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Strength Thy Name Is Family

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Hello everyone this is ShiningOmicron! I know that I said that it would probably about two weeks before I start my new story but I thought I’d surprise everyone by updating on Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas everybody!

Disclaimer: I do not own the MTV show Teen Wolf. This is a fan-made story and nothing more. Please, for the love of god, don’t sue me.



At first sight the one and only thing you could see was smoke, it filled the air, all of the rooms and the lungs of the people within them.

The next thing you saw were bright glints of orange and molten gold. The sight would be beautiful if not for the danger it presented at the moment.

Screams of terror and frantic voices filled your ears or at least tried to. Those sounds were competing with the flames all around you, they sounded like a roaring beast hungry for its next prey.

You felt yourself growing weary, your eyes were getting heavier and heavier as the minutes passed. However, before sleep took you in its sweet embrace, a bright familiar light shined within you.

The last thing you heard before you fell to the ground was the screams of terror morphing into screams of sorrow.

(End Flashback)

“Stiles? Stiles!”

Stiles moved his head from side to side in his sleep, sweat dripping down his forehead as he was still engrossed in his dream.

“Don’t take them,” Stiles whispered clenching his bed sheets even harder than before, “please don’t.”

“Stiles! Stiles wake up!”

With a rough slap to the face, Stiles was awoken from his horrible nightmare. He looked around frantically as if waiting for something to jump up at him.

He found nothing however, nothing but his best friend looking down at him with great concern in his eyes.

“You alright man?” Scott asked his best friend.

Stiles nodded wiping his wet forehead with his hand. “Yeah, I just had one of those dreams.”

“Again?” Scott asked with a raised eyebrow. “I thought you stopped having those like a couple years ago.”

Even since Stiles could remember he’s had horrible nightmares about an assortment of things. The main one had always been what Stiles thought was a house fire or something of the like. The nightmares stopped when Stiles got to high school but ever since he got himself involved with all the supernatural happenings in town the dreams slowly started coming back.

Stiles shrugged not wanting to make this bigger than it was. He knew Scott, his dad, and Scott’s mom got really worried when he has these dreams. There were at least three instances when he’s had nocturnal panic attacks due to these nightmares.

“It’s not a big deal, I don’t get them every night.” Stiles lied with a grin.

Stiles cursed Scott’s werewolf abilities to high heaven when he saw his brow furrow at his lie, they were really messing with the flow of things.

There are not a lot things Stiles can say he hates in this world. The ones he will vocally admit are usually petty non-important things such as getting up early on weekends, or getting detention, or getting ridiculously sweaty a lacrosse practice. He doesn’t hate anyone at all. However, the one thing he will say he hates is being a burden to others.

Stiles doesn’t want people to take care of him, not Scott, not Scott’s mother, and mostly definitely not his own father. When people have to take care of him Stiles sees it as him wasting their time and making his problems theirs. Stiles would be the first person to say that he is very selfish but he would never be so selfish as to making other people’s lives miserable on purpose.

It’s for this reason that Stiles hates Scott’s werewolf powers, they make it harder for him to get away with the simple lies he use to give his best friend whenever something was going on with him.

“So, you ready for your Algebra 2 test?” Stiles asked innocently hoping to distract Scott from their original topic.

It worked like a charm, Scott instantly forgot about Stiles’ nightmares and started stressing out over his test.

“Oh my god, I am so not ready for this test.” Scott proclaimed practically tearing his own hair out. “I’m so going to fail.”

Stiles rolled his eyes and kicked off his bed sheets. “No you’re not drama queen we studied all night last night.”

“It wasn’t enough,” Scott whimpered with a shake of his head, “I know it’s not going to be enough. My teacher is pure evil and she hates me.”

“Well maybe if you stop texting Allison in class she wouldn’t get so pissed off at you all the time.” Stiles suggested dryly.

Scott pouted. “But Allison has her free period then, I can’t just not talk to her.”

Stiles rolled his eyes again and went into the bathroom to take his shower.

For no reason when he closed the bathroom door he felt a sharp pain in his wrist. This was strange, he had no idea where this stinging sensation in his wrist could have come from suddenly.

