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Jimin laughed from his position behind his camera. He was making sure it was in focus and that the lighting in the room wasn’t washing out his pale skinned boyfriend too much.

“What?” Yoongi asked curiously looking at the camera with wide eyes.

“You look like a professor.”

Yoongi frowned looking at the monitor to see how he looked through the camera. He hated to admit it but he did seem more like a professor than a 29-year-old producer. His dark blue and white striped sweater seemed to age him paired with the glasses he was wearing. After years of staring at computer screens for hours, his eyesight wasn’t the best. And he loved this sweater, it was one of the first gifts that Jimin got him when they first started dating. He readjusted his glasses and ran a hand over his black fringe before scowling at the younger.

“If I was your professor I would teach you a few things.”

Jimin laughed as he fiddled with more of the equipment. “Is that a promise?” He looked over at Yoongi and wiggled his eyebrows in a suggestive way.

Yoongi scoffed shaking his head. “Your mind is so dirty always thinking about naughty things. Yes, sex is great but you can’t only think about that. There are more important things –“

“Yes~” Jimin mumbled but he really wasn’t paying any attention to what his boyfriend was going on about.

“When I was your age, I wasn’t sitting around thinking about how to flip everything into something sexual. No, I was working three jobs and still had to put in hours in the studio. I was going from company to company turning in tracks, trying to get my music in the right hands.” Jimin smiled as he moved from behind the equipment to get a seat on the couch next to Yoongi. He looked himself over on the monitor taking his snapback off and ran a hand through his orange hair before putting the hat back on backwards. “I wasn’t sitting around thinking about getting off. I was trying to make a life for myself, and you –“

“And that everyone,” Jimin said with a sigh staring at the camera that had been recording Yoongi’s rant that whole time. “That is why when you say I’m lucky to be dating Suga I just sigh. He’s always like this.” Jimin added an exaggerated pout at the end.

Yoongi stared at Jimin his jaw slack. “W-what is that supposed to mean, you brat?”

Jimin placed his hand on Yoongi’s knee giving it a pat as he smiled at the camera. “Nothing babe.”


“Welcome back everyone!! For those who are here for the first time, I’m Jimin and this beautiful man is my boyfriend Yoongi.” Yoongi scrunched up his face at the intro. “Of course, many of you likely know him as Suga the rapper, producer, and co-CEO and founder of Bulletproof Entertainment. We –“

“Must you list every title like that?” Yoongi mumbled looking at Jimin whose smile fell as he glared at his boyfriend.


“Normally I post dance routines and the occasional tag or challenge video and I know I haven’t posted in a while so I am here to make it up to you all. Yoongi lost a bet sooooo we are here with the highly requested, boyfriend tag!!” Jimin yelled making Yoongi wince and lean away from him. “Are you ready?” Jimin asked bringing his attention to Yoongi. “You better not get a thing wrong,” He warned pointing a finger at Yoongi.

“If it’s not a dumb question I won’t get it wrong.”

“What would be a dumb question?”

“Like asking what you had for lunch last Wednesday.” Jimin rolled his eyes.


“So we are going to start and there are a lot of questions so this may be a little long. Yoongi is nearing 70 so his memory isn’t all there.” Jimin looked over at Yoongi waiting for the older to process what he said. About five seconds later Yoongi hit his leg giving him an offended look.

“I’m not nearing 70! I’m only 29, I’m still young.”

“You’ll be 30 in a month with the mental age of a 70-year-old.”

Yoongi only stared at him.


“Let us begin~” Jimin sang pulling out his phone. There was a noise from somewhere off camera that made both of them smile. “I think Luna wants to listen in on this too everyone. She’s waking up from her nap.” Jimin looked down at their black pug that was moving into the room. “Luna we’re recording right now.”


“Okay, where did we meet?” Jimin asked petting Luna as he waited for Yoongi’s answer which didn’t come as fast as it should have.

“At Hoseok’s?.” Yoongi said but it sounded more like a question.

“What?! You’re messing up already?”

“It wasn’t?”

“No! We met at the company! You were watching me dance with Hoseok!”

“Ah!” Yoongi clapped his hands nodding as if he meant to say that all along. ”That’s correct the company Hoseok was trying to convince us to hire you as his – what did he call you? … His apprentice!”



- - - x - - -



“Ah, there you are finally!” Hoseok exclaimed as soon as Yoongi walked into the office. Yoongi had finally gone home for a shower and quick nap after working in the studio all night. Even with his two cups of coffee and morning smoke, he wasn’t in the mood for Hoseok’s brightness.

“Why are you so loud? There’s no one here, I can hear you.” Yoongi scolded dropping down in a seat at the large table they had in the middle of the room.

“He’s trying to get us to hire this kid,” Namjoon said eyes focused on the laptop in front of him.

“He’s always trying to get us to hire someone.”

“You should listen to me! I was the one who told you two to start a company since you have all this money and didn’t know what to do with it. Now look at you already having, even more, money.” Yoongi rolled his eyes not wanting to admit he had a point. “Listen you need there to be backup dancers for Tae’s new song. This kid is amazing I’ve been watching his videos for months. He even has a fanbase and a great personality.”

“Are we hiring an artist or a choreographer?” Hoseok thought this over for a moment.

“Think of him as my apprentice.”

“An apprentice I don’t have to pay?” Yoongi teased with a hopeful smile. Hoseok rolled his eyes moving closer to Yoongi.

“Don’t be silly, you have to pay him. He’s like 20 and just moved to the city he’s sleeping at some friends place on his couch.” Yoongi nodded really thinking this over.

