on her phone and instantly panic set in at his latest text.




She quickly scrolled though his messages, all the similar variety, before dialing his phone cursing quietly when she kept getting his voicemail.


“Are you okay?” Caitlin asked, “What happened?”


“He’s not answering. He always answers, it’s like his phone is surgically implanted to his body or something.”


“Maybe he finally got a life?” Jax muttered as Ronnie and him came back from the bar, “Who texts their assistant that much?”


Ronnie took a sip of his beer, “You text your mom more.”


“Shut up, man!”


Felicity glared at them fiddling with her phone, trying to call Oliver again.


“I’m sure he’s fine, Felicity. If he doesn’t get back to you in an hour, then you can freak out,” Caitlin supplied when guys bickering didn’t help. “Let’s go make sure that Cisco hasn’t high jacked the DJ yet. I’m pretty sure Iris was firm on him not being allowed to request any scifi theme songs.”


Felicity tried to take Caitlin’s advice but after a half an hour of silence, she couldn’t take it anymore found herself apologizing to Iris and promising to be back in time for her speech.


“It’s probably nothing but, I’m really worried, and I really think I should check up on him and…”


“Felicity it’s okay.” Iris was strangely calm, and Felicity was thinking the champagne had something to do with it, because she would never have been okay with her maid of honor taking off during her wedding, “Go.”


“Iris, I’m…”


She grabbed Felicity by the shoulders, “I’m really fine. Go ahead. If I have to stall, I will. I’ll even let Cisco read his original hour-long speech if I have to. Just go. Especially before Caitlin finds you.”


Felicity cringed at the thought, before quickly hugging the bride, “I’ll be back asap. I swear.”




She took a deep breath as she knocked on his door. When he didn’t answer she said screw it, and let herself in with her emergency key.


“Oliver?” She called out, checking his loft as she went by for any signs of blood or broken furniture, but nothing seemed out of place.


“Felicity?” He finally answered as she walked back to his bedroom, “Did you send my gray suit to the dry cleaners?”


Felicity paused as he walked out of his closet the picture of absolute heath and completely shirtless, a factor she was trying hard to forget, holding two ties, “What?”


“I was going to wear it to the Starling City General Gala tonight, but I couldn’t find it my closet.”


She blinked, “Are you okay?”


Oliver burrowed his eyes, “Yeah, are you okay?”


The panic she had been living with for the last hour started to take on a new form as the anger began to build, “911! As in an emergency. This is not an emergency! Emergencies are blood, car accidents, dead relatives… not suits! Not on the one day I need off. For. My. Best. Friends. Wedding.”


He cringed and to his honor he did look pretty sorry, “That was today? I’m sorry I totally forgot…”


She just didn’t find herself caring, “Did you? I told you five times yesterday. You even sent her a gift!”


“I’m really sorry, it completely slipped my mind….”


“That’s it!” She snapped in rage only thinking about how much she wanted to ring his neck, “I quit!”


“Felicity,” He said and it sounded awful like he was patronizing her.


“I’m serious, Oliver. I’m done!”


“Felicity,” He laughed, “You’ve said that before…”


She stood her ground, completely determined this time, unlike all her mock resignations over the last five years, refusing to let his stupid smile trick her this time.


“This is me… putting my two weeks in and I mean it this time."