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Did You Hear the One About the Two Lawyers?

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“You call that a demon?

“Look at it. It’s terrifying”

“Terrifying to a three year old, maybe. A really messed up three year old at that.”

“We all have our own personal demons, Charles. Clowns just happen to be one of mine.”

“Yeah, well, let me tell you, I‘ve seen all kinds of scary things, and Bobo just ain’t one of them.”

“What scares you, then? No doubt it would be something with fangs.”


“Not fangs, then.”

“Not fangs. What scares me isn’t a monster with fangs. Or one with a big red nose and a horn and unicycle. What scares me is me. What I’m capable of doing or not doing when the right bait is waived under my nose.”

“I suppose one would find that terrifying. If one allowed oneself to think about it. Refill?”