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The Awakening

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Stiles pushed his wet hair out of his face but it did no good as the rain continued to pour down on him, plastering his hair to his face and molding his clothes to his body. Thunder cracked and lightening lit up the sky. He looked at all the humans scurrying around, some holding umbrellas and others racing madly for shelter to get out of the downpour. They had to be cold, whats worse was they were cold and wet and Stiles smiled, he did not miss being a human. He did not miss the feeling of being cold and wet, accompanied by the shivers and the ensuing cold that would be sure to follow had he still been human.

Suddenly, his attention was caught by Lydia who as standing on the street, waving up at him. He should probably get down there before she decided to come get him and that would not be pretty. He looked down to make sure he could land neatly before he jumped off the ledge. He landed easily on his feet, barely making a sound, looking up to where he'd been a few seconds ago, 20 stories up in the air and now standing on the ground, unharmed.

God, he loved being a vampire.

"It's about time." Lydia marched up to him, slapping his shoulder, "You've been up there for half an hour, messing around. Come on."

Stiles followed her down to stairwell to the subway station and he pulled his hood off, looking around. He could smell the humans all around him but he was searching for the smell of werewolf, tonight it was a little harder though with the rain somewhat masking the smell. Shouldn't be too hard though, all they were looking for now was the smell of wet dog.

"What did Gerard say we were looking for down here?" Stiles asked, looking around the platform.

"Werewolves have been seen around the city lately, which isn't unheard of but the fact that they're coming out more and more frequently and in such large numbers. Gerard just wants to make sure they aren't up to anything and their last known hideout is here, underneath the tunnels." Lydia replied.

Stiles nodded and he looked ahead. There were two men standing at the edge of the platform and one turned and Stiles caught his gaze, watching as he smirked and the tip of his canine fangs showed. Stiles stopped abruptly grabbing Lydia's arm, "Lydia, we need to get out here."

Lydia looked around, "What? Why?"

"There's two up there and I'm pretty sure-" Before he could finish, the two men in front of them pulled out guns and opened fire. Stiles pulled Lydia down behind one of the columns as people ran, screaming and shouting.

Lydia pulled a gun from under her coat, loading a clip of wolfsbane bullets into it, "You take the two behind us, I'll take the two in front of us."

Stiles nodded, "Got it." Lydia jumped up firing shots down the platform at the two werewolves. Stiles looked down to make sure she was ok before he went for his two.

He got up and fired at the two standing at the other end. One dropped his gun and ran towards him, jumping just as a woman tried to run across the platform. Stiles grabbed and pulled her behind him, just as the werewolf's claws raked across his shoulder. He felt his fangs fighting to emerge in response to the pain but he forced them back in and pushed the woman to the ground, "Stay down!"

As he spun back around, the werewolf lunged again, tackling and pinning him to the ground, snapping at his face and throat with its teeth. Stiles was holding the snapping jaws, just inches from his face and he looked around for his gun. He finally found it but he couldn't reach it. One of the other werewolves howled and while the werewolf that was on top of him was distracted, Stiles managed to get his arms around his neck and twist, breaking the werewolf's neck. He pushed the dead body off him and rolled to grab his gun. He jumped up and fired at the second wolf, hitting it in the shoulder. The werewolf dropped his gun and ran, jumping onto the rails and running down the tunnel. Stiles cursed, losing sight of him around the bend.

He heard people screaming and heard more gunshots, turning just in time to see a man get shot and fall to the ground. Another man pulled him out of the way and one of the werewolves, grabbed him by the jacket, pulling him up onto his feet before Lydia shot the werewolf and it fell to the floor.

"Are you ok?" Stiles asked. Lydia nodded, stepping aside to reveal the other dead werewolf, "We need to get out of here before the police arrive, my other one escaped down the tunnel. You should get back to the manor, I'll follow the tunnel and see where it leads."

Lydia handed him some extra clips of wolfsbane bullets, "Are you sure? What if there's more down there?" Her eyes narrowed in on his shredded coat and she pulled it aside, revealing the claws marks, "Stiles, you can't go down there alone, you're hurt."

Stiles shrugged her off, "It's fine, its already healing. I'll be fine. Go, get back to the manor." Stiles jumped down into the railway and nodded at her before running down the tunnel, following the werewolf's scent. He could smell blood, but it was an acrid stench, not warm and inviting like usual, the werewolf was dying, the wolfsbane in its system killing him. Stiles followed the smell all the way down the tunnel until he came to a branch off and he heard growling come from further down.

