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Among The Women (We Come And Go).

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We take the streets that lead to death,
as all streets do. We understand
its meanderings, though not its mysteries. We are the Women.
And we say: let us go
through the vale, bring us forth through birth
And let us dream.

And our dream
is such: To deny death
is to deny birth;
therefore, let us do neither. The fear we understand,
but let us go
and walk through death and life together. We are the Women

of life and death. We are the Women
of teacups and coffee spoons. We dare to dream
that we matter. We say: let us go
and disturb the universe. We say: death
is a part of life. We understand
Lazarus's birth

and his re-birth,
not from women
but from the bonds of death. We understand
his dream; it is our dream
too. Lazarus dreams of death.
And so we say: let us go.

The bonds of life will slip. Let us go.
We will journey from birth
until we are embraced by the shores of death.
We are the Women
and although our philosophy did not dream
it, Horatio, we yearn to understand

it. -- We know: we will never understand
it, but the journey is all, so let us go.
Behold, the staircase descends into a dream,
Behold, there will be time for birth,
there will be time, there will be time, for us, the women,
for our journey from birth to death.

The quest to understand begins at birth
and brings us here; so let us go among the women
and stretch our dream until it may find us a life beyond death.