“Why do get the shower first?” Scott complained from outside the door.

“You want breakfast or not?” Stiles asked knowingly. He decided ignore the pain for now hoping that it will go away on its own.

Once Stiles got himself washed and groomed, he ran downstairs and started up breakfast.

“Hey there.” John yawned coming downstairs and taking a seat at the kitchen counter. He watched his son run back and forth trying to get breakfast ready. “What’s for breakfast?”

Stiles smirked at his father while flipping pancakes. “For us or for you?”

“I hope that’s the same thing.” John was practically drooling at his son’s pancakes, Stiles cooks just as well as his late wife use to.

Stiles snorted and threw him a grapefruit. “No time, seeing as you’re already suited up I’m guessing that you’re running late.”

John sighed. “Not really, it’s just that I have to come in early today.”

“Which means that you’ll be home late.” Stiles finished for his father knowing all too well how his job went.

“Yeah, I’m probably going to miss our movie night.” John said with a wince.

Stiles was rather proud of how he kept his eye from twitching as violently as it wanted to. This was the fifth time in a row his dad has canceled plans for them. It was bad enough that the whole Kanima incident royally screwed up their relationship now they can’t even spend any time together to sort anything out.

“It’s okay,” Stiles lied putting on a false smile, “maybe some other time.”

John smiled at his son apologetically and started walking toward the front door.

“Oh, did you start having those nightmares again, I heard Scott wake you up?” John asked his son worriedly.

Stiles sighed internally. This was starting to get ridiculous now.

“Scott only woke up me up because he was stressing out about his test, he couldn’t sleep anymore.” Stiles reassured his father, “That test is really getting to him.”

Stiles sometimes thinks his father is half-human and half-lie detector. He is damn good at getting the truth out of people, which is probably why he’s such as good Sheriff. Luckily, just like with Scott, Stiles found a way under his radar. Once he tells him a lie he immediately tells him something that’s true that way instead of being suspicious he’ll just be unsure and will eventually let it go ( he also found out that this also works great on his other werewolf friends).

John narrowed his eyes at his son and just stared at him for a minute. However, as Scott came downstairs John apparently decided to let it go, for now.

“Oh pancakes!” Scott shouted in jubilation rubbing his hands in anticipation.

Stiles smiled brightly and happily presented him with his breakfast.

Once breakfast was devoured and their book bags were packed, Stiles drove the two of them to school with just enough time to spare.

“Just in time.” Scott grinned getting everything he needed out of his locker and heading to his first class. Students were scrambling around trying to hurry and get to class before the late bell rang.

“Good luck on your test!” Stiles shouted encouragingly giving his best friend a thumbs up.

Scott nodded back at him and slipped into class.

Grabbing all his necessary books for class, Stiles slammed his locker shut and ran for his first class. Unfortunately, when he was almost in the door Stiles’ teacher stopped him and stood in front of the door.

“Go get a late slip from the front desk.” Mr. Epans told him with his greasy hair shimmering under the school lights.

“The late bell didn’t even ring yet.” Stiles protested.

*Ring Ring*

Mr. Epans sneered at him. “Yes it did, now go get a late slip.”

Without even giving Stiles the chance to say anything more, Mr. Epans slammed the door in his face.

“Wait no!” Stiles said frantically trying to open the door but finding it locked. “You have to let me in. Please!”

“Yo Stilinski!”

Stiles groaned and banged his head against the door. This was just what he was afraid of.

Standing a few feet away from Stiles was the resident bully of Beacon Hills High, Gank (that’s what he calls himself). The guy was built like a tank, he had muscles on every part of his body, and he was twice as tall as Stiles. He’s infamous for being the one that terrorizes the freshman of the school constantly and making their lives a living hell.

Freshman weren’t the only ones he loved to torment though. His favorite punching bag lately happened to be none other than Stiles. Due to a certain incident involving Gank, Stiles, and another student Gank has made it his mission to inflict as much pain on Stiles as he possibly could.

“Hey Gank.” Stiles said in a friendly manner nodding his head at him, “How’s it going big guy?”

Gank smirked at him and started walking toward him. “Much better now that I have you to punch around.”