 It sounded like a whole pack and if it was then they were in big trouble.


"How did they even know you were there?!" Peter yelled, slamming his fist into the wall, the drywall cracking and crumbling around the indent. He'd sent four werewolves to track down one human and only one had returned, wounded, no human in tow, and with the news that the other three men were dead.

The werewolf shook his head, "I'm not sure. But there were two of them and they followed us in from the street."

"Did they know you were after a human?" Peter growled.

"No, I don't think so." The werewolf replied.

"You don't think so?" Peter grabbed him by the throat and slammed him against the wall, "For your sake, you better hope not. If they get wind of what we are planning, they will come after us in full force and this time, they will wipe us from existence. Get the bullet dug out of your shoulder and find the rest of the pack."

Peter let go and watched as the werewolf scrambled away from him and out of the door. He knew he shouldn't have sent his stupid mutts out to do this. It was too important and they were too incompetent. He would just have to do it himself.


"Alright, you're free to go. We might call you if we have more questions." The officer handed over a business card, "We'll give you a ride home."

Derek shoved the card into his pocket, "Great." He climbed into the back of a squad car and the officer drove him home. He trudged up to the top floor where his loft was and he slid open the door. He'd just wanted to go to sleep because maybe, just maybe, the events of tonight and people screaming and running for their lives, would make the nightmares go away.


Stiles pulled into the manor shortly before dawn, grabbing the security cameras that he'd liberated from the subway platform before the police arrived. He pushed the doors open and was greeted by other members of the coven, lounging around, sipping blood from champagne flutes like that made it any better.

Lydia came down the stairs, pulling him into a hug, "Are you ok? How's your shoulder?" She looked at the shoulder but found nothing but smooth, undamaged skin, the wounds already healed.

"I told you it would be fine." Stiles replied.

"Gerard is waiting for your report. He's not happy right now though, Joseph was supposed to be here tomorrow night to awaken Alexander but he's been delayed." Lydia warned him.

Stiles had forgotten all about the elders awakening ceremony. Joseph was their current elder, he was over 600 hundred years old and he'd been the reigning elder Vampire for past 25 years, now it was Alexander's turn and he could only be awakened by another elder. Which was why Joseph was supposed to be here tomorrow night. Stiles didn't know why Gerard was so upset though, what was one more day for a vampire elder?

Stiles nodded, "Thanks for the heads-up. I'll try not to be my usual smart ass self."

"That's probably a good idea." Lydia nodded, before waving him off, "I'll be with Allison, if you need anything."

Allison was another member of their coven, Lydia's best friend, one of Stiles' only friends, and Gerard's granddaughter. Gerard was the master of their coven and his son, Chris, Allison’s father, was the second in command and not nearly as bad as Gerard. Stiles suspected that the only reason Gerard put up with him is because he was friends with Allison and because Chris liked him well enough. Stiles wasn't a new vampire but he wasn't centuries old either and being a modern day vampire, Stiles wasn't as old school or as respectful of some of the traditional aspects of Vampire culture. This along with Stiles' smart mouth and sarcastic wit, definitely did not put him in Gerard’s good graces.

Stiles walked up the staircase to Gerard’s quarters and knocked on the door. “Enter” Gerard’s voice said and Stiles pushed open the doors. Chris was standing by his father’s side and he nodded at Stiles when he entered.

“Stiles, I heard there was quite a commotion tonight at the train station.” Gerard said and he gestured for Stiles to sit down across from him.

Stiles sat and nodded, “Nothing Lydia and I couldn’t handle. There were just more than we expected. One escaped down the tunnel, I tracked him and that actually brings me to my next point. I think the werewolves are gathering for something, something big.”

“And what makes you say that?” Gerard asked, leaning forward.

“I heard them. There must be dozens down there and they aren’t just hiding out, they’re shifting and fighting. They’re getting braver and tonight just proves that they aren’t scared of us anymore, opening fire on us in public? They don’t care because they’re planning something big and they don’t care who gets in their way.” Stiles replied, “We can take a group down there and end this right now.”

Gerard shook his head, “No, that won’t be necessary.”

