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Magic of Myth; The Returning of a Legend

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Sighing, Stiles took a deep breath in and tried once again. He began to rise, only for his legs to shake as he fell back onto the bed.

“Stiles, you still need your rest, doctors’ orders,” walked in his father, Sheriff Stilinski, along with his best friend Scott McCall and Scott's mother, Mellissa McCall.

“Dad, I’m fine. It’s just a scratch. Besides, I still have to find the Enchanted Scroll that was stolen from the Temple and bring it back,” he said, trying to get back up again.

“Stiles, you just woke up from a coma, I’m sure the scroll can wait,” his father said, concern and knowing his son most likely won’t listen to him in the end. The past few days proved so. Stiles and Scott had left the village to go exploring the woods, again, only for Stiles to fall off the cliff of Sierra Waterfall to be put into coma, as he had gone to the edge of death multiple times during it, escaping its grasp only by seconds.

Scott got a pointed look from both of his mom and Stiles' dad. Ashamed, he spoke up, “Sorry, I thought he should know that the Enchanted Scroll was missing,”

“Dad, I was supposed to protect it! I will get it back, just...did they take anything else?” he winced as he tried to sit up, for his ribs, still bruised, hurt when he moved his upper body in certain directions.

"No," his dad responded, crossing his arms in front of his chest and a finality to his voice.

“The Crystal of Ameth,” Scott chimed in, getting yet another glare from Stiles’ dad and a tilted head along with her hand on her hip from his own mom.

“Scott!” she exclaimed.

“Stop scolding him, I need to know these things! As the newly appointed Head Monk, it’s my duty to protect the artifacts of our Temple!” Stiles spoke in Scott’s defense, and a bit his own.

“Son, rest for now, and we will go look for them together when you are feeling better,”

“but dad, they already have a day head start from—”

“Stiles,” the Sheriff spoke in his Alpha Tone, and although Stiles himself was an Alpha, as he had not yet formed his own family, he could not deny the tone when his father used it on him. But then again, he could only obey for so long…

“Resting,” Stiles said, already formulating a plan in his head. He nodded and laid back down on the bed.

Once his father was satisfied that Stiles wasn't going anywhere, he and Scott left the room as Melissa checked over his wounds, unwrapped his bandaged torso and did a few healing spells where he was still bruised. Melissa was the only Healer in the village that was always available as the others who had gone through the training either weren't fully qualified to do the job, as they had never finished their training, or, they moved to learning animal healing instead as the healing of other humans took a lot of energy they did not have.

When she was done with the healing spells, she turned to Stiles, speaking gently but firmly, “You should be healed to go after the missing artifacts in a couple of days,” she paused and stopped Stiles from protesting with a raised pointed finger as she continued, “you need your rest and you need time to heal, Stiles. Arguing will not make it okay for you and Scott to be going back into the forest in your physical state,” she began to bandage his torso when he just exhaled in defeat.

“Alright, thank you for the healing,” he smiled like the little kid he was at heart.

“Get your rest, and I will check on you in a few hours,” she got up and left the room.

It had only been moments that she had left when Stiles was beginning to fall asleep, only, he felt something tugging at his subconscious, pulling him deeper towards something that he couldn’t tell whether or not was real. He gave in as the exhaustion of the spells took over, yet the tugging of his subconscious didn't subside, it only grew further. He fought to keep himself awake, to call out to someone, but the exhaustion, bone deep, dragged him down and handed him to the pull he was feeling. Darkness engulfed his being.