Stiles chuckled nervously and started backing away slowly. “Can’t we just talk about this? I know this great café that’s right around the corner, we can just skip first period and just-“

Stile wasn’t given the chance to finish that sentence as he was punched right in the mouth. He caught himself on the lockers and was able to lean on them for balance.

As Stiles saw Gank barreling toward him his natural instinct to defend himself kicked in, but with all bullying situations he did what he always did with that instinct, repress it. He’s had several bullies in the past and he knows that if he tries to fight back they’ll beat him much worse, which could be bad for Stiles’ containment measures for this kind of situation.

Gank punched Stiles two more times in the face before kneeing him in the stomach.

Once again Stiles felt a pain in his wrist, only this time it was much more severe. It was almost as if something wanted to come out of him.

“It’s almost boring when you just sit there and take it Stilinski,” Gank said with a sigh, “but then again you are a little bitch.”

“Thanks for the compliment?” Stiles grunted just feeling like he had to get in the last word all while clenching his stomach.

Gank sneered at him one last time before stomping off, presumably to terrorize some other student.

Hissing and grunting in pain, Stiles slowly picked himself up off the floor and walked to the nearest bathroom.

In the back of his mind the thought of going to the principal and reporting Gank came up but Stiles didn’t pay any attention to it. Numerous students have made countless amounts of complaints about Gank, they even came to the principal with visible scars, but nothing ever comes of it. Gank’s father was a very powerful and intelligent lawyer in town, whatever situation Gank found himself in his father was easily able to get him out of it.

Checking to see if anyone was in the bathroom with him, Stiles unzipped his book bag and took out his cover up kit.

Stiles noticed as he pulled the containers out that they were starting to get a little empty. He hoped Gank stopped messing with him like all his bullies usually did because he really didn’t want to go out and buy more cover up any time soon.

On the other hand, Stiles did see that ever since he intervened that one time Gank was messing with that kid he’s been focusing more on him than anyone else. Stiles counted that as a good thing, he might not have werewolf strength or speed but he could take a hit just as good as the next guy. Maybe that was the reason he kept putting up with this, those poor freshman Gank messed with could barely take on one beating from the bully let alone multiple ones daily. Stiles has been in there shoes and he understands how helpless those freshman feel being the youngest and weakest among a bunch of older and more powerful people, he sympathizes with them.

“Wow, I don’t even think I need the tutorial this time.” Stiles chuckled dryly before beginning his cover up process.

“It’ll pass, it’ll pass,” Stiles kept saying to himself as he applied his cover up, “you’ve been through much worse.”

Once Stiles was done the bruises on his face were completely concealed, he was sure no one would notice the marks on his face now.

Stiles jumped as he heard someone bust into the bathroom, he didn’t even have time to put away his cover up kit.

“Stiles?” Isaac looked over at him as he threw a ball of paper in the trash.

Said teen smiled at the werewolf and hid his kit behind his back.

“Hey, buddy. What’s up?” Stiles asked casually trying not to make it obvious that he had something behind his back.

Apparently he failed miserably as Isaac’s eyes went to straight to what he was holding.

“What’s that?” Isaac asked with narrowed eyes.

“Nothing much,” Stiles squeaked slowly walking toward the door trying to slip past Isaac.

Isaac raised an eyebrow at him and folded his arms signifying that Stiles won’t be leaving until he gets an answer.

Luckily, Stiles was saved as Scott barged into the bathroom like he was on fire. He had a huge smile on his like he had just won the lottery.

“Guess what.” Scott said waving around his test paper.

“Is that your test?” Stiles asked excitedly. He also used Isaac’s shock at Scott’s sudden appearance to bypass him and join his best friend in the hallway.

“Yep, my teacher graded mine on the spot.” Scott grinned before handing it to Stiles.

Stiles eyes widened and his mouth gaped several times. “Oh my god! You got an eighty-two?!”

“Yes!” Scott proclaimed before both him and Stiles hugged each other and started yelling in delight.

“And you two wonder why you’re so unpopular.”

The two teens stopped what they were doing when they heard Jackson’s snide comment. Looking around they saw not only the pack but also everyone else in the hallway staring at them like they were insane.