“What? Why not? The longer we wait, the more time they have to gather and get stronger.” Stiles retorted, jumping up, “It’s our job to go down there and stop them.”

Gerard rose up to meet Stiles, “It’s your job to obey your coven master and you will do as I say and stand down!”

Chris crossed the floor and put a hand on Stiles’ shoulder, “Stiles… Enough.”

Stiles glared at Gerard, before turning away and making for the door. He grabbed the handle and turned to speak over his shoulder, “Elias would have let me go after them.” He pulled the door open and left, listening to it slam shut as he made his way down the hall to his room.

After Stiles had gone, Chris turned to Gerard “He’s not wrong.”

Gerard scoffed, “He is a child. A vampire for almost a decade and he thinks he knows of the werewolves and what Elias would do. Elias was far too easy on the boy, reminded too much of the boys mother whenever he looked at him.”

“Stiles might not be a pureblood vampire with the same views his ancestors had but he makes up for it with being an exceptional hunter. And he is right, we cannot allow the werewolves to believe that we are growing weak.” Chris replied.

“Enough!” Gerard snapped, “I have heard this from the nestling and I will not hear it from you. I have made my decision and it is final.”

“Then you’re a fool.” Chris told him, exiting before his father could say another word.


Stiles pulled a hoodie on and sat down, drinking from the glass of blood that he found waiting for him from Lydia when he got back to his room. He grabbed the video cards from the cameras he’d taken from the platform and put the first one into the computer. There was nothing but the crowd slowly shuffling down the stairs and he could only spot two of the werewolves that they’d fought. He downloaded the video and slipped the second card in. He saw himself and Lydia on the platform, along with the werewolves, then the fighting started and he noticed one of the werewolves going for a man that had taken cover from the gunfire behind a pillar. Stiles’ eyes narrowed at the man and he pulled up the first video. The same man was in the first video and he saw the werewolves tracking his movements.

It could just be a coincidence but Stiles put in the third video card anyways. Stiles saw himself shield the woman from the werewolf and one of the guys went down from a gunshot. The same guy from the first to videos tried to pull the man away from the fight when one of the werewolves grabbed him. Stiles paused the video on the man’s face and sat back, tapping his fingers on the desk.

“So who are you and why do the werewolves want you?” Stiles asked himself. He zoomed in on the guys face and then pulled up the police database, running his face to get an address. He was going to pay the man a visit.

There was a knock on his door and he opened it to find Allison and Lydia waiting outside. He ushered them in and shut the door again, “What are you two doing here? If Gerard finds you here, he’ll throw a fit.”

“We know you’re right about the werewolves. But we also don’t want you disobeying him and going out and getting yourself into trouble.” Lydia replied.

Allison nodded, “But we also know you’re not going to listen to us anyways.” She slid a backpack off her shoulder and handed it to him, grinning.

Stiles smiled as he opened the bag, it was full of weapons, “I love you guys. But I can’t tell you what I found, it’ll only get you in trouble.”

Lydia snorted, “Oh come on, we can take care of ourselves. Just tell us what you’ve found and we’ll go from there.”

Stiles looked between the two and sighed, “The werewolves were following a human.”

“A human?” Lydia wrinkled her nose, “What would they want a human for?”

“You don’t think they’re trying to turn people do you?” Allison asked.

Stiles shook his head, “No, I reviewed the footage, they were tracking him for awhile. Lydia and I got in the way on the platform or else they would have taken him there. Besides, a human hasn’t survived a bite in decades. There would be no way the werewolves could know if a random human would survive or not. They want him for something else, I just don’t know what.”

“Have you found out who he is?” Lydia asked.

“I’m running his face now. Stiles replied, pointing towards the police database.

Lydia and Allison looked at each other then at Stiles, “Stiles, you know we’re with you no matter what but this isn’t a lot to go on. For all we know, they’re hunting humans for sport again. We agree that we still need to go down there and take that group out but getting involved in other werewolf matters especially when there is a human involved is risky. You know how picky the elders are about us being out of the safety of the manor. And what if the humans found out about us?”

“They won’t. I’m just gonna go check this guy out, if nothing seems out of the ordinary, then I’ll leave and come back but I can’t just do nothing.” Stiles told them.

Lydia grabbed his hand, “Stiles promise us you’ll atleast wait until we have more evidence and then we will gladly help you.”