“So I can take his pay from yours?”

Hoseok laughed loudly slapping his hand on the table and Yoongi couldn’t help but join in both of the laughing louder and louder. “You’re so funny Yoongi I really love our chats.” He stopped laughing to glare at Yoongi and then scooted back over to Namjoon.

“He’s good right?” He asked watching Namjoon’s reaction.

“I’m impressed though I don’t know much about dance. He’s really…wow.” Namjoon smiled as he watched a video that Hoseok was just giddy over. “Like you look at him and he’s so…cute you don’t – I wasn’t expecting the change. He has a lot of stage presence. Wow.”

Yoongi rolled his eyes reaching over the table in an attempt to grab the laptop. “Let me see, if I’m moved I’ll hire him without needing to see him in person.” Namjoon and Hoseok stared at him.

“You may as well call him now Hoseok,” Namjoon said with a smirk pushing the laptop closer to Yoongi. Hoseok was jumping around screaming about needing his phone.

Yoongi rolled his eyes and started the video over. It was a cover to Taehyung’s debut song under their company last year. The song was an overnight hit meant to show off Taehyung’s deep vocals yet keep the listeners attention, so they went for a mid-tempo song. They hadn’t thought to add a dance to the song deciding to just have Taehyung stand on stage.

It wasn’t even 30 seconds into the video and Yoongi already knew he was fucked.


“When I said you could hire him right away I didn’t mean making him start today,” Yoongi said glaring at Hoseok as he bounced on his toes waiting for this Jimin kid to show up. Their company building wasn’t much, just the location of a company that had since grown and didn’t need the space any longer. They got the location for a great price. Taehyung was their only artist other than Namjoon and himself so it didn’t seem like a bad deal. Still the place was hard to find if you didn’t know where to look.

“You’re always so grumpy lately,” Hoseok said turning his attention from door to Yoongi who was sitting in a random chair he found.

“My job is tiring, I’m only 25 and I think if I stopped dying my hair I’d have grey hairs,” Yoongi confessed running a hand through his bleach blonde hair. Hoseok rolled his eyes leaning back against the wall across from Yoongi.

“You’re such a drama queen,” He said through a sigh stuffing his hands in the pocket of his hoodie.

“I am not!”

“You are! You need to get laid that’s all. Namjoon has the same load as you but you don’t see him dragging his feet. It’s because he’s getting fucked often.”

“Who would I fuck? You?” Hoseok laughed.

“You wish, I happen to be seeing a lovely woman this weekend. If it doesn’t go well I’ll call you and we can cuddle while we stuff our faces with pizza.”

“So I’m a rebound.”


“You’re annoying.”

“You love me.”

“Not right now.” Hoseok rolled his eyes looking over towards the door again just in time to see Jimin walking up to the door hesitantly.

“He’s here!!”

“Oh goodie.”

“Don’t be mean, you might scare him away.” Hoseok hissed before rushing to the door letting Jimin inside.

“Jimin right!” Jimin smiled showing off a smile that deserved an award. His hair was pulled back in a snapback showing off his forehead. As much as the kid looked like an adult he seemed too cute at the same time and Yoongi didn’t know how that was possible.

“Y-yes Hoseok?”

“Ah, Yoongi he’s so cute! You made the right decision hiring him!” Hoseok called out as he ushered Jimin in.

“W-wait I’m really hired?” The kid asked looking between Hoseok and Yoongi.

“Of course! This old man hired you!” Hoseok pointed at Yoongi as they neared the place the man was sitting. Jimin stared at Yoongi waiting for a confirmation of this news nervously playing with the sleeves of his jacket. Yoongi didn’t even know if he had the support of his legs to stand at that moment.

“Really?” Jimin asked and all Yoongi could do was nod.

Maybe it was the bad lighting in the hallway or maybe he was more tired than he initially thought. He wasn’t sure but something about this kid made his heart beat faster than it does when he plays a finished track for the first time.

“Come on I want to introduce you to Namjoon, he thought you were adorable.” Hoseok cut in making Jimin bring his attention from Yoongi back to him. “Come on Yoongi you can drool later!” Hoseok called over his shoulder as he pushed Jimin down the hall.

Yoongi really needed to get better friends.



- - - x - - -



“That’s like the easiest question how can you already have forgotten? We’ve only been together almost 4 years.” Jimin mumbled as he kissed Luna on her nose.

“I was only messing around with you I couldn’t forget the first day we met if I tried,” Yoongi reassured with a teasing smile.

“I know I was so beautiful you couldn’t stop staring at me."

"Don’t push it,” Yoongi grumbled leaning back on the couch crossing his arms over his chest.

“It’s true,” Jimin sang grinning to himself as the memory of the first time they met came back to him. He was sweating so much going to the company that day since he knew he was meeting some of his favorite artists. There wasn’t a person he knew who didn’t know a song by Rap Monster or Suga, they had hits all over the radio and in commercials and on OSTs. Taehyung had been their first artist the year they started their company and had been a crazy success. He tried so hard not to freak out seeing Yoongi for the first time but he was as in awe as Yoongi had been.

“Whatever. “ Yoongi nudged Jimin's knee with his own gaining his attention. “Next question I’ll get, go on.” Jimin set Luna between the two of them and grabbed his phone to read the next question but stopped.

“Are you sure you don’t need a nap or some coffee to make sure you’re alert for this?” Jimin turned a bit towards Yoongi bringing one leg onto the couch. Yoongi glared at him and snatched the snapback off Jimin's head and then hit him with it.

“Just go on brat!"