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Call me Crazy

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Nothing could ever really replace the people that had been lost after the events with the alpha pack and Neminton. There had been so many people lost. Stiles hadn't truly known all of them but as for the girl, he knew her. And then there was the fact that he couldn't help but worry about Derek and his family. Ten years ago there was a fire that was set up by Kate argent and killed his younger brothers, but everyone else in his family had lived. His sisters and momand dad, but know his dad had been killed. Leaving Derek Cora Talia and Luara broken. Peter had los all sanity after the fire only wanting revenge for his family that had died. So he wasn't really affected. Stiles had spent a couplle of weeks with Derek after everything had calmed down. Ever since then Beackon Hills has been pretty peaceful thanks to the hale pack. However Derek still wasn't fully recovered from it but no one could blaim him. Over the past couples of days Stiles had been texting Derek and today he decied to have the Hale pack over for dinner along with the Macalls and the rest of Scott's pack. Siles was in the middle of making mashed potatoes while his dad was grilling steaks chicken and porkchops all before everyone got there when he hears the doorbell ring and we puts things down walking to the door and opening it and when he does he can't help but smile.

There stands Derek with a pie that he obvisouly didn't make in a white v-neck and tight blue jeans looking just as good as he always had. His eyes spackling with something that Stiles thinks is happiness. Stiles moves into to give him a hug making sure not to make Derek drop the pie.

"It's good to see you Derek." Derek gave a low hum and hugged him back with one arm. "It's good to see you too Stiles."

Stiles is the one to break the hug and turn on his heel and head back into the house and gave a hand for Derek to follow. Derek set the pie on the counter as Stiles started again on the potatoes. They stand there for awhile just comfortable silence. When Derek breaks it.
"Stiles, I need to talk with you."

"Oh? What about Derek? And you could've texted me ya know."

Derek chuckled "Yeah I could've but I felt like I needed to say this to you in person." Stiled almost dropped the mixer he was using as his heart sped up with Derek's words.

"Okay Derek. What's up?" Derek moved and hugged Stiles from behind. " Thank you Stiles. For everything. I don't know what i would be doing right now had it not been for you being there for me when dad died." Stiles took in a deep breath and blushed lightly at those words.
"Thanks Sourwolf now could you please let me finish making dinner." Derek laughed and stepped back and moved over to the stove. "Anything you need help with then?"

"Yeah there's some green beans that have already been cu and are ready to go in the pot with some butter." Derek opened to the fridge and got the beans and the butter and heated the pan up and tossed some butter in the pan with the beanns and started stirring them. The doorbell rang again and Stiles went and opened the door to see his bestfriend Allison Issac and Danny with him.

"Seems like you actually listened to me Scott. Come on in and have a seat at the table. Where are the twins and Lydia?"

"They said they had some last minute shopping to do." aliison gave a shrugg knowing that they were planning something. Stiles didn't really care at the moment as he walked back into the kitchen and finsihed up the potatoes and started on the peach tart for desert as the kitchen filled with pack and laughter even Derek started laughing along the way.

Somewhere in that time John had come in with the steaks and other meat and put it in the oven to keep it warm. About 20 minutes later the door bell rang again anf John answered it to find the rest of the Hale pack. Stiles couldn't help but smile when everyone got there. He felt complete when everyone was there. He wished his mom could see him today, see how far he'd come from when she died, see how he met people that made him feel like he has a family again. No one could ever replace his mom and he knew that but he didn't fell so lost anymore. Soon enough plates were past around and food was brought to the table and the twins and Lydia showed up, they took their seats at the end of table. The packs wer finally together again and it felt nice but there was something that they needed to do. Ethan stood up next to Danny and said he had an announcement to make.

"Danny it involves you so you might want to brace yourself. Danny there's something that i need to tell you it's about most of the people in this room. we'r...."

"Werewolves. Right?" Silence fell when Danny finished his sentence Stiles looked at him in shock and derek gave a low chuckle. Then Ethan spoke again. "Yeah, but how did you know?"

"Come on now babe I'm not dumb. I've known for awhile. After all Scott and Stiles arent exactly quite when it comes to talking about everything in Biology." Derek and the rest of the Hale family lost it after that and Stiles and Scott looked at each other knowing they couldn't deny that much and Scott's pack smiled and started laughing too.

"Well I'm glad you knew Danny and I hope your okay with dating one?" It was more a question than anything. "Do you really think that it matters to me Ethan?" With that everyone started laughing again. Everyone stopped laughing when the doorbell rang again and Stiles turned his head, "I'll get it."

"Hello Stiles."

Derek ran to the door as soon as he heard the voice. Stiles' voice was low and cold. "Duecailion....."