Stiles couldn’t make that promise and Lydia and Allison both knew it but he said it just to appease them anyways.


The next night, not wanting to get Lydia and Allison into trouble and not wanting to arouse suspicion on himself, Stiles grabbed his things and made his exit through a window in his room later in the night when the rest of the coven was busy with other things.

He made it to the human's apartment building, looking up to the top floor where his loft was located. With his enhanced vision, he managed to spot a balcony about two stories up and holding onto his bag, he jumped to the second story, grabbing the railing. He found another balcony on the fourth floor and repeated the process until he'd made it to the balcony outside the loft. He let himself in the and looked around. The loft was dark, the only light coming from a small lamp by the bed in the corner of the room.

Not much of an interior decorator, Stiles noted as he wondered around. There was a bed and a nightstand, a table off to the side and couch by the far wall. What was so special about this human that the werewolves wanted him? While looking around, Stiles noticed a picture sitting on the bedside table and picked it up. It looked like a family picture. There was an older woman and man, presumably his mother and father, another man and then two girls and the guy that Stiles was currently after.

Stiles dropped the picture when he heard footsteps coming towards the door and he quickly slid into the shadows of the far wall, out of sight. The door slid open and a figure walked in, sliding it shut behind him. While his back was turned, Stiles made his move. He sped over and spun the human around, pinning him to the door, "Why are those men after you?!"

"What?! Who the hell are you?!" The human pushed against him but Stiles held him still.

"Your name is Derek Hale, you were at the subway station shootout last night. The men who were shooting were after you but we got in the way. Why are they after you?" Stiles demanded.

Derek shook his head, "I don't know."

Before Stiles could ask anything else, there was a loud howl and the window that made up the entire back wall shattered as werewolves crashed through it. Stiles dropped Derek and pulled his gun, shooting at the werewolves. Stiles hit one and it fell to the ground, convulsing from the wolfsbane now traveling through its system. The remaining two split up, one going after Derek who had scrambled up and out the door and the other one lunged for Stiles. Stiles ducked and sidestepped it, but as he tried to raise his gun, the werewolf knocked it out of his hand and across the loft. Stiles jumped back as the werewolf lashed out again. He pulled a knife just as the werewolf jumped again and he sank it into the werewolf's chest. He pushed the werewolf off and ran, grabbing his gun before running after Derek.

Derek had just made it to the bottom of the stairwell and he pulled open the door. There was a man standing on the other side and then he saw Derek, he just smiled, "Long time no see, huh Derek?"

Before Derek could ask who this new guy was, the guy jolted to the side and Derek heard gunshots. The guy lurched forward and fell onto Derek, dragging him down to the ground. He bit down hard into Derek's shoulder and Derek pushed him off just as someone grabbed his ankle and dragged him out the door and out from underneath the guy.

He was pulled onto his feet and pushed out the door and towards a car in the parking lot.

"Get in!" The guy shouted at him, running around to the drivers side.

"What the fuck is going on?!" Derek shouted over the roof of the car, "Who the hell are you people?!"

"Just get in the car!" The guy shouted again.

Derek looked back towards his building and then at the car. Either way, his night was not going to go well. He got in the car and it sped off, the tires screeching and skidding on the wet pavement.

"You want to tell me who you are and what the hell is going on?" Derek demanded, looking at the guy sitting next to him. He couldn't have been more than 20 years old, if that, he was wearing a bright red hoodie, his hair was plastered to his face and they were both soaking wet from the rain.

"My name is Stiles and you're lucky I just saved your ass. Why are the werewolves after you? Who are you?" Stiles asked, skidding through the street.

"Werewolves?! What are you talking-" Derek was interrupted when there was a thump on the roof of the car and they swerved. Before he could ask another question, a silver blade was rammed through the roof and it narrowly missed Stiles.

The blade was rammed through again and this time it sunk into Stiles’ shoulder and Stiles cried out. Stiles slammed on the brakes and the car skidded to a stop. Whoever had been on the roof was gone and Stiles looked over at his shoulder. The skin sizzled from the silver blade and the flesh stung like a bitch, not to mention it was pouring blood.

Stiles looked to Derek, “Are you-“ Before he could finish, the window shattered and a clawed hand wrapped around his throat, dragging him through the window.