The pack of course consisted of Jackson, Lydia, Isaac, Boyd, Erica, Allison, and Danny. After the whole Alpha pack thing had passed and Boyd and Erica were rescued, Derek and Scott finally stopped being annoyingly stubborn and joined forces. With Jackson’s inclusion in the pack came Lydia and Danny who had both been informed of everything that was going on.

“Stuff it Jacky,” Stiles stuck his tongue out at the jock, “Scott got a B on his Algebra 2 test!”

“That’s great! I was really concerned about that.” Jackson said sarcastically with a roll of his eyes.

Stiles huffed and gave Jackson the stink eye, or at least his version of the stink eye. With this distraction Isaac was given the perfect opportunity to snatch Stiles’ kit from behind his back.

“Hey!” Stiles said in protest trying to take the kit back.

“I knew it, this is cover up.” Isaac said to himself before staring intensely at Stiles. “Why do you have cover up Stiles?”

Stiles looked around and saw the pack looking at the two of them curiously.

“Why? Why not? Cover up is great on zits.” Stiles said eagerly nodding at his own words.

“That wasn’t an answer to my question that was a general statement.” Isaac retorted sharply.

Stiles quietly gulped. In the corner of his eye he saw the pack’s expressions morph from curious to suspicious. This was not working out for him.

“You wanna know how I knew this was cover up?” Isaac asked his voice casual and calm. “It’s because I used to use it to hide the bruises my father gave me. Do you use it for bruises Stiles?

Oh shit, Stiles cursed to himself. That was a yes or no question, the most direct type of question there was. There was no way he could lie or avoid giving an answer for this one, he’d have to tell the truth otherwise the werewolves would pick up on it instantly.

“Yes, I do use it for bruises.” Stiles answered with a shrug.


Stiles didn’t even bother to look in his best friend’s direction in fear of what he’d see. “You guys know how clumsy I am, I get bruised up really badly every time I trip or fall on my face.”

And there you have it, Stiles answered the question while still being able to not give a completely truthful answer. He did use his cover up to conceal really bad bruises he’s gotten from a fall but that was once in a blue moon. He mostly used cover up for his face after Gank had his fun with him.

Isaac didn’t look satisfied in the slightest with his answer, he actually looked as if he was going to continue with his interrogation.

Fortunately for Stiles, Scott tried to do what he thought was right and steered the conversation away from this.

“Calm down Isaac, Stiles answered your question.” Scott said wrapping his arm around Stiles’ shoulder.

“Yeah, we should think about how we’re going to celebrate your Algebra 2 victory.” Stiles proclaimed loudly. “I’ll cook anything and everything you want tonight, just name it.”

Excitedly, Scott talked about what food he wanted Stiles to make for dinner. Stiles ignored the looks he got from several of his packmates that told him that while Scott might be easily distracted they were not.

Stiles just hoped he could get himself out of this situation.


It was night once again and Stiles found himself tossing and turning in his sleep like he had the past several nights. It was the nightmare about the fire.

“No please, please don’t.” Stiles whimpered his head moving from side to side frantically.

The sharp pain was back on his hand again but it was different this time. This time his hand was glowing brightly, slowly the glow formed into a moon triskele that was reappearing and disappearing on his wrist.


So despite my posting this on this very festive time of the year this chapter was anything but festive.

Don’t worry though because this story is all about family and the connections all these characters have to each other. If you liked the fluff in Alpha Pair you’re going to like it here.

I do promise a lot of BAMF!Stiles in this story but I have to build it up first. For now Stiles is a developing BAMF. Once he gets to that point though he will be awesome.

In the show Stiles does take a lot of crap from Scott, Derek, and even his father(it's just something his character does). The thing is though is that he never says anything about how people treat him. I want to explore that in this story because I find it quite interesting. Please note that this isn't angst and I'm not going to have people hurting Stiles every chapter.

I have a plan for the magic in this story. I have a complete system for the magic actually in this story. Is it a good system? I’ll all of you be the judge of that.

Anyway, I hope you all liked the first chapter of this story and I will see you guys really soon.

Thank you all for reading and have a very merry Christmas!