Stiles struggled against the claws as they dug into his throat, one hand trying to pry the claws from his neck, the other struggling for the silver blade hidden up his sleeve. He was pulled face to face with a blue eyed werewolf and he was smirking, “Well, well, what have we here? A baby vampire?”

“Fuck you.” Stiles ground out.

“Baby vampires are so much fun. So full of hate.” The werewolf replied, “Haven’t come across one as lively as you in awhile though. Too bad I have to kill you.”

“If you’re gonna kill me, just do it. I don’t need the whole evil monologue.” Stiles retorted, finally managing to get the knife to slid of out its sheath and into his palm.

The werewolf chuckled, “Atleast you made this little errand trip fun.” The werewolf brought his other hand up, claws extended and that’s when Stiles flipped the blade in his palm and jammed it in between the werewolf’s ribs, shoving it up. The werewolf howled and dropped Stiles, slashing out for him and catching his side.

Stiles gasped for breath as oxygen rushed into his lungs and sharp pain lanced through his side. He kicked the werewolf back and pulled the car door open, scrambling inside and speeding off.

Peter yanked the knife from his chest and threw it away in disgust, holding his hand there to staunch the flow of blood. He watched the tail lights of the car disappear and he smiled. Derek got away again but it didn’t matter, he had the blood sample to test and Derek had been bitten, in two days when the moon was full, Derek would shift and they would find him then.


“What the fuck was that? Who is that guy?” Derek demanded as the car sped around a corner and he was thrown against the side.

“He’s a werewolf.” Stiles replied, “They’re all werewolves and they’re after you for some reason. “

“Werewolves? What are you talking about?!” Derek shouted.

Stiles slammed on the brakes to avoid hitting a car that pulled out in front of them and he swerved around them, cursing, “Werewolves! They’re all humans who transform into werewolves! I hunt them, I’m a vampire! Fuck, why is that so hard to understand?!”

“Because they don’t exist!” Derek yelled.

Stiles hit the brakes again as a light turned red and he turned to Derek, grinning to show his fangs, “Hate to break it to you, but we do exist and you’re in the middle of it now. So sit there and shut up while I think.”

Derek glared at him and then looked at Stiles’ shoulder, still pouring blood and the gashes in his side, “If you’re not going to tell me anything, you need to let me help you with those or get to a hospital.”

“They’re fine.” Stiles told him, pulling his jacket over his side to hide the wounds, “We have to get you back to the manor before sunrise.”

Derek shook his head and looked out the window, debating his chances of getting away. When he heard a car honk behind them, the light had turned green and he looked at Stiles, “Hey… Hey, the lights green.”

Stiles’ eyes jerked open and he nodded. They headed for the bridge exit and Derek looked over at him again, “Seriously, you need to get those looked at. You’re gonna pass out from blood loss…. Hey, I’m not kidding.”

“Neither am I!” Stiles snapped, “You don’t even know how much danger you are in. If we don’t get you somewhere safe, you’ll be dead by morning. I’ll be fine, I’ll heal.”

“Whatever, jackass.” Derek rolled his eyes.

Stiles shook his head. How was he going to explain this to Gerard? Bringing a human back to the manor, Stiles wasn’t even sure Chris could get him out of this one. His shoulder stung and his side felt like it was on fire but they couldn’t stop. He gave himself a mental pep talk and tightened his grip on the steering wheel, they just had to make it to the…. to…

Derek looked over as the car swerved and he saw Stiles’ head drooping, “Hey… Hey! Stiles! Shit!” He grabbed the wheel but it was too late, the car veered toward the side and crashed through the barrier, going straight over and into the river. Derek hit his forehead on the dashboard as they impacted and he cursed. Water was slowly coming in through the doors and he looked around, he had to get them out of here. He undid both their seat belts and grabbed the gun from the floorboard. He shot out the window and water came flooding in, he grabbed Stiles and dragged him out through the window before kicking towards the surface. He gasped for air as they broke the surface of the water and he swam for the small concrete landing under the bridge. He pulled Stiles up onto it and ripped open the red hoodie, looking at the wounds. They were both still flowing blood and Derek ripped the hoodie up, binding the wounds.

Stiles groaned in pain but didn’t wake up and Derek finished tying the makeshift bandages. He checked to make sure there weren’t any other injuries before he let the crack to his own head and the pain overcome him, slumping down beside Stiles.